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  1. Agreed, but we live and we learn in this hobby. Every one of us including those of us who have been in the hobby for decades have made mistakes or bad decisions. The one thing I would also like to point out is the Apex Temp probes need to be calibrated as they deviate over time as well
  2. You got it correct. So I might be misunderstanding this, you are moving the respective 350 & 170 up before you move the Nano's & Setting them up? If that's the case Skip the entire trough part and just set up both the new tanks as they are going to be and acclimate the corals to the tanks when you get them up there. I was thinking you were breaking down the current tanks, moving the corals then setting the tanks up again. If you have 2 tanks you intend to use and intend to have them fully setup, filled, flow, heat, filtration, lighting etc... then there is no need for the trough that step is simply there to buy you time to setup the tanks.
  3. I do have a brand new 150 gallon trough. Excellent!! Have this ready, filled with New Salt water, flow, heat and filtration at the new location ahead of time. I have new sand I can add to both and toss old save a cup to help establish bacteria. Toss the Sand! There's not enough trace bacteria to be concerned about, your live Rock in the system contains plenty. So I fill new tanks with sand/water. What about rock? No Fill The Trough, and don't worry about the Sand yet (As mentioned above) I do have new life rock that's been cycling and new life rock that's dry. I want to reuse my current rock as a lot of coral are growing on them. Advice? Good, your going to need your current Rock Keep it and worry about the Other Stuff when the time comes, right now we are transporting corals. Do I set up the trough with the new or old water to float everything in? Or do I float in the new tanks? Set it up with new water, we want absolutely no nutrients in the water column to start out with, Corals love new fresh water, and you don't want to float the corals in this, corals don't live for long in bags. You want to acclimate the corals to this water as it will be holding the corals for a few days. I will be using the same salt brand mixed to the same salinity so parameters should be close since I do 25% weekly water changes now. Do I cycle new tanks with Dr Tim's ammonia or? Do I just use new life rock temporarily until it's cycled then remove what I don't want when I put my old rock in? It's good you have the same salt, but ensure you match the salinity, and use the calculators on BRS with some sort of 2 part or whatever your dosing with to match whats in the current setup. Add some Dr Tim's if you like it won't hurt anything, but don't go adding rock that's not cycled into the mix or you will just add headaches. Any ideas on where to get safe heavy duty bags for transporting/acclimating my current rock? I have plenty for the fish and frags just not the big pieces of rock. Not positive, I save all my bags from the LFS, maybe hit one of them up and ask if you can buy some? Are any coolers safe that I can just partially fill with the old saltwater and put rocks directly in without bagging them? They always smell like plastic and worry about leaching chemicals. Excellent Question, Though considering the primary purpose of cooler I just consider them to be food graded plastics and wouldn't waist too much time worrying about it, though if I'm wrong feel free to correct me on that. Also you probably want to grab some of the stick on heat pad things to put on the bottom of the lid to ensure they stay warm on the trip up @R-3 can you chime in on the brand or what these are called? I have no friends that can help. Just my girlfriend and I moving. Ouch that's a bummer! Post a Wanted Help on the forum, state your location and the date, offer something like free beer & pizza similar to that nature, allot of great people here in the club know how much moving sucks and its a good possibility you can find someone to help you get all packed up ready to go (especially since your dealing with Nano's) Just be respectful of their time and have things ready to be packed up and loaded when they get there so their not standing around watching you load couches. I will be buying an rodi. Since no saltwater stores where we are going. Thoughts on the best one. The city water is well, with no chloramine or chlorine added. Seems very hard according to the water report. Spectrapure won't return my calls. Was thinking of the 6 stage megamax cap unit. Get whatever you feel like, I have never used a Spectrapure, I currently uses a BRS unit & my TDS is Zero, As long as quality construction is implemented and quality filters are obtained, not sure how you could go wrong with any brand. So what you Missed is this, You need a 2nd container Maybe an old tank or tote or whatever to take with you or have on site that when you get up there you will take all the livestock from bags and coolers and add to this With the Water you saved from your tanks or that resides in the bags and coolers.(of course with a cheapo powerhead/pump etc and a heater) You will slowly be taking water from that 150 trough and adding it to this container for acclimation. The point is to move everything from the water all the rock and livestock came from into the 150 Gallon trough. You can just of course skip this and acclimate the bags and coolers individually as this is ultimately what you are doing, but I figured grouping it all together opposed to running 15 or more drip lines seemed like an easier method for acclimation, though feel free to use whatever method it is you do. The 150 Gallon trough becomes your holding tank for a few days while you can take the time to properly set up the new tanks. Lighting & Feeding isn't so important as getting the new tanks positioned, filled, heated etc. Then once they are up and going and parameters are similar you can begin acclimating the corals from the trough to the new tanks (As mentioned since no feeding and water is fresh as long as they match temperatures, not much acclimation will be needed. I once helped someone move 2 tanks just across town who had absolutely no prep work done at all, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and it was frustrating for everyone involved.
