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  1. Hi PNWMAS! I have a very stable system that I've owned for about 6 years. It's time to take a break from the hobby and everything must go, preferably all at once. The system is built to be an LPS reef setup but it's currently beset with hair algae (though the inhabitants don't seem to notice). The system is designed for automation and having a small footprint. On about 10 occasions I've gone on a trip for 2 weeks and everything will be the same as when I left it (auto water top-off and auto feeder). I need to be maintaining it at least every couple weeks and I haven't been, so it's time to part with it. The ecosystem is perfect, just needs some TLC in terms of regular water changes and a few corals to bring it back to a beautiful reef tank. With the exception of the water top-off bucket, it's all self contained within the stand along with storing the maintenance items. All-in for $225. Feel free to part-out and turn a profit as long as everybody gets a good home. Note the 50% discount for PNWMAS over Craigslist because PNWMAS is an organization for which I'll be forever grateful. Pictures: portland.craigslist.org/mlt/hsh/d/happy-valley-29-gallon-oceanic-biocube/6840048517.html Things that go in the water - 2 ocellaris clownfish (~4 years old) - Purple Pseudochromis (~4 years old) - Pencil urchin - 2 LPS Corals - There are still a few snails, a hermit crab, etc. - In the refugium section there are some tiny feather dusters and I know there's at least one brittle star, which indicates a relatively healthy system - 15-20 lbs of live rock - 20+ lbs of live sand Tank and stand - 29 gallon Oceanic Biocube fishtank - Black oceanic stand. The stand has sensors on the front and hooks/velcro on the doors to keep everything neat and self-contained Food - Automated pellet feeder. I have this feed the fish once a day. I reload it every few months. - Extra frozen food. I rarely feed the fish with this. Waterflow - Wavemaker pump and controller. Customizable settings with the controller. I have it at on 1 second then off 1 second. - Circulation pump - Maxi-jet 1200 Return pump from sump (back part of tank) - Eheim Compact 1000 (260 GPH). Was going to use this with the overflow system for automated water changes but I never hooked it up. Water accessories - AquaticLife RO Buddy for making purified water at home - ATO Automatic water top-off (I fill the 5 gallon top-off bucket once every 3 weeks) - TDS water purity tester - Refractometer for testing salinity - 3+ bags of Instant Ocean Reef Crystals - Exact sized measuring cup and plastic funnel for making the saltwater - 3 5-gallon jugs and 4 buckets - Reef testing kits - Reef chemicals Skimmers (not required for this setup) - Hang-on-back Aqua Remora. This one runs, but I basically never change it. I just use it for water movement - Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9001. Could never get it to work quite right so it's not attached to the system. Lighting - Current LED light bar - Current Rapid Timer Pro. This is timed so there is a gentle transition from dark-dawn-day and day-twilight-moonlight-night. Also has effects for clouds, lightning storms, etc. - Magnetic refugium light ran on timer opposite daylight Other - Brand-new overflow box. I'd intended to use this for automating water changes, but I never finished hooking it up. - Plumbing fixtures - Extra Maxi Jet pumps - Bunch of little things - Clippers, scrapers, rake - Day/night power strip timer - Siphons
  2. Is this the right place to offer up a donation for a full-blown working system for a school? I'm not sure if this forum is generally for equipment/advice/assistance or for the tank because I've been off the forum for a long while. I have a 29 biocube tank that I'm looking to part with. It's designed as an LPS tank, but it needs more TLC than I've been giving it lately. The whole thing is designed for automation so it occurred to me that it would be perfect for a school. I regularly go on trips for 2+ weeks and the fish are fed and the the water is topped-off automatically so nobody would need to go in and do anything over spring break, for example. There are 2 clownfish, a purple pseudochromis, a pencil urchin, a coule LPS that haven't been complaining too loudly about all the hair algae.
