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  1. welcome nice to meet you
  2. Hi, I'm in Springfield. Been reefing since I was a baby. Welcome... I also breed clownfish.
  3. Mom is a percula, dad is a ocellaris. Baby's are percularis. Though they larvae thru metamorphosis like a percula, they grow to color of a ocellaris. Interesting. Awaiting to see if they black band like a percula or ocellaris. The oranges are a distinct from percula to ocellaris In picture mom on top percula Bottom is dad ocellaris Perculas have thin black bands, ocellaris has thicker bands. And my parents are 12 year old clowns. So far they think clowns can live 15 to 20 years.
  4. The tank has no pipes. No sump. New aqua clear, new heater, no substrate. 2 new pcv elbos. Rocks dry for at least year. Maybe there were eggs on dry rock. That's the only thing I can think of. It's a plain glassbtank. With nothing in it. Really. Just 100 clowns. No other items.
  5. I use a relassy. They are controlled with my phone, super thin LEDs. Great customer service. Great no heat. About $99. Really good spectrum. There's a plant relassy and a reef one. I run both.
  6. I hope not my food. I use premium tdo.
  7. I've had a tank running for 4 months. The tank had two pieces of dry tongue go in it. No sand. And always fresh salt water. The only thing that's been put in the tank are baby clownfish. Clowns I hatched. Nothing else. It gets regular water changes three times a week. With fresh water. And I only feed it tdo food. So how did I find three glass and enemies today in that tank? I remove the rock instantly and put it in a bucket to kill them. It won't go back into any of my tanks. I don't have glass anemomes in any of my tanks. So how the heck did I get a glass anemone. Much less three. I put a new piece of dry Tonga Rock in that tank.
  8. Anyone have any long finned clown fish? Just wondering your experience with them. thinking about buying a pair to breed. But they are about $130 each so I want to know if its worth it. I'm thinking of black ice long finned
  9. Hundreds of percularis clownsfish ranging from 30 days to 4 months. Another batch going too hatch in 7 days. Thinking I'll hatch a few hundred. Sorry tank so dirty I have noravirus. So been in and out of hospital sick. All raised on tdo from day 8. Also eating brine every few days. Rotifers first days of life
  10. It would be nice if someone wanted a clown only tank. It's wierd but I'd hate to see the family split up. After their 4 am cleaning, and 7 am feeling. Lol
  11. I'm not sure yet. Not to selling size yet. But getting close. It's prefered to sell at 1". Safer for fish too.
  12. So I now have clown 5 month to 24 days old. Soon too have another clutch hatching. Just about 200 fish. They are growing out in two 10 gal tanks. I hatch till about 24 to 30 days in a 20 gallon Ada tank. Then they move to a filter tank after a certain size and Metamorphosis. They look like saddle back clowns but orange with a third stripe. At day 6 of life they start TDO reef nutrition. While still once a day live brine shrimp. Before that they eat Marine live rotifers. Rotifers are fed nanno green water. I try to keep them eating as close as nature's food to start off. But tdo reef nutrition is one of the best foods you can feed. I'll swear by it. Reef nutrition tdo pops the fish coloring. Mind you my clowns are really red maroon color until about a month of age. But after that nice orange. Truth that clowns can be together. As long as only one male one female. And rest juveniles. I have no issues. Only one of my clowns nip. And that's my female. And rarely does she. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. That and my hands been in the tanks since day one. The clowns will even swim to my hands and in them.
  13. I have two 300w and one 150wt heater plugged in to a one inkbird . Ive done it for years. Mind you I use a really good power strip. That's my display tank and sump. So it's big. And in the garage. I see videos with people running inbirds with reptile tanks. They run all their heaters with one inkbird too. My baby clown fish tanks run them too. But those are 10 gallons, and 150w heaters. Garage too so it gets cold out there. I tried to run a 75w heater in the 10 gallons but when it froze be the other night again my inkbird alarm in the baby tanks went off. So I bought 150w for their tanks. Glad it did, There are hundreds of clowns in there. No one wants dead Nemo's in the morning.
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