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  1. I missed this good deal, sweet little tank. If something don’t work out I’ll be second in line. 🤗
  2. Fish FS

    None on my fish niped my corals and I had 300gal display tank full of sps
  3. Whats that digitata called?

    Looks like superman digi
  4. Shop Eye Candy!

    Nice stuff there Jeff, makes me wanna go back
  5. With a heavy heart

    Yea is shocking to hear James is gone. ????
  6. Looking for 250 MH Ballast/reflector/20k radium

    Yea Brian I got back broski!
  7. HVAC advice?

    I used goodman before and they have good warranty and good customer service.
  8. For sale 300g display tank

    Tank pending.........
  9. My 300g tank for sale build by Midwest custom aquariums measuring 96" long 30" wide and 24" tall 3/4 inch thick. Tank has been well taken care off. Comes with a steel power coated tank stand. Has two internal overflows. picture of tank removed a week ago I have not cleaned it yet. Price $750
  10. Up for sale my 48" by 24" by 15" tall 5/8 thick 75g tank build by Envision. I used this tank as a frag tank, but also can be set up as normal tank. It has one corner overflow, and one center brace. Price is $350
  11. Reefnjunkie's 400 gallon inwall

    Brad the new lay out is killer for sure. Gives me inspiration.