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  1. 93 gaL cube+everything $1200

    I've actually been considering this since you posted. I've been looking for a complete setup for a few months. Unfortunately a cube just won't fit for my location. When I got out of the hobby, I didn't want to part it out and ended up taking about $250 for my entire setup. I took a huge loss. I recommend parting it out. You'll get more and it'll go fast. Most who are already in this hobby are looking for lights, skimmer, etc. If this wasn't a cube, I'd have bought it the day you posted it. GLWTS!
  2. Custom made sump

    Custom made sump to fit under my 55G glass tank that I never used. Dimensions: 30"L x 10"W x 12"H Has separate sections for skimmer, macro, and return pump. Skimmer section interior dimensions: 11.25" x 9.25" Macro section interior dimensions: 8.75" x 9.25" Return pump section interior dimensions: 5.5" x 9.25" $50
  3. Custom made sump

    Still available.
  4. Custom made sump

    Polypropylene Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  5. 29G tank and stand - $25 Bottom of stand has some swelling from water. Door slightly drags when opening. Other than that fully functional. AquaEuro USA Classic 55 Skimmer - $50 Current USA 30" Sundial T5 HO 4x24 watt light - $50
  6. WTS 75G Setup

    Getting out of hobby. I am just not into it anymore and the tank is getting neglected. Selling everything for $250. I don't have time for it anymore and just want it gone. 75 gallon glass tank with wood stand and hood 4 x 54W T5 HO lighting w/icecap reflectors (2) K4 powerheads 20L sump w/refugium Modded Octopus NW150 skimmer OceanRunner OR2500 return pump 80-100 pounds of LR (2) RBTA's Encrusting gorgonian (lack of attention has allowed it to grow out of control) Birdsnest Misc. hermits, snails, and emeralds Maroon Clown Brazilian Yellow Spotted Banana Dwarf Morray Eel (purchased from Live Aquaria approx 5 years ago) Klein Butterfly Also just opened a bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro salt that will be included. Refractometer and other misc. stuff will go with it as well, if wanted.
  7. WTS 75G Setup

  8. WTS 75G Setup

    Possible sale. On hold until I hear back with final answer this evening.
  9. WTS 75G Setup

    (laugh) Text sent.
  10. WTS 75G Setup

    The text bounced. States it's a landline. If I can find buyers for all the livestock, I may part it. I was hoping it would be gone this weekend.
  11. WTS 75G Setup

    I didn't want to deal with parting it out. I just don't have the time right now, but it looks like that's what I'll have to end up doing if it doesn't sell on CL. I'm located in Vancouver.
  12. WTS 75G Setup

    I was really wanting to avoid using CL, but looks like I will have to go that route. I figured it would sell fast here at this price. (scratch)
  13. WTS 75G Setup

    Yeah, I know. I'm trying not to think about how much I have into it. :( I just priced it low for a quick sale. I wish something like this would have come along when I was getting into the hobby.
  14. WTS 75G Setup

    Salem is only an hour from me. I have lots of buckets for the livestock. A couple years ago I moved the tank from upstairs to downstairs. I put all the livestock in buckets and the LR in a brute trash can (with water). It took about half a day and everything survived. With the weather being nice, I'm sure everything would survive the short trip to Salem.
  15. WTS 75G Setup

    That is correct. I bought the eel for $400 from Live Aquaria. Hopefully he will go to a good home. He is very well behaved.
  16. WTS 75G Setup

  17. WTS 75G Setup

  18. WTS 75G Setup

  19. WTS 75G Setup

  20. WTB RBTA

    Looking for a RBTA for my maroon clown. Vancouver/Portland area preferred.
  21. WTB RBTA

    grassi, did you still want to sell me one of them?
  22. WTB RBTA

    That's kinda what I thought. Ya, I've got a 29g mixed reef I could put him in until he grows bigger. It would be safe there. (maroon clown is in my 75g mixed reef)
  23. WTB RBTA

    Hmmm. Think such a small one would be ok with a 3" maroon clown?
  24. WTB RBTA

    That would be great! Please let me know. I can pick it up any time. How big is it and how much do you want for it? (PM me if you'd like)
  25. My maroon clown and kole tang have been getting into it more and more lately. Both seem to have slight battle wounds. Today I noticed the right eye on my maroon clown is a tad puffy and he has some small white dots around his head. Can't tell if it's just sand or something else. All fish are acting and eating normally. Well, accept the increased aggression as they are getting bigger. Display is 75g w/90 lbs LR which has been set up for 3-4 years. 20g sump, fuge w/chaeto, NW150 modded skimmer, filter sock changed 1-2 times/week Fish: Yellow tang, kole tang, maroon clown, yellow wrasse, 3 blue damsels, striped blenny, and dwarf banana moray eel. Coral: Some LPS Interts: Snails, hermits, 4" sally lightfoot crab, rose anemone, green anomene Water parameters looked good last weekend when I did water change. Going to test water now. Recent changes: - Switched from RC to Kent salt a month ago. Have been doing 20% weekly water changes since then. Before I was doing 20% every two weeks. - All fish/inverts have been in there for a year accept the striped blenny and sally lightfoot (was 2" then) was added two months ago. - Emerald crab found dead a month ago and another one last weekend. Stomach was eaten out so I figured my eel had finally got to it. Should I leave the clown be, or should I go through the hassle of removing the LR and move him to a hospital tank for treatment? Here are the best pics I could get. I'll try to get better ones. One of the clown and one of the kole.