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  1. racefan

    Getting out sale

    Thanks Kim I've been too busy since I retired😁 Mike
  2. racefan

    Getting out sale

    I'm getting out of the hobby. If anyone's interested I have a 29 gal bio cube with led lights, a 10 gal sump, Vortech MP 10,Digital Auqatics reef keeper lite with PH & temp probe,(spare PH probe & caliabration solution) skimmer,bulk reef supply mini media reactor (spare media canister) programmable night lights, Pacific coast imports CL280 chiller,RODI with 55 gal salt water barrel & 30 gal fresh water top off barrel. Livestock consists of about 5 RBTA's 1 Black & White clown 1 Snowflake Clown 1Peppermint Shrimp, a Oregon Emerald mummy eye chalice & some misc zoas & shrooms. $1000.00 plus a ton of misc powerheads,pumps,glass hole saws,ATO,auto feeder to sell separately.
  3. racefan

    Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Nice trailer! Winnebago is a good quality trailer. I was a truck driver for 40 years ( retired in July, went to work part time delivering trucks for Peterbilt in Oct) if the trailer starts to sway DONT step on the brake pedal, use the trailer brake controller & apply it it ever so slightly & it will stop the trailer from swaying.
  4. racefan

    TheClark Jr 60 Gallon Cube Build

    If he wants a Bubble tip nem for his tank let me know I can toss one his way.
  5. racefan

    What does your screen name mean?

    Mines another one of those self explanatory names. It's what I am.
  6. racefan

    Nem question?

    I had a RBTA split recently and could not find the smaller one for about a week, well I did a water change and low and behold there it was in my filter sock! I have a BC 29 that's drilled & has a 10 gal sump & it went through the slats at the back of the tank past chamber #1 over to the middlle chamber & down to the filter sock where it was attached.
  7. racefan

    Anyone use pellet grills?

    Ya just on the other side of the freeway from Roy (Pleasant Hill Rd)
  8. racefan

    Sump Builder

    wannareff built my sump. It came out so nice I hated to hide it under my cabinet
  9. racefan

    Anyone use pellet grills?

    Propane is for space heaters I have a Traeger and LOVE it. Pizzas are sooo good cooked on a pellet grill (think wood fired pizza) I get my pellets at Sportsmans Warehouse at Three Rivers Mall (good selection,good price) here's a link to a cool smoking site. http://amazingribs.com I think my favorite is to smoke a pork shoulder for about 13 hrs and make pulled pork. Salmon is amazing also. Heck everything tastes better. Another thing I like about pellet grills is they are basically a convection oven so they cook evenly and you don't get flare ups so they cook healthier than a traditional grill. Good Luck!
  10. racefan

    Fts friday -

    Blue Z there's 4 of them now. That thing just keeps splitting. Lady Saber it's a Bio Cube 29 gal with a (roughly) ten gal sump.
  11. racefan

    Fts friday -

    My photobucket links not working how about this? [/url
  12. racefan

    Fts friday -

    Haven't been around in awhile. How about fts Saturday? Here's my BC29 IMG
  13. racefan

    Disappearing Clam

    I have LED's for lighting (29 gal bio cube) it's been growing great since cuttlefish first opened,however long that's been.
  14. racefan

    Disappearing Clam

    I HAD a Derasa clam that I got at Cuttlefish's grand opening and it had been doing fine. It grew to about 2". Well today I came home from work and all that I have now is an empty clam shell!! Parameters are good, I do weekly water changes (29 gal bio cube with a 10 gal sump, LED's) could the crabs have eaten it? I have several empty shells for them when they out grow what they are in. Fish wise I have 2 clowns & a 6 line Wrasse. Inverts, a couple hermit crabs,a dozen or so nasarius snails (really need to bolster my clean up crew ) everything else in the tank is fine.
  15. racefan

    DIY Fish/coral food

    I agree, The last batch I made stunk the kitchen up for a good while. Make the fish or the wife happy.....it's a toss up there......Oh wait, as long as I'M happy.
  16. racefan

    Way to go Emerald525!!! Check this out!

    Congratulations Kim! that Excellence banner is mighty cool looking also!
  17. racefan

    Desktop Monitor

    My monitor on my desktop quit today, just was working one instant black the next. I unhooked it & hooked it up to my laptop & nothing.... It's a Acer AL2016W (20" widescreen) I checked & it's got juice at the end of the cord (just checked with a continuity tester) tried different power outlets to be sure. It just seems odd that there was no flickering, just on one instant off the next. Anybody know another way to check it? Mike
  18. Thanks Bobby! Ya I was pretty jacked when my boss offered to give back to me.
  19. I know there's nothing like raising a thread from the dead but....I got a gun today. It used to belong to my Dad. Just after he passed away (12 years ago) I sold it to my boss, well long story short, yesterday my boss comes up to & said he would like to give my Dad's gun to as a gift so I'd have a keepsake. I said SURE! It's a 38 cal. If I remember correctly it's about a WW2 era gun? that was an English Smith & Wesson? The markings on it are a Crown with the letters BNP under the crown & 38 .767" 3/12 tons. It is stamped "England" on one side. Each cylinder is stamped with the BNP & crown. Here's a couple of pics. I'm guessing it's been close to 40 years since it's been shot. Just curios if anyone knows anything about these guns? Mike
  20. TPA's shipping will be cheaper than the gas.
  21. racefan

    Does anyone know a good surgeon?

    Rebound Ortho in Vancouver. 1-800 rebound, www.reboundmd.com They are going to do my cervical spinal surgery. While I do not have any experience with a surgery (yet) they are a pretty impressive group.
  22. racefan

    I have three turbo snails for free in longview

    Dang. Not only was I too late but I was there today delivering a load of gasoline. I could have walked there.
  23. That's pretty much spot on with what I do also. I'd guess to say mine has split maybe 8 or 10 times (my little money maker) I don't think I've fed it more than a couple times. Heck I even had one go through my overflow & end up attached to my pipe in my filter sock with no light & was doing just fine in there. Actually looked very healthy like it kind of enjoyed the ride down the overflow. Weeeeee!!!!! tentacles straight up screaming all the way down.
  24. racefan

    TECO needs your help! Get out the vote!

    I'm a moderator on a classic Chevy truck forum. I just posted a thread on there asking for voting help. We have 105,503 members, maybe I should start sending PM's saying you will receive a 1 week suspension if you don't vote....(naughty) Hey wait a minute...Kim...you can do that here!(laugh)
  25. racefan

    Space Jump

    That was THE BEST TV I've watched in years. I was riveted to the TV. I've gone skydiving before but I could not even imagine the guts it would take to stand on that little platform & jump form 24 miles up! not even to mention hitting 833.9 mph & breaking the sound barrier! The extra cool thing was the older gentleman that was his mission control officer was the guy who's record Baumgartner broke. Col Joe Kittnger, a real hero. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Kittinger