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  1. This usually means there is a small leak. I.E. Loose fitting etc.
  2. Sorry about your loss. What is the price on the .303 British? (This was actually my first hunting rifle 30 plus years ago)
  3. Wow, that was fast. These are both sold pending delivery to Tim at Westside Aquarium. Thanks for looking.
  4. SOLD My RBTA split into three recently and I'm selling the extras. I currently have one ready to go (fully developed mouth and easily accessible) with a second one available soon (Not sure if it has a fully developed mouth yet and it's anchored under a rock that will take more to get out). The one that's ready now is opening up to about 6-7" so it's a decent size for most tanks. I'll see about getting a picture of the actual one that's ready later today however for the moment this picture shows it prior to splitting. (It's just a smaller version of this) I think $40 is a fair price so that is what I'm asking. If interested send me a PM with your phone number or call three six zero - eight two three - three two seven four. Note: In an effort to be more responsible (Too many anemones are killed when they are put in systems that are not ready for them) I will be asking about your setup to determine whether it is suitable for it prior to selling it. Here is the pic prior to it splitting:
  5. I'm thinking about it. Been reading up on it and it looks easy enough.
  6. Interesting. You may be directly responsible for me putting that chest freezer in the garage back to use again. (Just been taking of space for 8 years or so)
  7. Careful with mirrors. It can really stress out fish badly. (I can put a mirror up to my tank and the tang will try to fight with the reflection)
  8. FWIW, while this store was a PNWMAS sponsor in the past they have chosen not to support it now.
  9. Post # 37 back a few pages: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?25590-May-Meeting&p=262353&viewfull=1#post262353
  10. To any Mother's out there (I know there are a few) have a happy Mother's Day.
  11. Rick


    I agree, I always work under the presumption that it will fail and then work from there. Gravity feed is very simple making it less likely to fail and mine is set up so that the sump can hold the entire amaount even if it does fail. (My greatest danger is having the power fail and the float valve stick open at the same time which would overflow the sump) BTW, Tap water is NOT consistent. It changes through the year when water sources change and can also get somewhat contaminated if any construction is occurring in the area which will also change it.
  12. My favorite is an aqua like this. I've had both blue and black also and didn't/don't like either one. The blue didn't look as natural and the black makes it hard to take pictures of anything darker colored. (dark colors blend in with it)
  13. Rick

    RBTA Advice

    You can usually do a 50% to 75% water change without any problems which is what I would probably do. FWIW, I prefer to let the tank find a balance on it's own and would not use anything like amquel. People often misunderstand what it means when the tank is cycling. In simple terms it is the act of the tank finding a new biological balance whenever something interrupts or changes it. Because of this changing tanks will "ALWAYS" cause a tank cycle. Some people may claim otherwise because the cycle is often mild enough that it is hardly measurable however it still needs to find a new biological balance. Simply moving the rocks around also interrupts the biological process and will cause a tank to cycle but it is usually not enough to cause problems. The exception is when you stir up the sand after it's been there a long time since it can build up some really nasty stuff under it (It can actually be toxic to humans). Just adding a fish to the tank also causes a cycle since it increases the bio load which is why they should only be added one or two at a time. Did you smell anything sulfurous when you changed the tanks? If so then the sand was probably loaded with that nasty stuff and would cause the nitrates to go up fast.
  14. Rick

    RBTA Advice

    Anemones are actually one of the more difficult creatures we try to keep. On average they have a very short life span in our aquariums, especially if they are not mature tanks. If it's been 7 days and it isn't searching for light yet then there is very likely some other problem stressing it out. I would first check the parameters (I know you stated that you did so however I would check them again to see if I missed something) and then if that is good then I might try to increase the water flow some in the area it is. (I doubt there is too much flow since it would have moved already) You also might try to spot feed some mysis.
  15. My brother has a 46g bowfront and runs one 250w MH and 2 T5's which is a good combination. LED's would also work however they are more expensive to set up. (Down the road this is returned through lower costs later)
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