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  1. Nice to see your still around Jason! I remember a time where those ballasts sole for more than your asking price individually GLWS!
  2. In that case at 34 Gallons, you only need 1 Mp10. Euphyllia absolutely hate direct/too much flow. I would put the MP10 on the left wall pointed towards the Rock, and have the Return pointed towards the rock to start out with. I run a Versa 42 LPS Tank with a vectra S1, and i had to take 1 of the MP10's offline with just too much flow even dropping their percentages way down with the WXM module.
  3. Not sure what kind of answer you are expecting, considering there no mention of what type of corals you are doing and where you intend to place those corals. With that information people could make a more informative suggestion. It would also help to know how powerful the return pump is.
  4. Apex Classic standard bundle $250 (Maybe a bit more w/ pH probe if the person actually wants it) WXM, PM2 w/ Conductivity Probe both should be parted out and typically sold for 75% of Retail cost. Sorry to see you go Son, but your right you always do seem to return
  5. BRS Hasn't done Group Buys in sometime, I'm assuming the numbers might have shown little financial benefit. If you keep an Eye on ReefCentral or Reef2Reef BRS Sponsor Boards, they occasionally post similar deals to the group buys with the 10X Rewards back. The 2nd of this month they Had customer appreciation day with similar benefits to ordering. If holding out waiting for a deal, I have included the links to watch. https://www.reef2reef.com/forums/bulk-reef-supply.703/ http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=469
  6. ooops... I was thinking you were discussing one of these: I have absolutely idea about the probe you have pictured, or just how accurate those are.
  7. everything on this thread sold, please close
  8. I'm saying this because: You use a Refractometer to measure Salinity, RODI has no Salinity, Why would you calibrate to a measurement your not even interested in? It makes more sense since your looking for a reading of ~1.026 to use the proper calibration fluid for setting it to what your looking for. (While I'm sure it can work either way, this is the 1st time i have heard someone suggest calibrating one with RODI) As for the Hanna it is a carbon copy of Milwaukee, you caliberate it with RODI an Check with 36ppt, see that button that says "Zero"? You put RODI on there and press that button for calibration. Select Read and you should see 1.0000, wipe it clean, put the 35ppt solution, select read and ensure its reading the solution correctly. If So The Hanna Checker isn't the issue. Hope that helps
  9. The refractometer should "ALWAYS" be calibrated with 35ppt and the Hanna Should be done with RODI, sounds like you have those backwards. Try changing the Battery in the hanna, when they start to go bad they give bad readings. Otherwise get a 3rd opinion to rule one out, but my guess is the Red Sea Refractometer
  10. I've been running the Giesemann Matrixx now for a almost 3 years, bought for aesthetic appeal over ATI, discovered the overall quality, and have no interest in moving to a new fixture any time soon.
  11. If not, I Have an IM Magnafuge for Sale
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