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  1. I am getting sent out of town (and have been for a while), and need to sell the live stock in my tank. At this time, I have 4 corals for sale. 1. Torch Coral this has 4-5 heads - $20 2. Blue and Pink Chalice Approx 6 eyes - $30 - PENDING 3. Duncan over 15 heads - $20 - PENDING 4. Single head of Dendro - $10 - PENDING I will be available most of the weekend, and am also available weeknights. If you are interested in the whole lot at once, I will take $60.
  2. jeff_pdx


    I am currently running a 14 Gal BioCube. The tank has been set up for about 18 months. I have recently grown tired of mixing my own saltwater, and I am considering using salt water from a LFS in town. I am sure everybody has an opinion on this, so I thought I would ask. Is there a noticeable difference from one store to the next in terms of water quality? Also, how should I make this transition from my water to using pre mixed water. Your responses are appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  3. jeff_pdx

    Flowerpot and Zoas for sale

    Reduced Price I have had some PM's, but no follow through. I will lower the price to $40 for all three items. I am available most of the day tomorrow to meet. You can call me at 217-417-6265.
  4. jeff_pdx

    Flowerpot and Zoas for sale

    Goniopora This was orginally purchased at Reef Hot Spot http://www.reefhotspot.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1639 I do believe it is a true goniopora
  5. jeff_pdx

    Flowerpot and Zoas for sale

    Make an offer It appears as thought I might be priced to high. Please feel free to make an offer if you are interested.
  6. I am selling a few corals out of my tank, so I can change things up and add some new ones. I have for sale a 4" green Flowerpot Coral, a rock with 40+ polyps of Red Galaxy(??) Zoas, and a frag of 40+ polyps of deep water zoas, fast growers with really nice green and purple colors. I am asking $25 each or $60 for all three.
  7. jeff_pdx

    Aiptasia X

    I am looking for a LFS that currently has Aiptasia X in stock. I recently discovered some Aiptasia in my tank and now it has moved close to and is bothering some of my Armor of God Zoas. If you have it in stock, please PM me. Thanks, Jeff
  8. jeff_pdx

    Corals from OIB

    I just wanted to post a few pics of the awesome Acans I got from Perry yesterday. This is a great shop with some really awesome corals. GO check it out if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed.
  9. jeff_pdx

    Making Space Sale

    Make an offer I still have both the xenia rock and the zoa rock available. I would like to have these gone by Saturday afternoon. Make an offer if you have any interest.
  10. jeff_pdx

    Making Space Sale

    I am making space in my tank, so I can add some nicer corals. Up for sale is a zoa rock with over 30 polyps ($20), Rock with xenia ($10), and a Lord acan with over 10 polyps ($25) SOLD. I have these items priced to sell, as I would like them gone by Saturday. Pictures were taken under stock biocube lighting, with both the 10k and acintics on. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.
  11. jeff_pdx

    How to Donate

    I am in the process of making some space in my tank, and thought I would donate some corals to this great program. The only real issue is I don't know how to go about doing this. I will have to donate several zoa frags. I will post pictures of the other zoas after work. The pictures you see here are originally from coralreefaquarist, as that is where I originally got these zoas back in early March. If anybody could give me some information on how to get these into a teachers tank that would be great.
  12. jeff_pdx

    Yasha Goby Behavior

    Yasa Found Well, after two weeks of not seeing the Yasa, I located him last night in the back chamber of my BioCube 14. I was able (after many hours of trying) to get him out of the back chamber and back into the tank. I am interested to see how long it takes him to get back together with my pistol shrimp. Hopefully not to long, as I really enjoy watching them together.
  13. jeff_pdx

    Yasha Goby Behavior

    About a month ago, I added a Yasha Goby and Pistol Shrimp to my tank. It took almost two weeks for the shirmp to get the caves to my Gobies standards, but he did eventually move in. I watched this pair with great interest for about two weeks. Every night the goby would stand guard of the entrance, and then they would bury themselves in again every night. It was really a great addition to my small tank. However, as of this past friday, I haven't seen the goby. I see the shrimp occasionally, but no sign of the goby. I have been watching my ammonia to make sure I don't have a decaying fish, and have seen no noticible spike. Is this normal behavior? How long should I wait until I tear my tank apart looking for him? Thanks in advance.
  14. jeff_pdx

    Skimmer vs Filter Floss and Chaeto

    Thanks for all the input. I figured I would get many different opinions on the topic. I think I am going to get a media rack and use floss (I intend to change out weekly when I do my water changes), and Chaeto. Once I get my rack built, does anybody know where is a good place to get some Chaeto. It will probably be a few weeks. Again, thanks for the answers. This group has been a great find!!! Jeff
  15. I have a BioCube 14. Currently stocked with two clows, a yasa goby, pistol shrimp, and various zoaz and acans. I want to keep the stock look of tank, and I am considering either purchasing a media rack for the middle back chamber and configuring it with chaeto and filter floss, or purchasing a Sapphire Aquatics NC12/BC14 Protein Skimmer. I know the media rack will be the cheaper route, but I am not concerned about cost as much as benefit. So does anybody have and opinions on which would give the most benefit to waste removal and in turn water quality?