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  1. Exodus

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Sorry for the late reply I slipped off to bed early last night. So I used the $100 value for that specific purpose to cover all Hobby grade Aquarium heaters that are in a glass or Titanium or Plastic tube that slips in the Aquarium for the purpose of keeping the temperature suitable for fish. Regardless if you are using Cobalt, Fluval, eheim, Marineland, Aqueon etc. They all use cheap Chinese parts that literately cost pennies to produce. This is why regardless of brand go look up reviews and you will find every brand suffering issues such as getting stuck, stray voltage, exploding, just stop working, not keeping the correct temperature etc. It's simply the nature of the beast. I personally have owned several brands of heaters over the years and all have suffered one of those fates within time, some lasted longer than others. So then what are people using in place with more dependability is what I'm guessing is your next question? You can look up Titanium Heat Exchange or PEX Loop for a couple examples, but keep in mind these systems are usually used on much larger aquariums with a starting price in the $1000 ballpark. So without having to dump a bunch of money, work, and time on heating systems like that it's easier to just take our chances on readily available heaters made specifically for our tanks, and in many cases I know several people who have climate controlled houses that don't bother with a heater at all and just let it fluctuate a bit. I personally have never liked the risk associated with Aquarium heaters so I used to use 2 under powered heaters that way when one failed or got stuck I had a somewhat of a backup without total disaster but that doesn't cover every issue but offers some sort of Insurance. Controllers can be viewed in a similar fashion, while it wont prevent every disaster possible they certainly do limit them, and knowing these heaters can go on the fritz at anytime I didn't mind paying for the extra insurance, and I want to make it clear that APex isn't the only, there are several options available out there, and spending a $100 or a bit more is far cheaper than replacing a tank full of corals.
  2. Exodus

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Glad you found a brand of heater you like, just keep in mind every heater on the market below $100 made for the hobby are essentially crap made with cheap components. It's not whether they are going to fail, but "When" will they fail. I would seriously consider getting yourself some sort of Heater controller to limit if not eliminate the potential consequences. I bought my 1st Apex for the fact of Heater control, but they have much cheaper options available that are just as good.
  3. Exodus

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Just curious, was this heater connected to any sort of controller like and Apex or JBJ Temp controller?
  4. Exodus

    Forget about it!

    It only took flooding the laundry room twice for me to install float valves and an auto shut off on my RODI.
  5. Exodus

    Back at it... RSR 170

    I used a ruler and a piece of printer paper, Clearly drafted all dimensions, scanned it and emailed it and some cases just sent picture messages
  6. Exodus

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Its actually made from Acrylic cut on a CNC, an acquaintance of mine took my blueprints and cut it, then glued it. I can send you his information if your wanting
  7. Exodus

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Thanks for the compliments, but my setup was designed specifically for my tank and setup not to mention I'm using an Apex classic opposed to the '16 with EB32, and the bulk of the setup appears to be the DOS & DDR. If looking for inspiring Ideas I would checkout the Neptune Apex Community Forums under the Sub Category of "Mounting/Installation there are some threads with filled with people posting their organized setups.
  8. put in your measurements into the BRS one and test the same on Randy's and see if you get the same results. If i remember correctly when i was implementing the calculators into my Android APP i think i remember thinking BRS stole Randy's and laughing but that has been a couple years.
  9. you can just use BRS's own calculators on their site, It might even be the same.
  10. Exodus

    Dosing 2 part

    you can find a good article that explains imbalances and how to correct them here
  11. Exodus

    WTB Refractometer

    Yeah no prob man, It's the least I can do. Good thing Ryan has an extra one floating around.
  12. Exodus

    WTB Refractometer

    I don't really want to let go of my standard refractometer but if you need to borrow one for a bit to get things up and running your more than welcome to it.
  13. As the title states looking for one of those single bulb 48" fluorescent fixtures used on a freshwater tank for nothing more than lighting it. The simple cheap plastic ones with fake wood grain don't care it will be sitting under a hood, let me know what you want to get rid of! Thanks!
  14. Exodus

    Hannah alk reagent

    I do know Critter cabanna in Wilsonville Carried it, but they have since shut down there Saltwater section, but may still have some left in stock, you can always call.
  15. Exodus

    Neptune Apex... i love you.

    I like having the option of Modules supporting several faucets of the hobby, allowing individuals to cater their System to their own personal concerns. Many people think conductivity is a waste, whereas I have a smaller tank and had an issue many years ago so I find peace of mind in something others might find pointless. As you mentioned the trident, I personally dont find it cost effective for my needs, though I see how that can be an excellent tool to avoid disastrous Alk swings, and just another tool in the arsenal of reef tank disaster prevention and redundancy. Though I agree some people can get a little crazy to the extent they are relying to heavily on the controller when we all could spend a little more time checking, testing, and maintaining our tanks Glad to see your Apex worked for you, prior to fusion years ago we didn't have that capability out of the box for alerting, rather we signed up an account at some online service that would ping our apex every so often, and when there was no reply the assumption power was out and the online service would shoot an email