  4. Looked like allot more corals than at Macna! I also saw Rudy! 😁
  5. Get something set up with flow and filtration at the new location before you even begin breaking down the tank. Try to match the parameters as closely possible with the what they currently are. Have another large empty container near by with RODI Water & Mixed on hand. Your idea of moving the livestock is as good as any besides tossing the sand(you don't want it) Upon arriving to the location move all livestock into the new large empty (tank, tote, Bin, trough) whatever with the water it's in and a heater. This is where you will begin acclimating the corals to the newly mixed setup on location. Replenish the water used for acclimating with the fresh salt mixed up, once acclimated move everything over, toss out all the old water and empty that initial bin. Don't worry about lighting for now it's not important. You now have a day or 2 to work on Setting up your tank where you want it, getting it filled, heated, and parameters set. As long as temperatures are similar, there will not really be much need for acclimation as both will be near zero nutrient environments. (if you are only going to be a couple days don't bother feeding) edit: I also want to make note of something, If at all possible it would be best to get that livestock bagged and in the coolers and on their way to the new location before bothering breaking down the current setup, the longer it takes to get everything broken down and packed up before setting off; the longer those corals sit in those coolers. If that is not possible, I would highly recommend the tank breakdown be the last objective moving from the location and you have 2 -3 friends helping you who know exactly what to do beforehand in terms of breaking down. This way you have one person loading up coolers and getting them on the truck while the others are emptying the tank, disassembling, and packing up whats possible.
  6. Salt has absolutely nothing to do with Coraline. You can find it growing in any well maintained Reef Tank using whatever salt available on the market including Instant Oceans. The only 2 conditions that must be met is that it is Introduced to the tank via Snail Shell, Rock, Coral Plug etc. and that you maintain adequate parameters for growth. I would not attribute your success to getting rid of Kent (though they have proven in the past to lack on quality control) I would attribute it to taking interest in maintaining proper parameters. Congratulations! The best part is when it decides to take hold of the glass, powerheads, and other equipment in the tank to ensure you are cleaning it more often ;)
  7. Looking good Andrew, keep posting updates! And Excellent looking work as usual Scott!
  8. Nice to see your still around Jason! I remember a time where those ballasts sole for more than your asking price individually GLWS!
  9. In that case at 34 Gallons, you only need 1 Mp10. Euphyllia absolutely hate direct/too much flow. I would put the MP10 on the left wall pointed towards the Rock, and have the Return pointed towards the rock to start out with. I run a Versa 42 LPS Tank with a vectra S1, and i had to take 1 of the MP10's offline with just too much flow even dropping their percentages way down with the WXM module.
  10. Not sure what kind of answer you are expecting, considering there no mention of what type of corals you are doing and where you intend to place those corals. With that information people could make a more informative suggestion. It would also help to know how powerful the return pump is.
  11. Apex Classic standard bundle $250 (Maybe a bit more w/ pH probe if the person actually wants it) WXM, PM2 w/ Conductivity Probe both should be parted out and typically sold for 75% of Retail cost. Sorry to see you go Son, but your right you always do seem to return
  12. BRS Hasn't done Group Buys in sometime, I'm assuming the numbers might have shown little financial benefit. If you keep an Eye on ReefCentral or Reef2Reef BRS Sponsor Boards, they occasionally post similar deals to the group buys with the 10X Rewards back. The 2nd of this month they Had customer appreciation day with similar benefits to ordering. If holding out waiting for a deal, I have included the links to watch. https://www.reef2reef.com/forums/bulk-reef-supply.703/ http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=469
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