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  1. gradth


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B4H7HPD/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There are a few pretty good youtube videos reviewing this light. Just set one up on my fuge and it works great. My new clump of cheato has doubled in a week.
  2. gradth

    180 gallon Marineland Deep dimensions.

    tank and stand are gone, please cold. Thanks Nate
  3. gradth

    emergency tank move, questions.

    thanks for the ideas folks. not sure i have the room to roll it, but it gives me some ideas to work with. Luckily i went bare bottom so not much to stir up. lifting it may be an issue but since they have to replace the floor in the entire room im not to worried about messing it up. Anyone ever feel like as soon as they get ahead, somethings got to just kick you in the sack?
  4. gradth

    180 gallon Marineland Deep dimensions.

    Tank is pending to NateDawg.
  5. Well par for the course for me, i get one thing going and something goes to hell the next day. I finally have my 120 up and running, everything is going well and I wake up to a flood in my upstairs bathroom this morning. Long story short, kids bathroom toilet overflows and keeps running all night, floods the bathroom, hallway, both my kids rooms, leaks through the ceiling downstairs to our just remodeled kitchen, into the family room. Pretty much all the sheetrock has to be replaced in half the downstairs, floors, its a mess. Luckily the fish tank didnt get exposed to any of it, but now i have to find a way to move it to the other room. 120 gallon tank, 40ish gallon sump, monster stand. Can it be moved as is? im guessing not. Any ideas? I really hate the idea of having to tear another tank down especially when I just got this tank established, fish and nems are happy and doing well.
  6. gradth

    180 gallon Marineland Deep dimensions.

    yep still dirty, sorry just got the message. It is still sitting in the house. let me know.
  7. I finally got my 120 set up and the 180 emptied. its still dirty needs a very good vinegar soak. The tank is still in the house on the stand(they are painting my house this week and dont want to move it outside). The tank is in very good condition, seals all look good. Has dual corner overflows. I bought this tank new in '09 i think. It has been up and running since. Wife just wants it out of the middle of my house. The stand is custom built and really big with multiple doors. The canopy was attached to the ceiling so i had to take it apart but i have all the parts. This tank is a beast 6'x2'x2'. Like i said it still needs to be cleaned. Looking to get $400 for all of it, $300 for the tank if you dont want the stand. If you want to clean it ill knock $50 bucks off. Let me know if your interested. I work nights so im off to bed, leave me a message and ill get back to you when i get up.
  8. gradth

    Chaeto/Macro share

    I got some at seahorse this weekend when I was there. Thank you though.
  9. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Well I have most everything moved over. Either in the display or the 55 i set up in the garage. Fish seem to being doing well. I even found a peppermint shrimp, crazy. My sump brought to you by Wannareef, thank you Charles. My 55 makeshift frag tank, mostly just to hold all the junk i didnt want in my display. And my old tank, dirty as hell after pulling the last bit of rock out. Btw, if anyone needs any leather frags, kenya tree(i tossed a bunch of it) let me know. Now i have to figure out my lighting and how im gonna hang them. I dont like the mounts on the artics, so I am gonna hang them some how. I like not having a hood so some thought needs to go into it. Live stock Hippo tang(Dori) who I have had about 9 years. mated pair of egg laying ocellaris clowns. pair of skunk clowns Tomini tang 1 peppermint shrimp 1 crab more RBTA's then i can count.
  10. gradth

    Chaeto/Macro share

    Anyone in the couve got any chaeto they are trimming? I could use some for the new fuge and some pods. I got enough nems i can trade.
  11. gradth

    Arctic 24/7 with mounting brackets

    Im kinda in the same boat, im thinking about making a hood and if i do i make my current light work into the hood. but i am kinda liking the open tank look. Let me know a time frame-ish.
  12. gradth

    Estate sale in Vancouver

    I swiped the phosban reactor, and an overflow. Lots of stuff there. Wish I new they took a card. Probably a good thing. Some gal was vying up al the UV steralizers. Good deals though.
  13. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Yes it is a marineland with corners. ill check my mailbox. Yeah i should keep an eye on that, i had messages from 9 years ago.
  14. gradth

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Well it’s up and running. Got the Nem tower moved over and my first set of clowns. Nems are a little pissed off right now but quickly bubbling up. Clowns are not sure what to think, they have been in the same tank for close to nine years. Try to get the rest of my fish and a few more odds and ends over soon. Then I have to figure out what to do with all my left over nems and softies that I don’t want to transfer over. Going bare bottom for now, not sure how I feel about it.
  15. Wondering if anyone had one laying around they were selling. One of mine was made before they put the mounting brackets on them and I would like to not have to hang one of them on the new set up.