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  1. Exodus

    WTB. 50-75 Ethernet cable

    Cheapest you will find is here You won't be able to purchase the endcaps, crimps and wire for that cheap at $7.55 for 50 ft or $10.55 for 75 ft
  2. Exodus

    WTB: Custom light Mounts

    +1 Scott made my custom light stand, and does awesome work. come to think of it Brian, it's holding that ATI T5 fixture i got from you!
  3. Sounds like you have everything under control, Key is that Rubbermaid you have running for the transition! Just a side note might want to keep a couple buckets of left over water change from the current setup to dump in the Rubbermaid. If you intend to keep the Live rock live, best to transport them up wet, and put them in the rubbermaid as well while the new tank is being setup and filled. That live rock will add to the beneficial bacteria in the meantime. I as well would toss the sand, nothing worth keeping with it, Always start out with new sand and give your filtration the upper hand from the get go. The last sentence is somewhat confusing to me "The idea would be to buy new sand and once it arrives, rescape and fill the tank back up with the live rock and just do water changes till it arrives." So I apologize if I'm misunderstanding something here, but I would start off by filling the tank first, match the parameters to the Rubbermaid, then when the sand arrives add it and make sure things are holding steady, When things match Add all the live rock over and then livestock. I would expect a 3 - 4 day transition from the Rubbermaid to the Tank. Good Luck! Let me know if you want more suggestions, I have done this many of times :)
  4. Exodus

    Sudden pH drop

    Nope using it for a doser is a great utilization and a good way to know when to test an alert given a particular variation. Alk doser wasn't mentioned in your 1st post, so had no idea if you were trying to chase a specific number. Had i been discouraging you I would have never mentioned BRS dual Junction probes, or Replacing it for that matter. I was just trying to convey not to make any sudden changes to raise that number based off a probe reading is all. I'll be sure to stay off your threads from now on.
  5. Exodus

    Sudden pH drop

    Well the 1st thing to do is not make any wild changes, before investigating the issue further. I would 1st re-calibrate your probe, then continue to watch the variation over the week. Many people don;t even bother with a pH probe and have no issues. It was something we used to concern ourselves with more in the 90's but chasing that number has lead to many tank crashes. If it is in fact 4 years it may be time to replace it, BRS has some dual junction probes for a good price.
  6. Exodus

    August meeting?

    See the post directly below yours:
  7. Exodus

    Salt Creep Removal

    Holly!, Not keeping up with wiping down the glass and equipment during your weekly maintenance routine to prevent such a disaster! As the others mentioned, Vinegar is the go to, though i suggest looking for a type with less of a potent aroma.
  8. Exodus

    Algae everywhere

    yuk city, looks like Dinos.
  9. Exodus

    Kent Reef Salt Residual Buildup

    I have gotten it with Kent, Instant Ocean, and Red Sea. I remember Ryan from BRS mentioned once what it was but i have forgotten. I would consider it to be normal. Though I only get it on the bottom of the bucket.
  10. Exodus

    Tank turnover......baffled

    I think so when i first got mine i put it in the bathtub to try and see what kind of flow i could adjust and it really didn't seem like it was pushing much water, compared to after i calibrated. Though I'm using an S1, and on full speed my Apex Flow sensor after a 45 Degree Bend reads about 850GPH, and I I really don't notice any flow in my sump either.
  11. Exodus

    Tank turnover......baffled

    I was just going to ask if you calibrated it, thats a must when you 1st set up a vectra
  12. Exodus

    Planned power outage

    If using EcoTech get the backup battery to keep the powerheads going to avoid stagnation, freeze some milk jugs full of water or Ice packs, and keep an eye on the temperature, if begins to raise begin to add ice packs as needed to bring it down, and save your UPS for powering a couple basic house fans on the tank. If everything goes well and 4 hours is all things should go fine.
  13. Exodus

    aquacontroller for 24 nano

    So 1st, the Prime HD requires it's own software to control its settings. Usually Android or iOS, 2nd, The Korllia Powerheads are controlled by the Hydor Wavemakers. As the old "Aquacontrollers" are long gone and Dead, you can reasonably find a good priced Apex Jr that would in fact control The Heater, Pump & Skimmer. There is a VDM Module that works for AquaIllumination lights though the Prime is it's own beast and only links wireless. As for the Korallia you can control it by turning on and off to create burst waves and using an EB8 plugs 4 & 8 and I believe plug 2 on an EB4 you can control it.
  14. Exodus

    Still good?

    The Lugals solution is Iodine, that does not expire. The Elos Omega Amino Acids will loose there potency over time but wont per say expire, not to mention that stuff isn't even made anymore. The rest of the crap I would toss.
  15. Exodus


    3 Tangs & 2 Clowns shoved into a 20 Gallon Tank, with No Circulation or Movement, within several hours the Water had become stagnant, No Oxygen would have been exchanging with the Water, Ammonia would have climbed, Not to mention all fish would have been extremely stressed. That was just a Death Sentence for the fish. When breaking down a tank and having to shift livestock it is extremely important to have beneficial bacteria available via live rock or Bio Media, flow, and hiding places to reduce stress (PVC Elbows) The Water Should be the water from the display and temperatures should remain the same, and most importantly there should be enough flow to break the water surface in a tank with adequate room. PetCo has $1 per gallon sales monthly I would suggest picking up a 40 Breeder to set aside for when this situation arises again.