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  1. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    For sale: Corals, fish, and rock.

    How big is the Tomini? I live in Sisters and would love to look at the plating monti. I'll e-mail ya.
  2. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    120 tank, stand, hood For sale.

    PM sent to you.
  3. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    120 tank, stand, hood For sale.

    Another bump. Are there overflows in the corner(s) or not? Can't tell. I'm with Re_Run regarding this being a tempation for sure.
  4. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Time to turn off the light on my tank!!!

    Great looking tank! Sorry to see you are getting out of it! Are you getting out and selling your equipment or just corals and livestock? I'd possibly be interested in the equipment if/when that is the case. Great looking pictures by the way!
  5. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    FS, 240 gallon Tank, Stand and Canopy

    A bump for the Central Oregon group. For whatever it's worth, if you're looking at something like this, Trent doesn't buy crap and try and off load it. I've seen what he has worked on and it's all very high quality. He also knows what he's doing. One of the nicest displays of SPS I've seen.
  6. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Ballast Blew... now what?

    Cooler is better over here in the heat. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
  7. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Ballast Blew... now what?

    Needing a little help and advice. Over the weekend a loud pop and burning smell alerted me to one of my 250 duel end MH ballast, neeless to say it's no longer is working.(scary) For what a local shop says they can fix it for I think I can find a new ballast on line. The question is which one and if there are any strong arguments for either the electric or digital. Another complicating piece is there is no name on my fixture so I'm not able to compaire ends to what I have to potential new ones. That may be a pipe dream to find one that matches up. But again, looking for any advice or guidance you may have. I'll attach pics later tonight of the one that is still working if that would help anyone. Thanks for any advice or input. Of course I also just got a bunch of SPS and hoping to see it grow. I'm able to switch back and forth with the one that is working, but also a little nervous about that. Thanks again. Nick
  8. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    48 inch T-5 and power compact fixtures

    I have two fixtures I no longer need. Nova Extreme 4 bulb T-5. I went to MH so it's been sitting in my garage for the past year. I also have three 10 K still in box white bulbs that never made it into the fixture. It does have the legs and works great no major scratches. It currently has 2 10 K and 2 actinic bulbs in it. $200.00 with new bulbs. Link is http://www.current-usa.com/lighting/nova-extreme-4x The other is a coralife power compact that has been used and is in a little rougher shape. One of the fan covers is missing, but everything works well. Would be a great fixture for a fowler. Not sure how old the bulbs are. $75.00 Link is http://www.marinedepot.com/Coralife_48_Inch_Aqualight_With_2_65W_Actinic_2_65W_10_000K_Lamp_Straight_Pin_Base_(with_fans)_48_Inch_Power_Compact_Light_Fixtures-Coralife-ES53124-FILTFIPCFE-ES53106-vi.html I also have a PFO MH ballast. I'll try and get more information and post a pic on this tonight when I can look at it again. Here is the bonus for ya. I'm headed into the Portland and surrounding area this weekend. I'll be traveling up I-5 so I can meet in Salem and as far north as Vancouver so if interested I can bring it to you, or nearby. Open to some trades mostly SPS or livestock, but a little limited since I'm staying with a friend but they do have a tank. Give me a call or PM. Thanks Nick 541-647-7820
  9. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Lots of SPS for sale

    I'm passing through on Saturday and wondering if I could stop by and pick up a frag or two then. I'll PM you with my contact information to see it will work. I'm specifically looking for the stag or milipora if you still have some.
  10. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    WTS 120 Gallon Complete Aquarium Setup

    PM sent..............
  11. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    WTS 120 Gallon Complete Aquarium Setup

    Great looking tank. Stand is very nice too. Different situation and I'd be all over this tank.
  12. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    2 Tanks for Sale

    The number 1 tank comes with the filtration system as well I'm assuming. Can you post what that is and if it is included or not. Thanks
  13. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Xbox 360, games, 2 controllers, all cords $100

    For that price I might pick it up as well. I'm in PTLD this weekend too. If the guy before me doesn't take it I'll go. I'll PM you later and give you my contact information.
  14. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Blue Spot jawfish and Yasha hanging out/Misc. Pictures

    The spongegode is encrusting the plug and growing some. I'm hoping for the red ora he has there and possibly a tri acro I think from John. I might have to look into the monti as well. What is the green frag? I was thinking a green slimmer, but might not be?
  15. Kung Fu Spider Crab

    Blue Spot jawfish and Yasha hanging out/Misc. Pictures

    Looking good!!! What is the seventh picture of? Looks similar to a spongegode I'm trying to grow. I love the blue spots. Have thought about getting one of those, but don't have much of a sand bed right now. Mighty nice pics!