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  1. So my 180 is very neglected, equipment breaking down, blah blah. We are remolding our kitchen and i need to move the tank. Well i need something to move things to during this process. Anyone got a 75-125 tank in good shape with overflow they need to unload for a decent price? Would love to move to a 3x3 cube but that may have to come later. mostly just need to set something up to tear the beast down during the remodel. Also if anyone is interested in RBTA's i have tons for sale or trade. Let me know.
  2. My nems are out of control again. Got a bunch on the glass that are easy to get at. 25 bucks a piece for the ones easy to get to. Got some bigger ones that may take some work to get off the rocks. 35 for those. lots to choose from. send me a pm. im off this week so im pretty available.
  3. Frag tanks free.

    Tanks are gone. thanks.
  4. Frag tanks free.

    Large one is gone. Still got the small one left.
  5. Frag tanks free.

    I guess i should clarify. these are pretty big. the one is 8ft by 2ft by about 10 inches high. the other is 4ft by 3ft by 10 inches. still up for grabs.
  6. Frag tanks free.

    I'm in orchards in Vancouver. Cleaning up and need these gone.
  7. Frag tanks free.

    Have some old drag tanks that need to go. On is 8x2x10 in I think. The other is 4x3x10in or so. They are dirty the small one has some cracks. If you want them come and get them. Text me at 5034812397. You will need a trick or trailer. Free.
  8. RBTA's and more for sale

    Sorry was gone the last few days if anyone tried to get a hold of me. FYI, those are the same as the red ones, they are just mad cause my light went out. They will go back to red shortly. the first pic is for sale, the second one is not, or at least it would take a big offer. My clowns are kinda partial to it.
  9. RBTA's and more for sale

    Just to answer a few questions I keep getting. I am in Vancouver(Orchards/brush prairie). If I dont get right back to you its because I work graveyards and most likely sleeping. Mornings and evenings during the week are best for me. THanks.
  10. RBTA's and more for sale

    Thats great. It was nice to meet you as well.
  11. RBTA's and more for sale

    If you have some flow and good light im sure it would do fine in a 10 gallon. But no rush, they are not going anywhere. I still have lots for sale. Sold a few, only about 30 more to go
  12. Anyone use pellet grills?

    I have had my traeger for 8 years or so. I love it. I just made deer and antelope jerky today.
  13. RBTA's and more for sale

    Glad to hear.
  14. RBTA's and more for sale

    orchards in Vancouver.
  15. Well I really need to do something with my mountain of nems. I have tons and they have all but taken over my tank. Also one of my lights went out so I need to fund a new one. I have small ones, medium ones(all depending on if i can get them off rocks or not) and some really small ones that are pissed off at my lighting. the bottom 2 pics are the ones that are mad at me. Prices baby RBTA's 10 bucks a piece RBTA Small ones 15 a piece Medium RBTA's 25 a piece i have 1 or two green with purple tips(i dont know their name) and the 2 babies you see in the second to last bottom picture. 25 for the larger one and 15 for a baby or 25 for both. the large rock with about 10 nems on it in the top picture is for sale if someone wants that many nems. its about 5-7lbs, and would be easier than trying to scrap them off. about 10 RBTA's, maybe more. 200 bucks. I also have tons of kenya trees of all sizes and tons of devils hand leather frags and larger pieces. next up a bunch of rock. I cant really say if its "live" its fully cured and been cooking in that tank for like 2 years, probably 25-40lbs, im not sure. good clean rock, just not sure about the living status of it. 50 bucks. the tank is a 20 long drilled with a Wannareef overflow, needs cleaned since it is full of rock. 40 bucks. I have lots of other stuff in the garage I need to go through, some 10 gallon tanks, old skimmer, sand, tons of stuff i will try to get pictures of later. shoot me a pm if your interested.