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  1. Looking for a fist size colony of pink birds nest.
  2. I harvest mine every week, enough to fill a big Ziploc bag and take down to ReefBox. It a awesome light for $25
  3. SALTY

    Tank Swap

    Updated pictures.
  4. Curve 5 protein skimmer $100. Used but in good working condition.
  5. I am posting for a friend..... I have a friend that want to down grade his tank and go smaller and he is looking for a cube or a 4 foot tank. His tank is 6x4x24 lights are hydra 52hd x2 plus t4 ecotech return pump custom sump Reef Octopus skimmer. ( over $1000 skimmer ) Mp40 x3 $2500 for all of it there is a lot more.... if interested pm me and I will give you his number.
  6. I bought this one on Amazon and it works awesome... ITS LIKE $25
  7. Looking for a fist-sized rock a pom pom Xenia.
  8. Sounds good, just pm me with details.
  9. I am looking for a old beat up acrylic tank that holds water that is 3 or 4 foot long.
  10. open to trades...
  11. New Apex LSM module with 5 string led moon lights.. Open to trades $80
  12. Apex Neptune DOS used very little $200
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