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  1. -It's been around a while, but not to the consumer. Maybe early 90's. You, didn't read to the end of the sentence, it was Sarcasm and btw, I didn't Say Triton didn't work, I simply was pointing out it's not necessary for a successful tank.
  2. I think the Triton would be a great route to go if wanting to spend a bunch more money You have stated you have little info on it, yet you want to jump ship on your current methods and set sail in a different direction? (Marketing can be the devil ) The only reason someone would be willing to abandon their current strategy, would be due to little perceived success at their current attempt. So typically it would be best to figure out what it is that is being done wrong and improve on that, as that is what defines experience, learning from ones mistakes to provide better results going forward; rather than trying to emulate another's success without understanding the concept, your bound to be right back where you started, with less cash and a greater frustration. Take a look at this photo from 2003: Gorgeous Tank huh? This was from a Time Triton Didn't Exist, EcoTech Didn't Exist, LED's for Reef Tanks Were not being used, BRS 2 Part? Nope! ICP Testing available to consumers? Yeah...No. All the Equipment on this tank would be considered old and Archaic by most standards, yet I'm willing to bet this Particular tank looks better than the majority of Members on this Forum. Reefing is not like "Coding" for Instance, while someone can look at a particular piece of code, copy it and manipulate it to do what they want with little understanding (theres much more to this, but the basic concept applies), The Reef Tank is much less forgiving, resulting into every hobbyist creating their own methods of Success. If this could be emulated, there would be a step by step guide available, and lucious overgrown reef tanks full of colonies with constant need of trimming would be everywhere you looked. I would start by getting a deeper understanding of the biology in your tank, What are the components of coral growth? , What forms of filtration do you have in place, and what exact purpose do they serve? etc. If you really want to pursue the Triton Method, I would first put in the time researching articles on the subject before spending that kind of money, simply because individuals on a forum may have found success, after all it does little to explain the Science.
  3. The BOB is a simple circuit that acts as "On" or "Off" So I suppose you could set it to tell you if flow is on or off 😕 but to get a reading of how fast the little wheel is spinning would require another solution.
  4. Up for Sale for the only $500 I have a complete Setup Ready to go out the Door and Fill with Water, Need new Display, quarantine, or Frag Tank? Here you Go: - JBJ 30 RL W/ Stand (Included Manual, Glass Lid, Original Media Baskets) - ATI 6x24 Dimmable T5 Fixture (minus Hanging Kit) - Custom Built Adjustable Light Stand - Custom Built ATO Reservoir (Has Float Valve, and Float Switch For a Direct RODI Hookup, and Option of hooking up to Apex BOB) - IM Magnafuge - 20lbs of CaribSea Live Sand (Brand New) - InTank Media Basket - Intank Floss Holder - EHIEM 150 Watt Heater - AutoTopOff.Com Dual Switch ATO - 2 Upgraded "COBALT" MaxiJet 1200 Upgraded Return Pumps (Silent) - New Bottle of Purigen - 2 Rechargeable Purigen Bags - Filter Floss
  5. [language filter] Jeremy! You Rock!! LOL
  6. Exodus

    Black Friday wishlist...

    Items from every company with MAP Pricing 🤣
  7. Exodus


    one of the Older DIYish Companies for controllers out there based on an Arduino you might want to look at: http://www.reefangel.com/
  8. Exodus

    Fish that eats amphipods

    Some other Wrasse Compatible with a Mystery Wrasse or a Lawnmower Blenny I have heard devours them.
  9. Exodus

    What is this?

    Won't be Sure till you touch it
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    WTB: HOB Overflow

  11. Exodus

    November Picture of the Month - Equipment

    If The Custom Design, Craftsmanship, Image Design, and Custom Graphics for an Aquarium Controller Doesn't Fit the Bill, then I Have no clue what your asking for Miles
  12. Exodus

    Return pump for 65 gallon

    Well of course it doesn't have Jeabo; its an older calculator, though the same math applies. Many of the pumps on the calculator are still around and easy to find their specs. You find a comparable model in flow output and use that to calculate roughly how much head loss you get with your Particular plumbing and what the flow output would be, knowing that a return pump should be (At Least) 5X turnover with a 65 Gallon you want that flow output to be (A Minimum) of 325gph on that Calculator. Your Jeabo DCP-2500 Has a Max Flow of 660gph Well a Mag Drive 7 is 640gph so roughly in the Same ballpark (A bit conservative) With my plumbing configured into the calculator i get Total losses are 4.44 feet of head pressure, or 1.92 PSI. with a flow rate of 456 GPH. Process took 99 iterations. That means if you had my exact plumbing you would be getting 456/65 ~7X the turnover of the 65 Gallons you stated. (Though probably less as I don't think your 65 includes Sump Volume) whereas if you were to go with DCP-5000 @ Max Flow 1450gph compare that To a Little Giant 4 MDQX-SC @ Max Flow 1325gph my plumbing would provide: Total losses are 6.23 feet of head pressure, or 2.69 PSI. with a flow rate of 1061 GPH. Process took 144 iterations. So in this case with my plumbing 1061/65 ~16X+ (Being DCP-500 Is Larger) A pump that would be rated much higher than Needed, Though If DC This can be adjusted. Obviously this shouldn't be considered an "Exact" Science, there is a bit more when it comes to each pump and exactly how they are made, but this is enough to give you a ballpark figure of what your looking for, for Visual Representation you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdZm4uYKG3U Also keep in mind most recommendations that are provided from users are "What they Purchased" Everyone who suggested Jeabo felt the need to tell you just how long it has lasted, though that question wasn't even asked, and there is a good reason for that. I can't stress enough if your going to go with something so Cheap Buy 2.
  13. Exodus

    Return pump for 65 gallon

    You can use this Calculator -> http://reefcentral.com/calc/hlc2.php If you intend to go with Jeabo I would consider buying 2, It would be wise to have a backup in-case of Failure.
  14. Exodus

    Water tests today

    Sorry I didn't realize this was a new tank setup, With 2 Part Solutions Magnesium can be added at once. As for Calcium being consistent with Ocean Levels I would just leave the raising up to the Dosing.
  15. Exodus

    Water tests today

    why would you do a 1 time dose? Theoretically wouldn't you just be in the same predicament down the road and be doing the same dose again? If That's the case why bother with a doser to begin with, if your willing to test and do that manually might as well go that route. I would adjust your doser settings adding 2 - 3 mL (daily) watch for a week or whatever length between water changes, test and make whatever adjustments then till you get it dialed in. Though Reefs change over time coral consumption increases and even decreases making it all that more important to test frequently and adjust as needed. I have never seen a successful reef running on dosers that didn't have to be adjusted occasionally.