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  1. words escape me !! WOW isn't enough. thats a full time job!!!
  2. Vancop

    T5 Light Replacements ?

    Thanks for replies, I have the Nova extreme also, not much for corals yet, 8 months old...I have tried but they don't do to well. I am still dealing with a diatom issue and was wondering if maybe its the lights nearing the end of their lifespan. And yes...they are current brand. I run 10 hrs a day with Atenics on 12 hrs and moon lights all night. They all look as bright as day one, I just can't get rid of the brown covering on my glass and equip. I do a 20% water change...wipe it all down...7-10 days its back. I can't clean the back glass very well so it builds up pretty good. Just exploring a different area, as I was told the lights can cause algae issues also. I have gone the water chemistry route and after several months / paychecks I feel the chemistry is not the issue anymore...all parameters are great to perfect.
  3. How long are people geting out of their T5 lights ?? Mine are 48' 54 Watt .....Stock lights. I have been running them now for 8 months and was wondering when or how do I know when its time to replace them ?? And when its time ...what would be a good selection?? I have 4 white and 2 actenics ? Thanks
  4. If just looking for more volume and flow....you can throw in a polishing filter...or leave it empty? Maybe just a media bag of Charcoal ? no media filters to gather nitrates ? I have a Ehiem that I run....LRR and Charcoal only in it....more volume and another port for flow inside tank.
  5. Using the Crystal Sea Mix....no problems here ....that I know of....Main reason is that alot of the salts used have a higher PO4 amount......Instant Ocean for one has I believe the highest amount...I have enough issues with PO4 as it is.....w/o having it in the salt!
  6. Vancop

    Maroon Clown is fanning the sand?

    I haven't gotten a clay pot yet for mine ...and I have a Pair ....I did add some medium rocks to the area and that slowed her down.....I have a small GBTA and she is mouthing it alot....trying to get it to move elsewhere I think. her stirring the sand is making a mess in the tank ....sand particle all over ......the clay pot is next to try this weekend ...I hope it works...for her sake !!
  7. Vancop

    RO/DI Water Storage ?

    the basic float style .....just installed it a few inches below the top of barrel ......then connected it to the pure water with a Tee and shut off valve ....thinks it the 18.00 plastic ATO float
  8. Vancop

    RO/DI Water Storage ?

    Thanks for all the information. I have it in a 45 gallon that I installed a float on from the System. After I use the water it auto's fills the container and then will just sit and wait for my next W/C. The system is connected to both tanks for Auto Top Off of Evapotation.
  9. Vancop

    Banded Clown acting out ??

    There is a small green bubble tip in the tank and the smaller ( male ) clown plays around in it ...as well as the Contdalactis.....but the larger female hasn't tried to host anything ...she just spends her time fanning the sand all over the tank. If i cover her area...she will be back and stir it down again. I can try the clay flower pot ....do I fill it with sand ..or leave it empty.... on the side or straight up ??
  10. Vancop

    RO/DI Water Storage ?

    How long can I keep RO/DI Water stored in a 30 gallon trash can? I produce about 30 gallons at a time and leave it in the container for about a week until I'm ready for it. I have almost competed all my water changes on both tanks .....and will then be performing a W/C every 3-4 weeks ......is it ok to allow the water to sit in the container for this amount of time...unheated and unsalted ??
  11. I have a pair of gold banded maroon clowns that I bought a few months ago. The female is pretty large ....say the size of the top of a soup can lid.....she is constantly fanning the sand all over .... all the way to the glass bottom.....I have a 2 inch sand bed .....which she manages to pile up to about 5 inches in areas in the tank. I am not to sure how much sand I have behind the rocks anymore. Why is she doing this?? anyway to make her stop?? I thought if I let her go and have a certain spot she would stop...but she just moves to another ? Am I not feeding her enough? I like this fish...but she is beginning to DIG her way out of my tank and to a LFS ! Thanks
  12. Vancop

    Grounding Probe

    I checked and had stray voltage in both my tanks .....not alot...nothing I would say was " dangerous " to people ....but it was there......I droped a grounding probe in and it instantly was gone ....played back and forth with it ....there....gone....there....gone For the price .....I installed in both tanks....my theory was I might not feel it...but maybe they do. and for 15.00...was worth the piece of mind JMO
  13. Vancop

    Why was this thread closed

    I thought I heard a pin drop ?? yup...I did hear one ! Well said ........but as a suggestion, maybe attach a post indicating that the thread is going sideways and if it continues if will be closed...rather then an abrupt closeure with no explanation. An immediatley closure can offend the very people who stared or partisipated in the thread ? JMHO
  14. Vancop

    New RO/DI advise ?

    Got 30 gallons warming up and salted !! thatwill take care of the 125...and will start 30 more gallons for the 90 tomorrow .....I hope in a month I will be able to start propagating some corals!! I fugure a few more WC each should get things turned around FINALLY!!
  15. Vancop

    New RO/DI advise ?

    Mine was installed at factory....but I know I can change it.... thanks for all the info guys / gals .....I think this will be the fix I have been needing for the past 6 months