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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for aquarium cubicle system for my holding tanks. if you have any leads, please let me know
  2. acuraguy55

    looking for a 20L or a 30B

    If you find a 30B let me know. last time I checked, I was told that they arent making that size.
  3. acuraguy55

    wtb Timer power strip

    Homedepot has a power strip with timer features. there is 4 constant and 4 controlled. I believe you can set on and off period for each day of the week.
  4. acuraguy55

    Calcium Reaction ?

    If there is vibration from the pump the seal could be compromised, Also check to see if there is an O ring that could be smashed or damaged. Just some things that I have noticed over the years. Good Luck with the fix
  5. acuraguy55

    Happy Easter

    Thanks, Happy Easter to all you members and people of the forums
  6. acuraguy55

    Auction #5 Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice

    This is for a good cause, my bid for now is $75
  7. acuraguy55

    Spring cleaning coral sale

    Very nice chalices!! Interested in the Key Lime. Pm me please
  8. acuraguy55

    livestock question

    sleeper goby might also be an option but get around 5" long term, maybe a goby and shrimp pair?
  9. Exactly what they said.
  10. acuraguy55

    Yellow Tangs - fighting

    i agree with reefnjunkie, you are at the critical mark and they should work it out over time. good luck
  11. acuraguy55

    Two fish questions, one post (=

    Second noobtosalt, that Genius (Ctenochaetus) in my experience is fairly passive and easy going. I wouldn't worry to much about size. keep in mind that it is always good practice to QT tangs if possible. good luck on your tang hunt
  12. acuraguy55

    I got a clam!

    Very nice crocea
  13. acuraguy55

    got a new tang :)

    Nice, can wait to see pictures.
  14. acuraguy55

    Hawaiian Water Trip!

    very nice photos, haven't seen the water that clear and filled with life in a while.
  15. acuraguy55

    Bio Cube home make over

    thats a sick power strip. where do you get those from?