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  1. Big news!!!

    That sounds great but just curious, Whats the average cost this tacks onto current selling price for the "Additional" services?
  2. I hate photobucket!

    You know I have been seeing allot on this topic lately and it got me thinking. I can't imagine photobucket ever made "that" much revenue. Providing a service where there are more individuals opting for the free aspect compared to those willing to pay with the costs of hosting, bandwidth etc. leaves little room for much revenue. I suspect the CEO understood this better than anyone and looking for an option to Sell out, he intentionally held everyone's photos for ransom, bombarding them with ads, squeezing them for every last cent possible, hoping some will pay that ransom with the inevitable expectations of shutting the site down and walking off with whatever cash he can get. I find it ironic to see people blasting photobucket and threatening to or admitting to canceling their "free" service as if they cared, all the while intentionally planing for the services demise. Though those are just my personal views, don't be surprised if photobucket cancels the service in the coming months and then offers a smaller amount to obtain your photos, before pulling the plug.
  3. You can plan out everything out meticulously with ample preparation, but the fact is no matter how ready you assume you are things will simply go wrong. My best advice is to ensure you have 1 or 2 friends who understand reefing like yourself with you during your move, this way you will be prepared for anything! Good luck, Hope it all goes well!
  4. Dog/puppy sitter

    Well your probably a bit far from me otherwise I would have taken you up on the offer, I'm sure those 2 would have gotten along with our 9 month old Pug puppy, we know all about the 90 Min potty breaks just got through all that a few months ago. Though great to hear you found someone.
  5. WTB Spare RO Canister Replacement

    Thanks xmas_one! Managed to get my hands on one, you can lock the thread.
  6. I hate photobucket!

    I have always used imgur, i just upload a ton of pics and use the direct links, if its something for a forum you will forget about and just a 1 shot without needing user account there is tinypic as well
  7. WTB Spare RO Canister Replacement

    nope not at all I have the lid on a bracket already just missing the canister! I will take it Where are you located?
  8. Hoping someone might have a spare canister laying around they might be willing to part with or sell, let me know I have included a picture of what I am looking for:
  9. Cleaning Equipment Safeley

    get a jug of cleaning Vinegar from Walmart its cheap, put a bunch of it with water in buckets and let the equipment soak overnight, the next day all the coraline algae and everything else stuck to it will wipe right off.
  10. WTB Styrene "egg crate"

    yup Albany's Home Depot does in fact carry it , but they call it a light diffuser and its in the Lighting Section. White is the only color they stock.
  11. New to Apex, question about fusion.

    The sliders are in the Way because you are on a "Touch Screen" you can shut this option off by clicking on your name in the top corner, select the little Wrench, then under "Display" change "Add Covers" to Never. As for coding the Timers I am not a fan of the OSC crap, I have my Bachelors in CS with plenty of development experience and still have a bit of difficulty grasping that concept. So this is what I do in place that is far more simple and easier to update in my opinion: Set OFF Fallback OFF If Time 00:30 to 00:32 Then ON If Time 04:30 to 04:31 Then ON If Time 08:30 to 08:32 Then ON If Time 12:30 to 12:31 Then ON You can add or remove the lines as needed, might be more redundant and not considered as clean but oh well it works just fine.
  12. Salifert pH test kit

    you should probably mention the expiration date on the kit
  13. Stickers?

    In no way completed but simply a mock up A vector graphic of what I was suggesting, remember when the plotters cut these out color is simply whatever vinyl adhesive you choose so no Ink is needed.
  14. Stickers?

    That's an Idea I hadnt though of in terms of type of stickers, I can see why that gets expensive with the Colors and all I was thinking more single colored outline cut sticker like a decal so doing white or red, pink etc would look good on a rear or back window of a car, I agree I'm not too much fan of the Typical Bumper sticker
  15. Stickers?

    It wouldn't be hard to take that logo up at the top, place the clowns centered on top and have a decal made, We have an individual here in Albany who has one of the cutters that do this (Though a plotter would probably be the same) and if someone were to purchase in bulk could probably buy something like a 1000 for pretty cheap, and mark up .50-$1 with all proceeds going to the club. Just an idea....