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  1. coralreefer

    a plywood reef tank?

    be kinda hard to see through...
  2. coralreefer

    Bad bad day

    Your only hope is to blame Drew... DrMerle
  3. coralreefer

    Halide Lighting schedule Question

    Would strongly recommend 250w Phoenix 14k bulbs...not too blue but almost as blue as any 20k I've ever run...I will never switch...best bulb IMO...I've had unbelievable results...reefnjunkie got me hooked...[language filter] it Brad.... DrMerle
  4. coralreefer

    Feeding my Haddoni

    Yes...vigorous waving my hand like a fish tail, causing turbulence directly on the carpet, I could "pet" the anemone without attachment or velcro effect...no stinging! I think either it simulates a clownfish being there or the anemone turns off momentarily.
  5. coralreefer

    Feeding my Haddoni

    Food usually needs to be off sufficient "weight" or mass to elicit and strong feeding response. Feeding requires energy expenditure and it needs to be worth their while. That is why clownfish "jab" food into anemones. I raised carpets and also found if there is a need to make hand contact with it, waving your hand vigorously over it as a clownfish would do greatly reduces or eliminates "velcro" effect on your hand and eliminates getting stung. At least it worked for me... DrMerle
  6. coralreefer

    Blue tip tenuis

    I bet you can keep it...med to hi light and feed...leave it alone...everytime you move it you are making coral start over again... DrMerle
  7. coralreefer

    Reef Hobby Rookie

    as a reefer, your freshwater tank (I know it's supposed to look that way), initially makes me panic!!! KILL THE ALGAE!! KILL THE ALGAE!!
  8. coralreefer

    Blue tip tenuis

    How old are your lights? Maybe try some amino acids...
  9. coralreefer


    Yes, running 1 cup of carbon (BRS) and 1/2 cup Hi capacity GFO (BRS) together in a second TLF reactor also. I change those out every 2 weeks. Just easier for my schedule. For pellet reactor, I remove top sponge to promote flow, you'll want pellets tumbling strongly but not violently. Bottom sponge is necessary but will clog due to bacteria, so must be cleaned every 2-4 weeks as you notice flow decreasing. Don't wash pellets with fresh water at cleaning so they stay "bacterialized".
  10. coralreefer


    I've used them for a year now with good results...I put 2/3 of a two little fishies reactor full of pellets, attach a maxijet 1200, outlet of reactor close to skimmer pump intake, innoculate with zeobac (optional) and let her go. I haven't seen one brand of pellets better than another. Watch your flow.
  11. coralreefer

    Hair algae-starve or scrub?

    Kole tang will work wonders...I will always keep one in my tank, a yellow coris for flatworms and a Klein's butterfly for aptasia
  12. coralreefer

    My new little reefer

    Congrats Miles...I'm sure you and your wife are busy doing many "water changes"... DrMerle
  13. coralreefer

    Ya gotta love flatworm eggs

    only joking Brad... DrMerle
  14. coralreefer

    Ya gotta love flatworm eggs

    so THAT'S where I got my flatworms from....LOL DrMerle
  15. Captain Dan needs to get it together, man!!