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  1. bill

    Sponsorship Dilemmas...

    I agree with you that most store have their employees does all the maintenance, but I do not agree that every sponsors is in competition, for example Westside, Upscale, Rose City, OIAB is working together and help each other out. I'm not saying that you're wrong but sometimes you hear rumor from another stores, and what they try to do is make them self better from other, my self start up Westside is because I love this hobby and love what I'm doing but not to get rich, I will support MVPaquatic all the ways and if can't get his sponsor I will get it for him, I respect the fact that a man is working hard for his passion and that how I see it. Tim
  2. bill

    Sponsorship Dilemmas...

    Let me tell you bro, this whole reefing things is fun until when it come down to business, first step into this business I thought all wholesaler was my way out, but i was wrong they will never protect you matter as fact they sell to our costumer and in front of us they just act normal, in my world of business that is not how it work, everyone have to make a living but you have to have a rule, we all only live once so Play hard work hard and never lie to your self. Tim
  3. I have to says that Upscale is the best place for your first visit, they are the founder of SPS corals and many more in this town the most important thing is to keep them alive and that are the best, my self was a customer of Upscale and also a friend with Travis, Tom and Barry. My recommend is that pay Upscale a visit and ask Travis for some of his stunning SPS frag, you will not be disappointed, and if you want some of Westside collection Afterward come see us we will be there to make sure that you will have a good time while you at Westside. Tim
  4. bill

    TFT Auction

    Hey I'm the boss, jk got a break so decide to look
  5. bill

    TFT Auction

    I can give it to Beth or Kim or who ever win the auction can pick it up.
  6. bill

    TFT Auction

    I'm not looking to trim this coral anytime soon, but just want to help I will be donate one frag of our LE Westside longhorn, regular price is $175 for a frag just to give you folks an idea. Westside Aquarium 2020 NW Aloclek Dr Ste 108 Hillsboro Or 97124 Tel 503-372-6717 Business hours Tues-Sat 11-7 Sunday 11-6 Monday closed
  7. bill

    Good coral for top of tank, high flow?

    From my experience millepora will do just fine, it sometime will morph for you under high light.
  8. bill

    XMAS Party Pictures!

    Thank you for choosing us, and thanks for the good comments. Tim
  9. bill

    Baby Eve!!!

    Congrats to your family, this is year of the Cat according to Asian calendar this is a very special one, it only come around every 60 years.
  10. bill

    Microbubble Issues

    Your impeller might have a piece of gravel in it.
  11. bill

    Looking for a English Bulldog

    Yes please hook me up bro Tim
  12. bill

    Looking for a English Bulldog

    Please let me know if you find out the title on craiglist ad, thanks Tim
  13. I saw a English Bulldog today and fell in love with it, want to check if anyone out there have a puppy for sale I can give you cash or we can trade and I will give you more in trade if that was the case. Tim