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  1. Whats that one fish next to the kelp greenling? Its kinda calico looking? I looked at every picture and I am impressed. Nice set ups.
  2. I have had a very busy summer. I have cleared my inbox and will be calling a few of you to touch bases. Hope each and everyone of you have had a good summer and your tanks faired well.
  3. Crud. I leave town that day at 10:30. Have a good meeting and Dennis will you please fill me in on the making of the rock.
  4. I need to stop by again. Give me a call so we can work something out.
  5. TAD

    Kid friendly?

    Thank you both for the explination. It was pefect.
  6. TAD

    Kid friendly?

    Is this site kid friendly? Or is it supposed to be kid friendly? I am not sure and that is why I ask the question.
  7. Must be rough(clap) I hope your issue gets resolved quickly
  8. TAD

    Chalice photos!!!!!!!

    I just picked up two yesterday. I will get a picture up pretty soon. One is a Watermelon with 11 eyes I think. Is that what we counted Dennis??
  9. Just a glance from Chuck Norris should do the job.
  10. I have some sort of eater but only the mouths are green. I kinda like the ones you have a little more, if they were cheap like you said that was a good score.
  11. Looks like its growing at a good clip. Dont let Dennis at it or it will be fragged up in no time.
  12. I feel your post was not soap boxish at all. I would rather gleen info from someone who has has horses for 8 years then read about from other sources. It is really hard for a person new to any reefkeeping to sort out all the information that is out there. My best luck has been listening to someone just as yourself who has been there done that and willing to share.
  13. Butter wrapped in bacon is one of my all time favorites. Its good for you isnt it? I like the hobby because I can waste as much money as I need. And if the tank is in the right place you can even write it off your taxes;).
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