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  1. Saltfinsax

    I need some Chaeto

    If you want to come to Vancouver I can give you some.
  2. Saltfinsax

    Corals for sell

    PM sent Wanareef And Josh any time is good Pm me if you need number again. Or let me know what your looking for. Steve
  3. Saltfinsax

    Big thank you to

    Yea I gave the little mini me a hand full of M&M's to keep him busy. I hope he comes down from his suger high soon. Thanks for coming by Jose.
  4. Saltfinsax

    Franks unnamed Blue Tort / Something I've never seen

    I will have to say, that is a funny place to see them. I wonder how they got started on the live part of the growing coral.
  5. Saltfinsax

    Franks unnamed Blue Tort / Something I've never seen

    I don't think it is part of the coral. It sounds like a barnacle type critter that started to grow there and the coral is trying to grow around it. You see stuff like that on newly shipped stuff. I find it hard to keep them alive as they need food to catch in the water. Or the coral will out grow it and cover it over. Good luck with it and try to keep it alive there cool to watch.
  6. Saltfinsax

    HELLO Pacific North West Aquarium Society!:)

    Welcome to the site.
  7. Saltfinsax

    Corals for sell

    PM sent Blue
  8. Saltfinsax

    Corals for sell

    Let me know what you got. but I don't have much room. Thats why I am trying to get stuff out of the tank.
  9. Saltfinsax

    Corals for sell

    They will be first come first served on pickup. There all about the same size if I have multiples. 3 rainbow yumas $15 each [/img] 2 frags with 3 unsplit blue with orange spot yumas $20 each [/img] 3 LT green with yellow yumas $10 each [/img] 2 Psammacora $5 each [/img] frag of red zoas forgot the name $10 [/img] 2 large clumps of about 40 orange zoas $20 (yes some cloves in the one) [/img] vollyball size hammer 1/3 has no collor and 2/3 is green (kinda cool why it grows like that) $60 [/img] Torch with 4 heads needs about vollyball size room $40 [/img]
  10. Saltfinsax

    Pump recommendations

    I have a Blueline that I got 3 years ago and just shut it down for the first time to clean it. Still looks real good for 3 years. It has allways had a hum to it so isent as quiet as they say but seems to be a nice pump.
  11. Saltfinsax

    What is this algae?

    I would say it's a form of Cyno algae. Have had it in my tank as well, it seems to behave just the same way. Keep scrubbing the spot or use one of the red slime removers.
  12. Saltfinsax

    Haddoni hammered by bristle worm?

    I have many in my tank and never had a problem with them. Did you feed the nem the night before? The worm might have been attracted by the food in the nem, and the nem tried to close up on the worm and found he wasn't so nasty of a nem as he thought. "that will teach him" If you see the big ones around there to much, it might be time to get the big ones out before they get a liking to the wrong stuff.
  13. Saltfinsax

    R.I.P. trigger

    Nice fish too. Sorry to hear Josh.
  14. Saltfinsax

    hermits gotta go

    Hehe too funny, but to far for me to go for a couple hermits. If you stop yelling at them I am sure they Will stop peeing on the floor.
  15. Saltfinsax

    water level in built in overflow

    Sounds like your getting siphening in your return pipe. Most people drill a hole the size of fishtank air tube, in the top of the 90 of your stand pipe.Then slide the tubing up and down till you fined the sweet spot.