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  1. gawf4fun

    RBTA's for sale, various other softies.

    PM sent, thanks
  2. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    Sorry, it was one and done for yesterday. Thanks for your interest. $ 150 is a really good deal where I had it previously.
  3. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    I’m working at home today, watching the Masters final round. Anybody that buys this today and today only, $100 if no takers, it will be donated to my son’s school. 503-381-4026
  4. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    Replied. Available for a view Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Gone by the weekend says the Missus!
  5. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    My wife says get this out of the laundry room. Have had a couple viewings since, but the scratches on the front of the tank has precluded use as a main display. Dropping the price to $ 150, which includes EVERYTHING - tank, light, skimmer, powerhead, return pump, heater, etc. Available to show Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Need this gone. Mark (503) 381-4026 mark@mtkmeyer.com
  6. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    This All-in-One tank and components are still available. There is some scratching on the front of the tank that can be polished out. Price drop to $ 180 for the whole turnkey frag tank system
  7. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    I’m in Lake Oswego, off I5 exit 291. Thanks,
  8. gawf4fun

    Priced to sell - All in one Frag tank 17 gal

    The bottom of this tank is flat, no feet. Ha! Sorry, should have given dimensions. The tank is 24” x 16” and stands 10” tall. Thanks for asking.
  9. Turnkey system. Good condition. Just add water... and some rock and substrate... Complete with Aquatic Life skimmer, Eheim return pump, Tunze powerhead for flow, cooling fan, 165 watt LED light, and heater. Easily $500 plus new, but it’s no longer new. Everything works, name brand stuff, less than 40% of new. $190 takes it all. Available afternoons this weekend. Call or text questions to 503-381-4026. Mark@mtkmeyer.com Thanks for looking. mark
  10. gawf4fun

    Large Orange Monti

    If it comes down to moving it in smaller pieces, I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks
  11. gawf4fun

    Large Orange Monti

    This 12” x 10” monti grows really fast and has pretty much grown out of the water in my aqua pod 28 gallon tank. looking to sell it for $75 or trade it for LPS frags, Ricordia, SPS frags, or other interesting things. Tank is in Tualatin where I work so 8-5 M-F or other arrangements can be made. mark 503-381-4026
  12. gawf4fun

    Spring cleaning sale!

    I'll take the rock please. I can pay via paypal now and maybe get it this weekend? Mark
  13. gawf4fun

    17 gallon acrylic frag tank

    I'd like to get this sold by the weekend. Bump to the top.
  14. gawf4fun

    17 gallon acrylic frag tank

    I'm on the road so sorry for the late reply. I've got the light mounted under a cabinet in our laundry room. It's about 7-8" above the water surface. That makes the overall height of the system about 24". I'm sorry but I don't have a brand/model for the light. It's got duel switches ( one for blue and one for white) and has 55 - 3 watt bulbs and three fans. Works great. Hope this helped. Mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. gawf4fun

    17 gallon acrylic frag tank

    Well, upon further inspection, there are some slight scratches on the face of the tank. None which are significant enough to be seen without getting pretty close however. It is acrylic though, so these can be easily buffed out. Also, it is a used tank and the whole system is priced to move. Thanks for your interest. mark