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  1. nnewhouse

    Looking for poster selling Alvarez MD70 guitar

    Yup, it was me. Thanks for letting me know newfisher. The guitar is sold but thank you for checking in on it. I should probably delete the thread. Thanks again!
  2. nnewhouse

    Need to Sell Car - PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The car just sold.
  3. Hello everyone. We have had some family matters come up and we must move back to Kansas. For us to pay for the move we must sell our car. Here is the information: 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 2door coupe $1500OBO - Clean title, 189,702k (mostly highway miles), 3.1 V6, int. and ext. in good shape, drives very well, no stereo, air conditioning and muffler brand new, fairly new tires, teal color. We cannot take the car with us and we really need the money. Any reasonable offers will be considered. We appreciate the help and we will miss you all.(sad)
  4. nnewhouse


    Probably one of the most informative issues yet.
  5. nnewhouse

    tired of algae in clear flexible tubing?

    Or you could just get one of these cool do-dads: It's called a MagFox. http://www.twolittlefishies.com/tlf_prod_access.html?lang_id=1
  6. nnewhouse

    Great Store!

    Dear Southern and "other" Oregonians, I just cruised by The Nautilus in downtown Springfield and if you haven't been in you should stop by. They have a fairly good selection of fish and corals and the customer service is top notch. Aaron (the owner), is a great guy to chat with and loves to strike up a conversation. He can get almost anything in you are looking for with very competitive prices. Swing by and check it out. Oh, he just got a cool mural painted on the outside of the building so it's almost impossible to miss. Here are a few pics (sorry about the quality) These acans are on sale 2 for $40! Pretty sweet deal.
  7. nnewhouse

    Petco $1 Gal. Sale On Again

    Just picked up the last one in Albany. WOo!
  8. nnewhouse

    Petco $1 Gal. Sale On Again

    Woohoo! I have been waiting for a sale like this.
  9. nnewhouse

    WTB...72 or 90 glass bowfront

    I do have a bow I am wanting to get rid of. Shoot me a pm and we can discuss details.
  10. nnewhouse

    help with blue sea fan!

    I don't think it's your water parameters. Those corals need a constant supply of food to keep alive and absolutely minimal light if it is non-photosynthetic. The first problem was probably lighting. If it gets the smallest amount of algae on it's tissue the polyps cannot open. This is the reason why it needs darkness. The other reason was probably food. Like most marine organisms they feed constantly throughout the day. This one in particular gets stressed easily if it's requirements are not met. You can clean off the algae with a light brush. But the receding tissue is difficult to grow back. Sorry about your loss.
  11. nnewhouse

    WTB Your Macro Algae!!!

    Like this
  12. nnewhouse

    WTB Your Macro Algae!!!

    I have some dragons tongue and cheato for you. When can bring it up when we pick up the new tank mates.
  13. nnewhouse

    Skimmer recommendation for 40B

    CPR Bak-Pak. I have one and absolutely love it - easy to setup, dial in, and clean.
  14. nnewhouse

    I am moving back!!!

    What a small world. My wife and I just moved out here from Kansas. If you are familiar with Wichita you probably know Rick and Tonya and Old Town Aquarium and Lynne at Sea Dreams. Congrats on your husband getting a job with Nike but I feel your pain being this far away from family. Have a safe trip here.