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  1. gradth

    Free cleaning out the garage

    The halide or t-5? Honestly I don’t know. The halides are coralifes and the t5’s were out of and old light that i had.
  2. I am trying to get stuff out of my garage. I have some T-5 ballasts, reflectors(36 inch), a six foot coralife 3 bulb metal halide light with 3 250 watt ballast. The ballast work but don’t put out good enough light for corals. With some new bulbs would be good for a fowlr tank. Paid a crap ton for these but you can’t seem to sell these anymore. Free if someone wants them.
  3. gradth

    Still good?

    cool thank you for the input. Its a slow go but im getting back into the swing of things. Looks like i need to get some new test kits.
  4. gradth

    Still good?

    So again with the dumb questions but all these additives that I have a couple of years old. Microbacter7,biofuel, Elmos Omega and pro skimmer, iodine and some coral dips. Not to mention all my test kits. Is this stuff any good or should I toss it?
  5. gradth

    metal halide repair?

    yep that is the one. Not even sure where to start, i opened it up and the entire thing is coated with some black rubber stuff. Ill probably go the led route, but figured i had them might as well use them if its an easy fix.
  6. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Well I have not got the tank moved in yet, but I got a little 20 gal long frag tank set up today, with a 10 gallon sump. My goal is to park some of my nems in there. Charles(Wannareef) made me a new sump for the 120, its pretty sweet. Just need to get some muscle to get the tank and stand into the house. Some pics of the 20 frag. Dodge hooked me up with a skimmer today as well(not sure what hes doing with all those nems)
  7. gradth

    metal halide repair?

    I have 2 galaxy 250 electronic ballasts that just popped at one point and quit working. They were ran for maybe a couple of months. I also have 3 coralife ballasts that work but do not put out the wattage they should. My question is can they be fixed or is it just not worth it. I have gone the LED route and am happy but they are sitting around doing nothing and I am setting up a frag tank and would like to use them. Im full of questions today. Funny when you start cleaning your garage and find crap that you forgot you had.
  8. gradth

    salt is solid as a rock

    Thanks, it’s for a frag tank I’m setting up. Hammer worked good. I went ahead and ordered some new stuff anyway. Thanks for the help. Been out of the loop for a while.
  9. So yes i have been very bad about water changes. I have a box of kent salt that apparently is totally solid. Its been sitting on the shelf for a while im guessing. Is it still ok to use? I was gonna toss it in a 50 gallon drum and wait for it to dissolve.
  10. gradth

    Forest Fire digis frags

    you know Dodge i would be up to swapping you for some nems once i get the new tank up. getting closer. BTW hit me up when you wanna come grab some more.
  11. Still got lots of nems. Need to start downsizing. Gonna move the tank soon.
  12. gradth

    120 marineland tank.

    sold, please close.
  13. gradth

    40 gallon sump

    Wow sorry i did not post the dimensions. I worked way to much this week. 17x17x35
  14. gradth

    40 gallon sump

    Sorry I worked a double today, just seeing this. I cant remember off the top of my head, it is similar to a 40 breeder. I will measure it when I get home from work and post it.
  15. gradth

    40 gallon sump

    retired, think this year was my last year.