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  1. Today was tank moving day.. A couple weeks ago we decided to close down the 75 gal tank and dust off the old 32g cube again. Tasks accomplished 1. Hauled the cube in from the shop storage and cleaned the spiders out. 2. gutted the Nanobox retro kit out of my 14g cube, threw in a spare led puck and built myself a Duo retro kit. 3. drilled the tank return for 3/4" lock line and mounted a Cobalt MJ1200 return pump, heaters and a few Koralia pumps I removed from the 75g. 4. filled 1/2 way with fresh salt mix and let it be for a few days. 5. caught the one little Royal Dottyback we had left in the 75 and gave him to the LFS. He ate my entire clean up crew and had to go. 6. Move live rock and top the cube off with water from the 75.
  2. Complete C360 canister filter with hoses and fittings. 360gph 4 baskets Taken off and cleaned out today 9-20-18 $50 Located in Eugene, or
  3. Tank is 48" long, 18" deep and 21" tall. One piece front and sides. ( imagine a giant bio cube) Stand and hood included.. Hood has no lighting. Just broke it down and washed it out today. It's ready to go. Located in Eugene. OR $150 OBO.. I'd love to see it gone this weekend.
  4. I have 2 tanks for sale.. One is a 30 gal with stand. $30 The other is a 46 gal bow front.. No stand.. $20 Both located in Eugene but I travel to Salem every week day. Happy to trade for dry rock, new sand, a HOB overflow, skimmer
  5. sschering

    WTB: Overflow box

    I'm looking for a HOB overflow box that can handle a 90gal setup so something in the 900 gal/hr range. with dual drains. Anything located in Eugene, Albany or Salem would be great. Thanks
  6. sschering

    WTS: Rubbermaid 300 Gallon stock tank

    Still have it if anyone is interested. I'ts going on Craigs List I also have a 46 bow I'd sell for $40
  7. sschering

    Angry Cespitularia

    1 month update.. The cespitularia is doing great in my wife's tank. The sexy's continued their rampage pissing off everything, almost killed a head on my hammer, eat the frills off the zoas and nibbled the birds nest to death. I had enough. I couldn't catch the little monsters so I hired an assassin. I got a bicolor dottyback. It took him about 2 weeks I now have no Sexy shrimp. Everything else is thriving now..
  8. sschering

    Angry Cespitularia

    Update: after moving it to my wife's tank it's shrunk to about half it's old size but is starting to regrow it's fingers again. it's also sprouting new growth all around the main trunk so I think there is hope it can recover. Best I can tell the shrimp ate off all it's fingers and left it unable to feed.
  9. sschering

    Angry Cespitularia

    What changed. less food.. Nitrates were going up so I cut back. I blasted some rotifers at the shrimp tonight.. See how they like that. I could raid my wife's mysis supply if they are still hungry.
  10. sschering

    Angry Cespitularia

    Right now it's at 79.8.. I cant get it to run any cooler.. I may add a fan. My wife thinks maybe the Sexy shrimp were picking on it They were always on the thing. Since it's removal something has trimmed all the fingers off one half of one the zoa polyps. Wife says she saw the sexys on it this afternoon. I wonder if I can train them to eat aptasia. I only spot feed the coral with rotifers once a week and a few pellets for the goby every few days. The tank isn't getting much food.
  11. sschering

    Angry Cespitularia

    I was hoping if anyone has some ideas why my Cespitularia has been upset with the world the the last week. It used to open up and extend well but over the last week it's been all shrunk up with it's fists clenched in rage all the time. Water is good. PH 8.2 , Amonia &Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, alk 8 Calcium 380 I moved it to my wife's tank yesterday thinking one of its neighbors may be annoying it but it's been balled up all day. If it was something in the water you would think the Xenia would be upset too but it's pulsing away like always.
  12. sschering

    Soon to be Reefer in Albany

    65 is one of my favorite tanks.. Great height and deep enough to do some nice aquaplaning. I've done a few 65 and 55 tanks with just a 10g tank as a sump with a tub refuge added on like this. No need to dump a lot of $$ into a sump you plant to replace anyway. The kind of soup can you choose is completely up to you but the kids did want the spaghetti ohs back shortly after this was taken.
  13. sschering

    Soon to be Reefer in Albany

    I know Ron is in Albany too. If you are in the market for some used gear talk to him. He has a lot of stuff. From years of experience go with an internal overflow tank with a sump in the stand and get an Auto top off. You won't regret not having to deal with over the top siphon systems.