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  1. Your thermometer shows 72F not 62F
  2. Why is the sand out of focus on first picture?
  3. You can collect dry rock and a bucket of wet sand a day. I use to bring back cool looking dry rock back from Hawaii, also sending it in flat rate boxes few years ago. there is also a good black market for coral there, lol.
  4. Sorry man it’s like loosing a pet 😢
  5. Coming along very nicely! Very clean
  6. There is actually more lol
  7. Yes and yes, some wild colonies I had that never turned into anything nice. Wife used them as deco.
  8. Do you have front access? I had in wall and I know how important front access is.
  9. That’s awesome! Cats 🐱 don’t even know what’s up.
  10. I hid the problem and blamed the cat. Haha
  11. I’ve done same thing too, didn’t wanna admit it haha.
  12. Yea Jeff is the best and worth the wait.
  13. Thank you Brian for your service and Blue lives matter! Just like every single life here on earth.
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