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  1. fpd4308

    Just stopping by to say hi

    I agree I do need to start looking for a new tank sometime. I am just not sure what I want yet but I keep my eyes open on the board for that perfect tank.
  2. fpd4308

    Just stopping by to say hi

    Hey all, I just thought I would stop by to say hi as I haven't been on or talked to anyone in a while. I miss the club and hope everyone's tanks are thriving. Your friend, Doug Asboe
  3. fpd4308

    Anyone interested in the paranormal?

    Michael, Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have and definitely check out the site. We do have a few investigations that we invite members of the public too. They are pretty cool too because we will actually let you do much of the investigating.
  4. fpd4308

    Classic Video Game Systems

    That, my friend might be considered hoarding...hahahaha
  5. I have two food grade plastic 55 gallon drums that I used for collecting RO water and mixing salt water. Come get them and they are yours.
  6. So I was getting ready to empty my garage of all the extra stuff I had from when I had tanks setup and I thought if there is anything of value there that TFT could have it if they wanted it and would come pick it up. Just lemme know.
  7. I didn't know you could tell a teacher anything. I thought they already knew it all....hahahahah
  8. fpd4308

    Anyone interested in the paranormal?

    Oh I am glad they are making a ghostbusters III because the first two were so painful to watch...lol
  9. fpd4308

    What The $@#%!!

    One of the man reasons I banned filter socks from my systems. They are evil
  10. I have a huge interest in the paranormal. Just curious if there were others that thought the paranormal was an interesting field of study? Doug
  11. Tank sold to Jetlink. He is a really good guy. Definitely give him some help and advice if he needs it. Thanks all for looking and I will see you all around. Doug