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  1. for sale R-300 REFUGIUM SUMP, too big for my application. It’s rated for up to 300 gallons. It’s about 36” long 16 tall and 16” wide. Used couple months, all clean and ready to go. $150
  2. That was my concern too, I did end up going with new hydra 32hd and they fixed this issue by sinking the led chip deeper into the fixture. Maybe take 3” drain pipe and about 1/2” long and see if that helps.
  3. Your mayor want to destroy your Business the way I see it .
  4. Having film is normal when mixing salt, also any super glue is fine. You can even use dollar store kind.
  5. Oh thank God your not closing and firing Jorge. Seems to be the trend.
  6. Man that sucks, good thing it didn’t go further. Did you have a smoke detector?
  7. Man Micah you got skill, I know where to go lol
  8. Enjoy it while it lasts, they don’t last long
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