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  1. Toby Flenderson

    Flea Bomb With Reef

    Great, thanks for the replies guys.
  2. Toby Flenderson

    Flea Bomb With Reef

    My dogs have managed to get fleas on the coldest day of the year and I need to drop the flea Bomb on the house. Anyone have any experience with this? The protein skimmer gets turned off, lights out and tank covered. Anything else?
  3. Toby Flenderson

    Some SPS Pics

    I use a Aquamedic T5 Metal halide combo light. The bulb is a 250 watt Phoenix 14k(classic). And 2x ati blue plus T5 tubes. I'm trying not to be negative about this new web format but it is hard to get used to...
  4. Toby Flenderson

    Some SPS Pics

    The only shipment was a large 10 pack from Battle corals. There was a shipping error and it was held overnight so he resent the order again with some extras (sky parade and pink flamingos) This is a link to the pack, I already had west side tort and pro corals rainbow so I swapped for different. http://www.reef2reef.com/forums/battlecorals/161946-serious-collectors-only-10-pack.html I got a pack of classics from Brad (TEC sky blue, red planet ect) which are doing great. A bunch of assorted bad *** frags from Cuttlefish including the sanjays bearded gnome and a large piece of Icefire. And a few pieces from Upscales including the sweet Soatas Blue tip and a mystery rainbow milli I need to post update pics of.
  5. Toby Flenderson

    Some SPS Pics

    love it too, its form gets better every month. Thanks! Just my iPhone though. Cracked my screen the other day........iPhone 6 pics coming soon(naughty) Thanks! That piece was 99% dead and bleached after I got it because it got knocked over into the torch over night, I was going to through it away(literally one polyup left) glad I didn't. (clap) That is the BC Sky Parade for sure. I know exactly the piece you are talking about and I'm curious to see how they compare when they grow out.
  6. Toby Flenderson

    Some SPS Pics

    Just a few progress pics. Here's a pic of my tank when I started it in May. BC Sky Parade Icefire, Teira Del Fuego, Red Planet, Rainbows in Spain, Soatas Blue Tip Table Acro Rasberry Burst ORA Strawberry Short Cake Bearded leprechaun? These names are getting weird. Can't remember, BC Spook City?
  7. Toby Flenderson

    Few of my collections from my nano tank.

    Looking good!
  8. Toby Flenderson


    I'll post some other pictures of the other BC pics for sure. The old tank went through every challenge an sps tank can go through but I guess that's why this one has done so well, I've learned from mistakes.
  9. Toby Flenderson

    Reefnjunkie's 400 gallon inwall

    Wow Brad that is an amazing looking fish! Bravo!
  10. Toby Flenderson


    Not the best picture but this piece I've been growing continues to amaze me. Maybe my new favorite. This was a substitution from battlecorals. He calls it "Hatfields". Really thin delicate branches, great green and purples and surprisingly large polups when it's hungrey.
  11. Toby Flenderson

    Laserpointer Clown!

    This is so fun, I can exercise the fish from across the room.
  12. Toby Flenderson

    Laserpointer Clown!

  13. Toby Flenderson

    Laserpointer Clown!

    Crap, hang on
  14. Toby Flenderson

    Laserpointer Clown!

    Sooooo, I just realized that my clownfish is like a cat. http://youtu.be/W0f-EAJvY0k
  15. Toby Flenderson

    Club Cube

    Joining club cube! 24x24x24 60 gallon SPS.