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  1. Exodus

    Bare bottom option

    Interesting Approach, Can't say I have seen a powerhead mounted like this before. Though theoretically it make sense if your attempting to keep all the crap on the bottom suspended in the water column on its way to the sump. Keep us posted on how this works out
  2. Exodus

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    The lighting could be distorting this a bit, but looks like red slime (Cyano) to me.
  3. Exodus

    how is salt water salt made?

    The method explains manufacturing for Companies such as Red Sea & Royal Nature, but the largest amount of Sea salt being consumed is manufactured in Large Warehouse's consisting of industrial pharmaceutical equipment mixing Synthetic chemicals and Compounds. Instant Ocean's facilities are in Virginia, I would assume the shipping/importing globally would add to the costs tremendously.
  4. Exodus

    pH 8.6 to high?

    I would certainly be concerned enough to get a verification on that number and a re-calibration on that probe.
  5. Exodus

    Bubble algae advice

    What Kind of fish is that to the right of The Emerald?, I don't recognize that one.
  6. Exodus


    I feel sorry for the sap that is going to have to clean that monstrosity. and the rust........
  7. Exodus

    big boy chaeto setup

    I got the Kessil as well, but that light you have appears to have the proper spectrum, So i think it should do fine! You would need something larger than an H80 for sure for the amount of macro you have in that tub.
  8. Exodus

    Prime AI bad luck

    While Water as mentioned itself doesn't hurt electronics, it simply creates pathways for "Shorts" when current is running through, it's not good to leave and simply let dry. Not all components within that fixture are stainless steel and many cheaper components have the potential to rust and the fixture then could become useless, not to mention how long are you thinking its going to dry? Whatever your thinking is a guess and not for certain. With the fixture hitting water Warranty is now Voided, I would dissemble that fixture and completely dry the board and components ensuring it is dry before powering it back on or using for that matter.
  9. Hate to be a nit pick Ryan, but those are "Armor of God" Zoa's
  10. In that case I would look at 2 or 3 of the old AI Sol's they are only 3 Channels W/B/RB set that to 35%/80%/80% and be done with it, that would be Stupid Simple and work great and cheap, just have to keep an eye out for used ones. Otherwise AI Hydras, once you get control there are already presets for like 10k, 20k etc. that way you simply choose the coloration that suits you once and leave it alone. I'm sure there are several great options out there but those 2 come to mind when thinking of a simple fixture that you set the channels and leave it alone within the 200 - 400 range.
  11. Yeah the tissue loss is what i suspected from what I was looking at but it as difficult to tell with the blue lighting in your photos. Not all corals show an immediate response, The Alk Swing could have been a week or two (but you stated you continuously test) so if that weren't the case I would suspect a sweeper tagged it. Those are just shots in the dark though, Chalices can be extremely fickle, There are a number of variants such as Magnesium to low, Lighting to intense, change of Flow or from what i have heard applies RTN. If everything on that checks out I would continue with Kims advise cutting off the dead skeleton and giving it a dip.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by a chalice "Receding" ? Is it losing tissue with parts of the skeleton showing? If so your most likely looking at an Alk swing as the culprit if nothing with sweepers didn't touch it. Otherwise if it's loosing color and fading out, lighting or lack of food is most likely the issue.
  13. The AI SOL is a powerful fixture, and the settings you are running would be what I would set that fixture for Moderate lighting, (Also how high off the water in consideration) Try dropping your White channels to 25% to start off with and "Very Slowly" begin raising them if needed (you didn't mention all types of corals in your tank) Set Fixture 8"-10" Above the Water Surface. If you can use live rock to create shaded areas or caves, that would be a great place for introducing LPS into your tank.
  14. Exodus

    Macna 2018 (Off The Beaten Path)

    I was in fact given a business card with the offer to reach out to them, if any of the board members are interested, just have them PM me for details. I have the card and their brochure.