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  1. fakkzz

    Vacuming the sand

    Not to take over the post but now I'm curious? I don't "vacuum" every time I change the water but the times I have the water that comes out doesn't have sand in it but it is a thickly murky water. I have a 2-3 inch sand bed (depending on where you measure). I have always done this with freshwater to remove the tiny debris between the rocks and started doing this when I got into saltwater. Is this something I should not be doing. Am I harming it by doing such? Thank you for the information! The sand when stirred can have
  2. fakkzz

    Vacuming the sand

    Should you not vacuum the sand from time to time?
  3. fakkzz

    Post for May POTM

    OMG!!! I am in love with this jelly pict! Was this taken at the aquarium trip! I really need to get with it and figure out some camera techniques so i can take better picts!
  4. fakkzz

    Vacuming the sand

    I'm not an expert on this stuff but I vacuum and always loose so much water but is a great time to vaccum when doing your water change anyways. I always have a lot of junk and think that stirring the sand an putting that water back in would put in a bunch of the bad stuff your sand was filtering out back into the tank. That , I don't think, would be removed throught the sump and sock. I wouldn't think it would be worth the increased levels you could experience. Is there a reason you are worried about saving that water?
  5. That's even better so after it passes they can just add anything else??? That's a scary loop hole to me!
  6. fakkzz

    Need input on Baby toy

    He's so hansome!!!! Is that true (parents liking the toys more than them) I found myself with a few of those type toys. Thought for sure they would love linkin' logs... guess he's too young but I sure had fun! When my kids were about his age they loved the socks with the toys and bells in the toe. Very cute to watch them figure out they can make it move if they move their leg. aaa+++ on the leapfrog comment. These toys were great! The kids learn. They play and parents can even interact with them. Absolutely great.
  7. Lots of birthdays this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  8. Just one more day!!! I agree with some points but not all. No matter what happens I don't believe this bill will pass as currently written. And I know it wont be something that happens over night. It has a lot of Big time supporters on it's side AS IS though. I don't think they down sides have been explained to the public. This would kill off all the small businesses that do pets and pet supplies. Not more fish stores, distributors, bird shops, pet shops, even loosing petco and petsmart. Sure there will always be a supply needed for dogs and cats but there will be a huge loss for our counrty as well. Stores will close and there will be more layoffs as well as makers of those supplies will layoff more. there has to be a happy medium and this bill isn't there yet in my opinion. I thank you for all who have made their voice heard whether for it, against it, or somewhere in between. This is what it's all about.
  9. Thank you everyone who is sending in wether you agree with my opinion or not. This is a huge deal to all of us! This link is so super quick to. Under a minute and you can have added your piece( or you can write ALOT more )
  10. fakkzz

    Happy Birthday KORALTEK!!!

    I don't know KORALTEK but a birthday is always a celebration!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! KORALTEK (party)
  11. The bill HR 669 is getting put through please consider making your voice heard. There are a number of ways. If you need help, a form letter, the e-mail address there are plenty of sites. http://www.nohr669.com/dosomething.htm The 23rd is the "big" day.
  12. fakkzz

    Need something fun to do????

    This year they have extended the season as the year was cool and the tulips just opened. They'll be open till May 3rd this year. They have much more than just tulips too!
  13. fakkzz

    Almost Scammed

    They are getting pretty good about copying the paypal pages but you really should look close. Paypal will always use you name where as scammers who don't have that info will only put Dear Paypal customer. . . not just paypal but the banks too! Bank of America , US Bank, all of them will use your name not Dear Customer. Also... Paypal and banks will not direct you with a link 99% of the time. The real ones will ask you to go to their page and log in to your account. Never go to a link you aren't sure about. If they ask for more than your password and user name you should leave it immediately. If you are thinking something could be phishing ( fraud) e-mail you can send it to the spam department of that bank or paypal. They will tell you if it was ligit or not also. Leaves the guessing out of it. All these companies will have the e-mail address for spoof e-mails listed on their pages. Glad you caught this!
  14. fakkzz

    CA2OR's newest addition....

    Hummm... I think so too! We do love pictures!!!
  15. fakkzz

    Getting our tank tonight!!!!!!

    Very cool congratulations.... now the waiting begins!