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  1. gradth

    Chaeto/Macro share

    Anyone in the couve got any chaeto they are trimming? I could use some for the new fuge and some pods. I got enough nems i can trade.
  2. gradth

    Arctic 24/7 with mounting brackets

    Im kinda in the same boat, im thinking about making a hood and if i do i make my current light work into the hood. but i am kinda liking the open tank look. Let me know a time frame-ish.
  3. gradth

    Estate sale in Vancouver

    I swiped the phosban reactor, and an overflow. Lots of stuff there. Wish I new they took a card. Probably a good thing. Some gal was vying up al the UV steralizers. Good deals though.
  4. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Yes it is a marineland with corners. ill check my mailbox. Yeah i should keep an eye on that, i had messages from 9 years ago.
  5. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Well it’s up and running. Got the Nem tower moved over and my first set of clowns. Nems are a little pissed off right now but quickly bubbling up. Clowns are not sure what to think, they have been in the same tank for close to nine years. Try to get the rest of my fish and a few more odds and ends over soon. Then I have to figure out what to do with all my left over nems and softies that I don’t want to transfer over. Going bare bottom for now, not sure how I feel about it.
  6. Wondering if anyone had one laying around they were selling. One of mine was made before they put the mounting brackets on them and I would like to not have to hang one of them on the new set up.
  7. gradth

    I’d? Good bad?

    Starting moving things today and these started scooting across the glass.
  8. So I'm close to transferring my tanks, and I for sure don't want to put all my nems in the new tank. I still have tons, not to mention all the leathers and stuff. I have rocks with numerous nems, or individuals. 20-30 bucks a piece depending on the size( I have lots). make me an offer on the bigger rocks. my tank is a mess and my main pump crapped out on me so I'm in a bit of a rush. I work nights so if I don't get back to you right away its cause I'm sleeping :).
  9. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    So I had my hand forced. Pump died on my 180. Water is in the 120, skimmer is in. Have a slight ammonia spike, not sure why. I tore my sump out of the 180 today since it’s not doing anything. Found this in the muck. Looks to be a Phillips drill bit. Been there a while. Could be some of my issues. Now I need to figure out how to get all my nems and crap over. My tank is so nasty that I’m weary of transferring things. Any ideas?
  10. gradth

    Free cleaning out the garage

    The halide or t-5? Honestly I don’t know. The halides are coralifes and the t5’s were out of and old light that i had.
  11. I am trying to get stuff out of my garage. I have some T-5 ballasts, reflectors(36 inch), a six foot coralife 3 bulb metal halide light with 3 250 watt ballast. The ballast work but don’t put out good enough light for corals. With some new bulbs would be good for a fowlr tank. Paid a crap ton for these but you can’t seem to sell these anymore. Free if someone wants them.
  12. gradth

    Still good?

    cool thank you for the input. Its a slow go but im getting back into the swing of things. Looks like i need to get some new test kits.
  13. gradth

    Still good?

    So again with the dumb questions but all these additives that I have a couple of years old. Microbacter7,biofuel, Elmos Omega and pro skimmer, iodine and some coral dips. Not to mention all my test kits. Is this stuff any good or should I toss it?
  14. gradth

    metal halide repair?

    yep that is the one. Not even sure where to start, i opened it up and the entire thing is coated with some black rubber stuff. Ill probably go the led route, but figured i had them might as well use them if its an easy fix.
  15. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Well I have not got the tank moved in yet, but I got a little 20 gal long frag tank set up today, with a 10 gallon sump. My goal is to park some of my nems in there. Charles(Wannareef) made me a new sump for the 120, its pretty sweet. Just need to get some muscle to get the tank and stand into the house. Some pics of the 20 frag. Dodge hooked me up with a skimmer today as well(not sure what hes doing with all those nems)