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  1. SALTY

    Small Cube tank,Skimmer,pump

    Updated above
  2. I have a small cube tanks that will come with a skimmer and return pump this is a all in one tank and all items are new. 16x16x16 MADE OUT OF ACRYLIC.... everything in new $150 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------UPDATED------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let up the ante 2 tanks new 1 skimmer new 1 return pump new mag-float cleaner instant ocean hydrometer TDS meter All for $150 just want it gone. you must pick up or meet me close to where I live.
  3. SALTY

    Small cube tank

    I have one left $50
  4. SALTY

    Small cube tank

    I have 2 small cube tanks there both new 16x16x16 MADE OUT OF ACRYLIC.... They are new never had water in them $60 each
  5. SALTY

    New Corner Tank

    Helping a friend out and posting a tank for him. New still has the paper on it 3/4inch acrylic sides and 1/2inch top and bottom rear overflow box from back corner to front its 62" and across the front it is 88" $4600 OBO
  6. SALTY

    stuff I don't need.

    just some stuff that is sitting around. $30 for all of it.
  7. SALTY

    frozen fish food for sale

  8. I have some several types of frozen food for sale. $5 EACH pack.
  9. SALTY

    Couple of items for sale

    Yes they are.
  10. EcoTech Marine RF Module $25
  11. SALTY

    Couple of items for sale

    $40 for everything
  12. SALTY

    Couple of items for sale

    The avast is 12" tall by 7" wide the cylinder part is 5"
  13. SALTY

    Couple of items for sale

    I will check when I get home
  14. I have a 8 bulb t-5 setup with the reflectors and ballast and end caps also 8 bulbs I also have a Avast marine works media reactor $50 for all of it