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  1. Bump to the top
  2. That does actually sound reasonable of BRS. You might be right, a full on controller setup might not be the best solution for you, Just keep in mind we haven't had controllers for all that long and most people are still perfectly fine and successful without them. They simply add peace of mind for some of us. I do truly think when it comes to products such as these you get what you pay for, but I wouldn't go out purchasing a full apex system at this point seeing your frustrations with the reefKeeper. Also keep in mind with the apex there is light programming involved, and if this isn't your expertise while there is plenty of help available its 99.9% user error when something goes wrong, and things can get bad depending upon what your trying to achieve. I would suggest if your still interested maybe looking here, R2R or Nano-Reef for a used apex jr. This would give you a temp probe to control your heater and 3 sockets left to play around with and get the hang of. I have seen the classic Jr. Models sell for as little as $125 so if you decide its not a good fit , you wont be out too much money, otherwise you could slowly add modules that you might want and the Jr. now supports up to 7.
  3. If its possible to be added on the list after it goes to miles as he is in Corvallis & I'm in Albany, I only need the meter for 15 minutes really to do a quick comparison to my personal Par Meter to see if its readings are off as I'm suspecting it is.
  4. Love my Apex! I have been using it for a couple years now and don't think I would ever go without one again. Currently run temp, cond, pH, ALD, BOB, PMK and will be adding a WXM. My temp, cond & pH always seem to be right on the spot though this PMK module has me really wondering. I have never personally owned a reefKeeper but when investing in my current controller I spent hours scouring google on reviews and the consensus i found was Apex was the way to go with many disappointing reviews for the reefKeeper.
  5. I say AC, had this same question a couple years ago, then again the Window AC wasn't doing an adequate job. This is when I learned about HP & BTU but needless it stacked up like this : buy a chiller = increased power bill, Fish happy! purchasing a larger AC unit = increased power bill, happy fish, happy family, happy dog! The benefits of the AC unit far outweighed the chiller, so went with a 14,000 BTU Floor unit and everyone has been happy 2 summers in a row
  6. Well the Biocube selection of Liveaquaria is pretty much the best fit for your size of tank. You can do a few of the Wrasses, a Flame Angel, Small Yellow Tang (not without a ticket from the tang police of course), shrimp are always fun to watch as well.
  7. Finally picked up this lobo I have had my eye on for awhile
  8. Where did you place the Powerhead?
  9. Thank you Garret on the awesome deal for some great corals!
  10. What are your Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate levels? Have you been monitoring them? and when did the Ammonia Peak, Nitrites become visible, and Nitrates explode?
  11. To be honest I have never used a UV sterilizer before, so I wouldn't be of much help there. Though Ryan from BRS did a great video on them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GncTmZqOIU If you don't want to watch the entire vid start at 4:40 and watch those couple of minutes that might be the info your looking for
  12. Kind of Cool Looking! One of the chambers in my AIO that holds Bio Media, next to my Cheato chamber is completely covered with them! They occasionally escape into the main display but don't seem to stick around for long
  13. This should be a fun build to see! As for a skimmer in an AIO to be brutally honest, in my experience any skimmer you can fit in that is pretty much a waste of money. I have had AIO tanks for the last 7 years now, and they are made to run without skimmers relying on a steady schedule of Water Changes. I have done the Cad-Lights, Tunze, CoralLife, and Hydor variations. l found all of those are completely inconsistent, require constant adjustment, and dont pull a reliable amount of Skimmate out to make the fooling around worth it. Hence I am extremely excited to be finally getting a drilled tank with a sump again! Though another option to look at is InTank media Baskets, he makes some excellent products, and his Filter pad holders do an excellent job of pulling out excess waste.
  14. keep me in mind if you sell that 10, I may be interested in getting that and tossing my 12g
  15. Looking Good, but isn't it easier to aquascape "before" Filling? What did you do to the 10G that was sitting there?