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  1. On my RSM 650 I dose about 20ml once a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. I feed heavily and like to keep my phosphate below .10. As far nitrate, phosphate-e has no effect on the nitrate level in my tank.
  2. I am using phosphate-e on my tank with a great success for a last few months. Easy way to control your phosphate levels. Actually thinking about automatic dossing.
  3. Excited as well, and hope I will be able to participate. Last time, I had a delay in the stream and by the time Jeff called the price, all corals were sold. And, I am on 1GB fiber optic with about 9ms latency.😪
  4. I have copperband and he is doing great in my tank, but he doesn't touch aptasia at all. Wend nudibranch route and all gone. Had a success in the past with filefish. I had no issues with filefish attacking corals, but you can always trade in after aptaisa are gone.
  5. Thank you for all the great work you are doing and the support you provide in these difficult times.
  6. Is this the address? I plan to arrive early afternoon. Thank you. Paradise Coral www.paradisecoral.com 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
  7. where do I pick them up? Looks like tomorrow afternoon . Thank you.
  8. Interested, I would take 5.
  9. What Hydra light do you have? I am looking for Hydra 26 HD in black. Thanks,
  10. That is the same store I purchased mine. Great selection in many sizes.
  11. Look at ORP as a reference number. Higher number is better, but it will be different for each tank. Your ORP will eventually settle at some point, and when you see a big drop you should investigate a reason. My ORP typically fluctuate between 350-370 and drops to 270 during water change and gets back to the range in about 12 hours.
  12. Hello, I am looking for Hydra 26 HD in black. Willing to pay a reasonable price or trade for Dart/Snapper pumps. I have 1 new and 1 used. Also have bio-pellet reactor and BRS dosers. If you have a mounting arm or 2 I will take them as well. Thank you!
  13. Is the Hydra 26 HD black or white?
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