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  1. $5/$10 frag sale!

    PM sent on Monti's and stag frags.
  2. the new iphone takes awesome tank shots!

    Using the Hipstamatic app...
  3. the new iphone takes awesome tank shots!

    Have you tried just putting it on the glass? If you try to take shots at an angle through the glass the focus doesn't work right. The just tap to focus.
  4. Some more iPhone 4 pix - HDR

    Yeah, that blue one is awesome! Hope its a fast grower!
  5. Gauging Interest SWC Cone 250 1A Protein Skimmer

    interested. pm sent.
  6. The LED experiment

    The gravitational pull of the moon is the same every time it goes around the earth. It doesn't vary with the phase of the moon, or whether its day or night.
  7. $10 frags....this time its a monti....

    I'll take one!
  8. help with blue sea fan!

    have you tested for nitrates and phosphates? I can't tell form the pic if the branches themselves was were blue or tan, with blue polyps. Do/did the polyps only come out of the blue tissue? if so, it doesn't look too good. Beautiful specimen. I probably would have bought it, too; but those non-photosynthetic gorgs can be tough.
  9. The LED experiment

  10. The LED experiment

  11. help with blue sea fan!

    Did it just change color, or are you losing tissue? Pic?
  12. Blue Hippo Tang

    Bring your tank temp up to 82, too.
  13. Heteractis crispa Anemone

    They say the camera adds ten...ticles.
  14. Heteractis crispa Anemone

    Yeah, enormous and healthy. A showpiece, to be sure.
  15. Sailfin Tang

    Whats its disposition? Do you have any other tangs?