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  1. Isaac

    300 Cube the new tank.

    That's pretty [language filter] cool frank
  2. Isaac

    Watermelon chalice

    Shoot me a PM @softy, if you've got a true watermelon and you'd to sell it
  3. Isaac

    Watermelon chalice

    Ok awesome Garrett. I definitely want some BGM
  4. Isaac

    Watermelon chalice

    Very nice of you to offer. To be more specific, I'm looking for one that is bright pink or red with green eyes and rim.
  5. Isaac

    Watermelon chalice

    What do you have Garrett? I'm down to check out your shop. I'm really just after a nice watermelon colony. I don't care about the brand name.
  6. Isaac

    Watermelon chalice

    Who's got a watermelon chalice they want to sell?
  7. Isaac

    The Clown Anemone Tank Project! We found Nemo!

    Nice tank! Rose bubbles have always been one of my favorites. That lobo is really nice too. I saw that last time I was at rosecity.
  8. Isaac

    This site has competition now...

    ReefKeeping NorthWest is not meant to be competition for this site. It is meant to be an informational resource for reef keepers all over the northwest. It is not a club however we do have programs that will be working directly with the pnwmas club. Such as our "Corals for Kids" program which will be donating corals to the PNWMAS "Tanks for teachers"and other similar programs. I encourage everyone to check it out and join the discussion. We can even add a forum for the PNWMAS club if there is interest.
  9. Isaac

    The Origin of Pink Boobies

    OOMG Brad.
  10. Isaac

    The Origin of Pink Boobies

    One is OME and the other is just ME.
  11. Isaac

    The Origin of Pink Boobies

  12. Isaac

    The Origin of Pink Boobies

    The original mummy eye and Oregon mummy eye are distinctly different in pigmentation when grown side by side. There is only one Oregon mummy eye. So to call it the original Oregon mummy eye seem a bit redundant and seems a bit redundant.
  13. Isaac

    The Origin of Pink Boobies

    That is an awesome chalice. It was very interesting to read the story. The Oregon mummy eye has a great home grown story. I originally purchased a small frag with just 3 tiny eyes from Nick at Rosecity for $40. Chalices weren't going for that much back then. I let my frag grow for almost 2 years before finally making a frag to trade with Perry who owned OIAB at the time. He put it on ebay and it was selling for $200-$300 for a tiny frag with one eye. later that year the NW-CFM happened here in Portland and I met Steve Tyree and in conversation had mentioned this awesome chalice. He was immediately interested and gave me his contact info. so I could send him a photo. As soon as he saw the photo he was sure he wanted to make the coral an LE or AE through reeffarmers.com. I chose the name Oregon mummy eye because it closely resembles another popularized coral on the market called "mummy eye chalice" and I also wanted to give Oregon some props. The rest is history. Here is a the photo of my original colony that I showed to Steve Tyree.
  14. Isaac

    Raspberry Bubbleyum Chalice

    That's a very nice chalice. To me it looks similar to the pink boobies or vivid echino.
  15. Thanks Pete, It has been a long time. It would be good to see you.