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  1. ClayTheSavageFraser

    FuManchu Lionfish 2.5" $30

    Lucky! GAW!! One of my favorite fish!!! EVER!!! LOL!!
  2. ClayTheSavageFraser

    29 gallon sump $25

    Is it drilled for an external or just baffled?
  3. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Extra stuff for sale!!!

    I'll take the box fan.
  4. ClayTheSavageFraser

    FuManchu Lionfish 2.5" $30

    Is he sold?
  5. ClayTheSavageFraser


    You still got a few?
  6. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Rainbow yuma rock

    How is this doing?
  7. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Acrylic tube for all you DIYer's

  8. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Yuma Ricordeas FS

    do you have a paypal? I wont be able to come get them for a couple weeks.
  9. ClayTheSavageFraser

    co2 regulator w/flow valve

    YES!! Email a pic to clayfraser@yahoo.com
  10. ClayTheSavageFraser

    160 Cube & 240 cube for sale or trade

    Do you still have the 240 Cube?
  11. ClayTheSavageFraser

    name that fish

    Some type of Damsel!!
  12. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Bluewave 7 dual 250w M80 ballast

    Yes!! $100 and it's yours!!
  13. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Wtb Bluewave 7 dual 250w M80 ballast

    YES!!! $100 and it's yours!!
  14. ClayTheSavageFraser

    WTS 6' Sunlight Supply Maristar Fixture

    If I were you, I would goto Garretts and get 3 electronic ballasts and still use this!!!
  15. ClayTheSavageFraser

    Psammocora frags / mini colonies

    Do you have any pics bro?