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  1. 5 gallon Auto top off bucket with on-off valve Free
  2. okay, $500 for everything that is left tank and stand light all livestock,fish, corals and rock nero 5 pump simplicity 240dc skimmer sump/refugium and more
  3. I will get them when the lights come on
  4. $500 FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS LEFT Pending We are going to be buying a house so I need to sell everything for now.. All live stock and corals go with it Everything is in great shape and higher end equipment. Is you are interested pm and I will send you my numberr PARTING OUT All live stock and corals along with the rock there is no pest clean and health $300 Yellow tang blue tang flame angle chromis x5 wrasse ( clown I think ) Zoe,sps,lps,mushrooms clean up crew about 80lbs of live rock No pest on anything. 60 gallon cu
  5. Bump......free to good home.
  6. I have some GSP and Xenia that I would like to get rid of and out of my sump, it is free or if you have a green sinularia frag you want swap that would be cool. The Xenia in the containor have attached them selfs to the rubble in the container, the Xenia on the right of the container I will be keeping but everything else goes. Price $free
  7. I have an old ATI skimmer with some modifications that works great, it will come with a red devil PS3 pump. $80
  8. I will have more next week and will go down the list for people that want some.
  9. Does anyone else having issue with there pump going in to safe mode for no reason. This is my second pump with the same issue.
  10. For the money I was extremely surprised.
  11. Hi Ron, here is the link to it. https://www.amazon.com/ACKE-Fixtures-Seedlings-Hydroponics-Aeroponics/dp/B01N47QRHV/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=refugium+light&qid=1581295299&sr=8-5
  12. I am still amazed on how well this cheap $25 light grows the Chaeto, this is what I harvest every other week. If anyone ever needs some clean Chaeto for free let me know.
  13. Does anyone still use the ATI bubble master 200 skimmer and how do you like it.
  14. I have some in the Vancouver area if anyone wants some.
  15. Is there any place locally close to Vancouver to buy DIY resin ?
  16. I am in Vancouver, still a drive but I have some.
  17. I will take some sunset and purple ones.
  18. That is awesome brother
  19. Open to other trades as well
  20. Looking to trade GSP for Pom-Pom Xenia.
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