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  1. fishoutawater

    Thomas' Red Sea 170

    Looking forward to the pics!
  2. fishoutawater

    PNWMAS NW Frag Fest October 2018

    Great pics, you all did a spectacular job!
  3. fishoutawater

    R.I.P. Crazy the Cat

    It was emotional. So many hindsight’s. But I feel my wife and I made the right decision. Thank you for sharing.
  4. fishoutawater

    R.I.P. Crazy the Cat

    I too experienced the loss of our cat. After the Frag show at 3 pm.She was a rescue. Precious was her name. Her lungs filled with fluid and wasn’t able to get oxygen. 16 years of fun and fur. Dove Lewis did a great job handling everything.
  5. I had blast!! Thank you one and all!
  6. fishoutawater

    Who is ready for tomorrow?

    I’m excited. This is my second one I think?
  7. fishoutawater

    Free Devils Hand Leather Corals

    Tan to flesh color. I'll see if I can take a couple of pics tonight
  8. fishoutawater

    Free Devils Hand Leather Corals

    Plate size and baseball size, golf ball size
  9. fishoutawater

    Meeting is tomorrow !!

  10. fishoutawater

    CNC Rock Flower Picking Order!

    I'm in a good spot. Awesome!
  11. fishoutawater

    Our staff is amazing! Welcome our newest member!

    How cool! What a great team!
  12. Two please. I’m the guy who has probs with PayPal.
  13. Please put me down on the list
  14. fishoutawater

    Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    Won’t be able to make it down there sorry about that.
  15. fishoutawater

    This fish needs a name...

    Johnny weir Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk