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  1. I don't think that's being Lazy, I think thats probably the most feasible decision. Taking on a polishing job of that magnitude is a ridiculous amount of work, It all comes down to how much you value your own time or enjoyment for some.
  2. Out of hobby equipment sale

    where are you located?
  3. Nitrates!

    What are you using that makes it a Refugium? With only 4 Gallons sounds like a very cramped sump. If that's the case I would increase the size and for the quickest solution I would throw some Macroalgae like cheato in there.
  4. Freshwater peeps?

    I started a 55 Gallon Planted aquarium last year and quickly realized I suck at it I find it to be more difficult than salt, but was intended to be a low tech low maintenance system, turned out to be a disaster. I intend to add a fully automatic Co2 system to the tank, swap the substrate and rebuild.
  5. MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    you driving or Flying, I wouldn't mind heading there this year
  6. FS: JBJ 30RL Setup

    Thanks for pointing that out, the price was in big bold letters, and there was a ton of other stuff on the listing as i posted this back before it was actually broken down. I realized i only had 2 people that were basically just wanting me to give the entire package to them, and being right before Christmas I just pulled the ads and waited for tax season. I just got everything cleaned up and packaged up and ready for sale again
  7. FS: JBJ 30RL Setup

  8. Music calms the savage beast

    never thought I Would see the Femmes on this list lol, You should have mentioned that the last time you were over here! I literately own over 100 Records of theirs from all the promo, singles, EP, Full lengths, and imports. If you are interested my old site is www.ViolentFemmesRecords.Com none of any of the newer releases are up but will give you an idea.
  9. This fish needs a name...

    Mr. Fins!
  10. phosgard cloudy water

    .08 ? Ok that is a hell of a lot better than the 8 in your 1st post!!!
  11. phosgard cloudy water

    yes, stick a paper towel in the tank swish it around and pull it out, if there is green or brown residue its an algae bloom otherwise most likely bacteria. Water change will appear to make it worse and wont fix the issue at all so dont waste time on that. Keep your skimmer running to pull excess crap you said your phosphates were off the charts. The main issue is you don't have enough beneficial bacteria in the tank to properly consume the crap thats going in. If you don't have much surface area, add some more and throw some purigen into the tank, and cut back on feeding, focus on lowering the phosphates and macro algae wont hurt either. Then be patient and it will clear. I have seen them last anywhere from a couple days to 6 months.
  12. phosgard cloudy water

    Sounds like a Bacterial Bloom, get some purigen.
  13. Copepods

    If your not wanting to go through all that trouble, then you probably shouldn't waste your time and money on a mandarin. If you don't plan on putting the initiative to meet the species feeding demand, you will inevitably end up like all the others starving another fish to death. The Mandarin eats almost no stop throughout the day, unless you plan on buying a bottle of pods every other day, cultivating your own cultures is the only other way to provide a sufficient amount.
  14. Tank cycle

    Thats ok, even dollar store Ammonia works its just diluted with water requiring the use of more. This is where the Seachem test comes handy so you can visually check every 5 minutes to see where you are at opposed to having to repeat titration tests only guessing by the shade and color card.
  15. Tank cycle

    The easiest way I found was to purchase a thing of Ammonia, get a Seachem Ammonia Alert test for the glass ($7), then daily pour enough in to read 1~2ppm of Ammonia. When you can drop it to 0 in 24 hours you are cycled!