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  1. calling all sump designers

    I have a 24 cube to I jest found one that fit
  2. 50 watt LEDs for sale

    Do they dim?
  3. New cold water tank thread!

    Thats a sweet Pic. Did you find that at the coast
  4. From day 1 to now, now the clowns!!

    your tank has come along way since first post and is looking good
  5. Aptasia

    i use a blow torch and cook them suckers
  6. snow

    we have lots of snow up here about 6 inches
  7. you will be happy with magic eraser they work great but do not take off coraline so i use my license or a bank card for that
  8. This site has competition now...

    sweet one more place to check out
  9. Paradise Zoas

    i like thoes ones
  10. magic eraser is all i use on my cube seems to take out scratches and polish
  11. Zoa ID help...hornets?

    purple hearted zoa
  12. Choose your Avatar wisely!

    i like lowmans

    it has been messed up for me also since the upgrade too
  14. Shipping heat packs?

    the uni ones are the one to go with the ones from the sports stores get to hot
  15. 400 gal coldwater tank video

    sweet and so clear