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  1. The tentacles are along the outside rim, it's just folded over.
  2. Now for a very special underwater edition of Teletubbies...
  3. What kinda mileage do you get with that tank?
  4. Yeah, it's definitely an anemone. I had to clean the tank out so it was in qt for a bit. It sticks to the sand bed these days.
  5. That's what I thought at first, but it's definitely a nem, I can't get a good angle to show the oral disc. I'm thinking it's a flower anemone, but without the bright middle.
  6. I recently bought a used tank with some livestock. Included was an nem the previous owner called a carpet anemone, but I'm not so sure. The blue tips are a photo artifact.
  7. PM sent on Monti's and stag frags.
  8. Have you tried just putting it on the glass? If you try to take shots at an angle through the glass the focus doesn't work right. The just tap to focus.
  9. Yeah, that blue one is awesome! Hope its a fast grower!
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