  3. I measured it out and I still have 113lbs of live rock for sale. This is some amazing rock. Many large pieces (for example there is a 13lb, 18" with 2 ricordias on it). Many varieties (fiji, tonga, etc). Many still have some corals on them (shrooms, zoas). Lot's of interest in the corals, but nobody has come over yet to cherry pick through the rock so there are some very nice pieces ($200). Additionally I am looking to sell off my cleaning crew ($50). It's hard to estimate the size but I think there are: - 4 silver-dollar sized Mexican turbo snails - A couple of dozen various snails and hermit crabs. - Tiger-tail sea cucumber - Brittle star - Coral banded shrimp (this guy is reef safe) Also I think there's about 1-2 buckets worth of live sand ($50).
  4. I'm in Happy Valley, about 10 minutes from Clackamas Town Center.
  5. Updated the status and I think I've managed to reply to everyone at this point. Thanks!
  6. I have about 150+lbs of live rock of varying sizes/types ($2/lb + $1/polyp). Pieces with significant corals on them will be listed separately. Whole Tank Shot Really cool 8lb cave rock. Has 2 different zoa colonies, a stalk of singularia, blue clove polyps, and some extra polyps and mushrooms. ($60) Rock with zoas that are pink/brown/purple and some mushrooms ($20) Several mushroom rocks to choose from. ($15 each) Green implosion rock ($10) Fuzzy green mushroom rock. ($20) Large Orange Ricordia with green mouth on a medium size rock ($30) Big rock with lunar eclipses, red striped mushrooms, green implosions, orange zoas ($40) Equipment ready to Go Now 4 stage RO/DI Unit Aquamaxx, 75GPD, ($120) AquaC Urchin Protein Skimmer with Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump ($50) Missing the $2 o-ring but a decent rubber band works too. 55 gallon acrylic tank with black background. Couple scratches barely noticeable with water in it. 48" wide, 15" deep, 18" tall. Solid black stand that went with the 60 gallon. 49" wide, 15" deep, 31" tall. (tank+stand $100) Coralife Luft Pump ($10) Calcium Reactor + Pump ($75) 2 Power Compact 50/50 bulbs straight pin ($15) Only used 2 mos Python 25ft No Spill Clean & Fill Item ($10) 12 Gallon Nano Tank ($80) Back has 3 compartments: sponge filter, heater, return pump. 2 bulbs and LED moonlight. Cube Master brand. After 3 years I finally figured out that this is the only reasonable way to quarantine fish. It doesn't stress them and it doesn't require any maintenance. I just left it up all the time and plop in a fish when I buy one because it's already cycled. Right now its down but I'll throw in 15 lbs of live rock and some sand to get it recycled very quickly. Picture is when it was set up.
  7. PM sent on 1 fire fish goby $15 1 purple fire fish goby $25 1 banggai cardinal fish $15
  8. Hi Gill, I have about 9 fish, 2-3" a piece. My sand bed is about 2.5" on the top and I have a 4-5" sandbed in the fuge. My biggest concern would be poisons coming off the corals because that seems hard to test for. As far as bioload goes, I figure if I have high nitrates or phosphates (which I don't) then I know I have a problem.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I don't do any spot feeding (never have). Sounds like I should turn off the skimmer and see if the zoas resume their accelerated growth.
  10. Howdy! So I've had a 90 gallon tank now for about 3 yrs, full of mostly softies (and a few obligatory fish). I have been running the tank pretty much unskimmed until a couple of months ago. When I get around to it, I'll do a 10% water change, usually every month or two. I have ~200lbs of LR. A few months back I aquired a teklight 8 bulb t5. Since then, my zoas have been growing at a pretty good clip. I figured I'd move the process along by adding in a skimmer. The progress seems to have come to a grinding halt and I haven't noticed much in the way of new growth and some of the coloration seems off compared to what it was. So my question is: do zoas hate skimming? Also, other than the zoa slow down, I haven't noticed any upside to skimming. My nitrates and phosphates were at 0 before I started skimming, and the algae level (wipe the glass every couple days) seems the same now as it did before. What am I missing here? -Chris
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