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  1. I think mine is done. I will check it out, but it looks dead to me. I guess it didn't like when my heater control broke and my tank got to 90 degrees. DOH!
  2. +1 on these. I nearly killed mine a couple of times but it always bounced back.
  3. Last minute post! I haven't really paid much attention to mine. I trimmed it a bit as it was growing algae off the top. 10 mm and struggling. It's kind of still alive. (scratch) I suck at pictures; I know. Everything else in my tank is doing far better. (nutty) And now... back to enjoying the summer.
  4. Wait a little bit and they may find their way into it. It's typically only a matter of time.
  5. The meeting is on Sunday of next week.
  6. I'm interested in a golden eye chalice. Are you going to the meeting next weekend?
  7. With a forty, you would only need the SWC 120. Here is a good link of the teardown on SWC skimmers. Be advised that I often hear of people scrambling to find replacement atman pumps, so just be forewarned that it happens to some people (but some people never have problems).
  8. That is called a street elbow.
  9. omarortiz


    I am inclined to agree. You're pH is bound to swing in an almost any reef aquarium setup. A better thing to keep an eye on is alkalinity. Using kalk to raise pH is only a temporary fix as it will fall as corals consume alk and calcium. Kalk can also cause your pH to become unstable when you do not dose magnesium to compensate for the magnesium precipitating.
  10. Here's my update. still at 11-12 mm. I had a dino outbreak that really smothered mine. I had some rtn that followed that. Still alive... for now. :eek:
  11. I'll will be buying tonight. (Just got a coupon.) I'll have the free shipping and I am checking to see if anyone from Eugene/Springfield needed to tag along for smaller orders that don't meet the free shipping mark.
  12. There is someone selling 10 40B acrylic tanks on craigslist in Eugene for $400. It only looks a little sketchy. They might sell one for 40 bucks. They also might bury your body in a shallow ditch. (laugh)
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