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  1. thumpersalley

    Deleting account?

    Thank you! That was all I needed to hear. I have unsubscribed from all threads & did the other things you mentioned. Too many times on this forum people are required to become rude to get the point across. I belong to over 70 groups & forums, no boast. I am active in all of them from reading them daily to responding to threads. This is one of very few that I have left because of the poor manners of others, sermons, politics & God complexes. Of course, I could have stayed & "duked" it out with everyone just because I wanted to stay here & be involved. Its not that important to me to fight with anyone to have a SW tank. It has made the SW experience completely unenjoyable & had me looking to a local lps for help & livestock. As a rescue for birds & small animals, thats unacceptable. Kim
  2. thumpersalley

    Deleting account?

    All I need is to know whether anyone can delete my account. Not a sermon. One of the many reasons I sold my SW tank & no longer am a part of this forum is because I dont care to be involved in the local Oregon SW people. Very, very discouraged by people on here with the exception of a couple. Most people on here have a God complex & most threads are plagued with ridicule & BS. I have already deleted everything I can on my personal preferences. All I need to know is whether something else can be done. Thats it. Kim
  3. thumpersalley

    Deleting account?

    Is there some way the moderators or "higher up" member can delete my account. I no longer wish to be a part of this community. Kim
  4. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    Everything is sold. Kim
  5. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    Sat. its going to the LPS so if anyone is interested pm me. Lowering price to $150 for just the tank, rock & substrate. Kim thumpersalley@yahoo.com
  6. thumpersalley

    Free Douglas Fir trees, Albany

    I do. I will be home sunday eve after 6pm or all of next week so let me know the day & time. Kim
  7. thumpersalley

    Free Douglas Fir trees, Albany

    There are 1000 of them. They are free to homes who will plant them in the ground as cover for birds & wildlife. Located in Albany. Please email with day, time & how many to be picked up. Kim
  8. thumpersalley

    FS: rock polisher & extras

    Chicago brand, 3 pound capacity, rubber drum, comes with extra sand. We never used it. Will ship if needed. $60
  9. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    Bump again!
  10. thumpersalley

    4x4 PE Slash R/C car. Albany

    It has been ran 5 times indoor. Comes with a SPK Dsm2 Reciever, New Bowties on beadlock rims. It comes with all the books, sway bars, Diff. & Stock S1 Tires. 400.00 obo Comes with stock Slask Blue body. Email thumpersalley@yahoo.com for pics.
  11. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    I have emailed & called you both, no response.Kim
  12. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    I have not figured out how to post pics on here or I cant remember how to now if I have in the past. Frankly, its easier for me to send pics to someones email. If anyone who was interested in it was reading all of the posts they would see I am responding to people who PM ME & sending pics to their EMAIL. I think the others who are complaining about me "not responding" or "posting pics" are just on here to screw around & will not be getting a response because I guess theyve forgotten how to use the PM button, oh well. CL is really not a great place to put anything for sale on, too many idiots who think they know everything about everything & just want it because they want it. I did my research for years & still dont know half of what you guys know about the tanks. Im getting rid of mine because it is going to be too much doing rescue & wildlife rehab at the same time. Some of these animals have to be fed every 10 minutes, some cant feed by themselves & so on. Ive chosen to give this up instead of letting the tank suffer. So if anyone has anything HELPFUL to add, please PM ME. Kim
  13. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    Yep, thats it. Selling it for $200 for the tanks, fish, live rock, test kits & other stuff. Or I will be taking it to the local LPS for tradein/consignment. I would really rather not do that. I would rather it go to someone on this list or to someone looking to get into the salt tanks for the first time. Kim
  14. thumpersalley

    Our experience with a computer virus

    Last week I was on a website researching something & a screen popped up. It was wanting me to download something to the effect of a virus protection software. Of course I did what most would do & clicked on the X on the upper right corner. Bad mistake. What I should have done, according to our computer programmer friend, was to turn the computer off & reboot, therefore not clicking on it at all. The virus was called a "joker" virus. He said is was designed to download no matter what you clicked on, eventually ask for your credit card info so it could download the program to "fix" the virus. Then after a month or so it would shut itself off even without paying. It took him 3 hours to fix it. I wanted to share this info with everyone on my email lists. Kim
  15. thumpersalley

    15.5 gallon nano with everything

    I totally understand. Like most forums of any genre, you have the few who just have to assert themselves as, well themselves. I have no issues responding to any posts, its my right. This nano tank is pretty "cut & dry". Very simple to take care of & pretty self explanatory as most nano tanks are. Ive just decided I dont want to do it anymore. Kim