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  1. COReefer

    4 days away!!!!

    This is the first time I have been able to get in here and comment on this thread. I being from Alabama, love SEC football. I always have and always will. The PAC 10 is an extremely top heavy conference with 2 of the best teams in the country........Oregon and Stanford. The rest of the teams, compared to the rest of the nation are at best Mediocre or have been since I have been in the northwest. When Stanford played Oregon, I still believe Stanford was the better team on the field in all aspects of the game except for one part and that was conditioning. The Ducks are an amazing team when it comes to conditioning. Their bigger guys are probably in better shape than most of the nations skilled players. I tip my hat to Chip Kelly for his conditioning program. What the Ducks had not seen all year was a physically larger team who's conditioning program is just as good as theirs. They had not faced a team with similar athletic abilities. Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State (sorry beaver fans) lacked the conditioning it took to even step on the field with Oregon as did Stanford. Auburn had this and they showed it. I really got a laugh when the announcers were already playing up Oregon's conditioning at the end of the first quarter talking about how gassed Auburn's defense looked. They really didn't look that warn down to me and I'll bet you Kenyon Barner and LaMichael James would tell you the same thing. I will say though, the Ducks are in a League of their own out here in the Pac 10 and I feel that the top 2 teams in the country played for the national title on monday night and honestly I can't say that the best team won because it could have gone either way. Both teams looked great defensively and I'm proud of the ducks for showing some D just as much as I am Auburn being able to stuff LaMichael all night. By the way Miles, they only had 30 runs because they didn't run as many plays. Chip Kelly called a horrible game. I'm sure he has reviewed game film and saw how bad Auburn's pass D is. Why wouldn't he attack that? Jeff Mahel (or however you spell it) is one of the, in my opinion, best receivers in the country as DT is one of the better QB's. Especially out of the pocket. It wasn't the players that lost the game, it was definatelly coaching.
  2. COReefer

    WTB Larger Tank, Stand and Canopy

    Bumpy bump
  3. COReefer

    Any Metallica fans out there???

    sux i'm in central oregon
  4. COReefer

    Any Metallica fans out there???

    ahhhhh crap! That would be a blast. Metallica is one of my favorite bands!
  5. Hey everyone, in light of purchasing my new home, I am looking for a tank, stand and canopy that I can set up in my new house prior to my moving so I can make the transition easier for my critters. They must be in nice condition. I prefer a 4 - 5 ft (would entertain larger) tank with a nice stand and canopy large enough to fit my lumenmax reflectors in. If you or someone you know has anything, let me know! Thanks (I'm looking to spend around $1,000)
  6. COReefer

    Earth Day

    Not sure how any of us could go super green with the hobby that we are in.....My tank uses almost as much electricity as the rest of my house combined........that kind of bothers me sometimes
  7. COReefer

    Winky the two-tailed clown

    he is super cute! I like him
  8. COReefer

    Fresh Start

    Thanks guys.....It will be a fun rebuild. I'm looking forward to it. I've seen some very stunning lps/softie tanks and I hope to be able to have one of those.
  9. COReefer

    Fresh Start

    thanks chewie....I look forward to it!
  10. COReefer

    Fresh Start

    Well, after having a sea apple in my tank succesfully for over a year, the addition of a large blue tang to my tank was the sea apples demise. I'm really not sure what happened but not long after adding the tang, my sea apple began to move for the first time since being placed in the tank and I noticed all of my sps starting to die... QUICKLY... Before I could put 2 and 2 together, all of my sps were gone. EVERYTHING... All of my fish survived and are doing fine as well as some zoas and a few lps. So I've decided to start over. I have really lost my will to keep sps anymore as I don't think I could handle another meltdown of this magnatude so I've decided to do an lps dominated tank with a couple of sps thrown in maybe.
  11. (laugh) (nutty) (laugh) (nutty) (clap)
  12. COReefer

    Football 2009!!!!

    Yep, I'm sure that's what it is. SEC bias. I could never be the two 9-0 records sitting at the top of the conference or the fact that florida hasn't allowed a touchdown in five of their games this season. Now with all of that being said, I'm still fearful that florida will not end the season on top. I still don't think that they have what it takes to play in the bcs championship. One of the sec teams will fall when the conference title game is played.
  13. COReefer

    Dragon Goby???

    ok know I wanna know where you bought that. Holy smokes someone was way off
  14. COReefer

    Do you use a filter sock?

    yep just a regular ol shop vac. it works great. I also have a python that screws onto the sink that works for getting the stuff out too.
  15. COReefer

    Do you use a filter sock?

    I don't use it at all. I allow the poo to settle in my sump and then grab it with the shop vac