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  1. WTB Desktop sized AIO

    I will have a JBJ 30 RL available in the 1st week of December, It has upgraded return pumps, Intank Basket, InTank Floss Holder, Stand, & custom Light Stand.
  2. So you decided your going to stick with that 150 in the living room? What kind of Equipment you looking at setting up? let me know if you need any help!
  3. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Thank you! I will contact Miles and let you know when you can take me off the list
  4. I personally on a tank like that with a fixture having only 2 pucks, would add an additional fixture for an even spread, but give it a shot. Also ensure you center your frags below that way the light will be hitting it from both sides (between the pucks). ...as for the PAR booking thread I have been on that thing since June, so maybe seeing if one of your friends have one or if any local shops rent them might prove to be faster.
  5. If you are using LED lighting, be sure you have a large enough Fixture or Multiple fixtures spanning the entire length of the tank to provide an even coverage, and position your corals accordingly.
  6. DIY Calcium Reactor Peristaltic Pump Prototype - $50

    Hey Jeremy looking at this project you picked up I see a potentiometer in which I assume adjusts the speed of the motor? whats the range of mL per Minute on that? I'm thinking on my new build of tacking on a peristaltic pump to use for when I drip acclimate, was looking at the Milwaukee one but having a variable speed might prove more efficient. Nice work by the way!
  7. Looking for an upgrade to my Jr. So would like the Classic System, no probes needed Just the Brain & Eb8, and wouldn't mind the Display and Temp probe but not necessary. If you have one laying around you would like to part with let me know.
  8. In the next month or so I'm going to be setting up my New Tank and going to be selling my JBJ 30 RL Tank with Stand, Comes with InTank Media Basket, InTank Filter Floss Holder, upgraded Retrun pumps Mj Cobalt 1200's, and a Light Stand Made by Scott.
  9. Free Vertex Controller Upgrade

    Yeah remember when I asked the question a couple months back as to what happened to the controller, well after some searching I found the company has been promising this for months, and even stated as early as June this year they were supposed to have it. Glad they are making advancements.
  10. Need some replacement lighting help.

    Used AI Primes are available on Nano-Reef & Reef2Reef all the time. I personally would avoid Black boxes myself, Ocean Revive is known for results but they have a name therefore they are not a typical no name black box.
  11. September 2017 ATA Meeting Pics

    This "All Things Aquarium" looks extremely familiar.... Wasn't is "The Premium Aquarium" a year ago?
  12. Hobby joys

    This makes a Lot more sense So I would suggest if the water is that terrible up there investing in a Dual TDS Meter from BRS or elsewhere for the RODI unit to simply read it while the water is being filtered, and especially a flush valve to preserve the RO membrane. Swampy is your DI Resin not in a Clear Canister to visually observe when it is spent? BRS also sales Refil Canisters with che DI Resin for refills (A very cost effective way to go at it)
  13. Hobby joys

    A TDS Reader is certainly not going to pick up Ammonia in the tank. My question is why would "Expired" DI resin leak Ammonia? Is this a shelf date to the DI Resin we are referring to or a Spent Cartridge?
  14. I'm going to assume he holds an Auction on FaceBook
  15. Black box leds are awesome!

    Actually its not biased at all, Its taking a $99 black box, testing its PAR readings, disassembling it and essentially showing you what you get. It concludes with wildly uneven PAR distribution with the suggestion to buy multiple units for even spread, and discussing the non UL cheap power supply and poor lenses Is all. BRS does not sell Black boxes last time I checked. As for Ocean Revive that's not exactly what is being discussed. I think Ryan was focused on the No Name Chinese imports from eBay, FishStreet, and Amazon.