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  1. I have a tank system with 12--10 gal tanks, stand, lights, sump tank, heaters, and return pump. This set up can be used for a breeder system or corals and inverts.. The tanks are plumed in with return all ready drilled and plumed.. I will let this go for 300.00 dollars I cant seem to up load picture but you can see it on craiglist. chuck 503-631-2523 http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/for/2872757117.html.
  2. cklskypilot


    Wow It had been some time since I had been over to OIAB. now as you walk into the shop you are greeted with a new fresh water tank room full of fish and live plants. As I walk into the main shop the first thing that caught my eye was a very large tank and then the corals. Yaaaa. those corals. they had made up a group of coral frag tanks and full colonies that are on displayed and for sale. Cos told me that shop is a on going build thats never ends. So take a drive to Vancouver and go check out OIAB I think they have a great shop with more great corals to pick from then any other shop in the great NW
  3. I have been growing L type phyto. algee and reef soup for the last 1.5 years and been feeding it to my fish and corals with good results. Now since I have shut down the frag tanks I have extra and if you would like a starter for your tank just pm me. Its free but you will have to come here for it. I have anought to give a couple cups to 4-5 people every 7-10 days. So if you did not get some this time there's always next week. hope that everone had a good turkey day Now bring on christmas. Thanks Chuck
  4. cklskypilot

    40 gal complete with sump and lights

    tank is up and running. it has both corals and fish. it also has a lot of algee. the fish dont go with the sale but the corals do if you can find them through the sea weed.
  5. This is a older 40 gal glass tank with 10 gal sump tank. also comes with coralife HO lights, in sump skimmer, heater, 2 x power heads, 0ne externel over flow, 2 x internal pumps one for the skimmer and one for return, also 40+ lbs of live rock and 40 lbs of sand. This tank has been up and running for over a year and we just dont have the extra time to take care of this tank. sell this set up 200.00 dollars
  6. cklskypilot


    I have a complete 400 watt with a 14 or 20k bulb for 50.00 dollars. it is a good used light set up. also have other lights both for sale and some for free. let me know if this might work for you. thank you Chuck.
  7. Good afternoon I am thinking about selling my complete salt water tank. It comes with all the pumps, lighting, live rock, live sand, live corals and live fish. This is what I have. 180 plex tank with 2 internal over flows 2 returns and 4 loop nosel system. 2 x 400w 20k lights with ballest reflectors and 2 extra ballest. 2 x 150w 20k lights with ballest and reflectors. 2 x 48in T5 lights with ballest. 1 ecoline ex. pump. 1 gen-x 30 and one gen-x 20 for back up. 1 500 gal. skimmer and pump. 2 x 2500 gal wave makers plus 2 new back ups. 2 x auto timers. 1 300w tit. heater. 1 x 8 plug gen sound 120 outlet model 8500. 55 gal truevu sump tank. 250 + lbs of live rock. 150 + lbs of live sand. lots of high end corals. nice fish and inverts. rodi water maker 150 gal a day. 3 x 55 gal food grade barrels with lids. There is a lot more items pack away that will also go with this sale. I will not break this up. The sale is 3500.00 for the complete system. and I have more then that just into the rock and corals. I am selling this because I have a couple of operation coming up and wont be able to keep up on the tank maintance.
  8. cklskypilot

    KNOP cal. reactor

    I have a KNOP reactor for sale. It is a top of the line unit complete with a alum tank ele. reg. hose pumps counter. ready to install. 300.00 dollars
  9. cklskypilot

    for TFT auction, prize winning Zoas

    Its 10 dollars now the ball is still rolling and its in your corner now
  10. cklskypilot

    What corals can sting you?

    I have been told that if your hands have any thing on them that the coral does not like it will sting you. if you smoke you will be stung. corals hate the nic. from smoking. also men seem to get stung more offen them women do. I think this is due to there body ph level.
  11. cklskypilot

    Fleabay Chiller?

    One of the feed backs on this chiller said that this chiller has a iron pipe chiller core. turned his water white and than green.
  12. cklskypilot

    Firearms FS

    I am so sorry for your loss Jon. I wish you and your family the best through these hard times. And as your father walks in heaven and flys with angels he lives in the hearts and memeries of family and friends.
  13. cklskypilot

    Persicion gas leak

    Hi Becky it was blasting across the TV at 7:00 for a hr. they should have sent it through the EBS but they had there heads up there a--
  14. cklskypilot

    Electrokate's tank

    Hi Kate simply said GRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT TANK. And such a good job you have done.