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  1. Jewell Anemone

    Buyer beware.. They are hard to find. Normally like cave dwelling areas. If you get them to take in your tank. They will take over like glass anemone . I have a friends tank covered in green purple ones.
  2. Need Id

    No the tank is 5 years at least. Though about two weeks ago she switched to leds from t5s. Thats when she started witb hair algae and these. And also adding started adding fish back into her tank 4 weeks ago. . She's been without fish for over 9 months I think. She had a parasite and we had removed everything for treatment and to make sure it was dead.
  3. Need Id

    New pic added. Any ideas
  4. Need Id

    So a friend sent me A picture of her reef aquarium. Two weeks ago it was perfect. A few days ago these she said showed up. And hair algae. Same time. She has water changes every two weeks. Reef Chrystal salt and ro water. Ro machine has new filters. I can’t tell in picture what they might be. Can you? They are covering the tank. 72 gallon. With sump, skimmer, etc. tank pars as I know of as of yesterday. 77 degrees, kh7, ca500, not sure about rest of her tests. She didn’t say in pic. As of late August she did get new leds. My guess if it takes over the tank that fast not good, but I don’t know what they are. I know the hair algae of course. 262A0FB2-8A29-41F3-B524-0B5A34D8FEA9.mov
  5. Finally cleaned out the garage sale :)

    Do you still have some of this stuff?
  6. Hydor 705 skimmer

    How many gAllons do they do?
  7. internal or external skimmer

    My dad has external and his sits in a Rubbermaid container on the floor. I've also seen people mount them externally above the sump. So it's above just in case but not in the tank.
  8. Here goes nothing

    I work for the original top fathom owner from like 25 years ago before he sold his business. He gave me a while ago before my move a original top fathom skimmer. Not like the ones they make now. But an original. I've been cleaning up my garage and final found the collection cup. So here goes nothing. Tomorrow I buy pcv pipe and set it up externally. For the last 2 years my 120 display was running strictly on rocks in my 55 sump for filtration. Its about time. The pump it will be running will be a ocean runner ot2500. Also the older model. Wish me luck.. i honest to god never ran one externally before. Im just not willing to get rid of live rock to put it in my sump. That and if i moved rock ontop of itself id have to fill my sump more. And i like the idea if electric goes out my house doesn't flood. That sump can take the water. Fingered crossed. I've seen them running before. I know they have to be adjusted just right, but when they are they are the best..
  9. Is there too much cleaning?

    I'm in Springfield. Area is low. But I also am using rodi water... maybe I'll test though. Maybe time for new filters in it..
  10. Is there too much cleaning?

    Normally I'm a every few weeks to once a month water changer. My tank has been set up for two years and is tested regularly and healthy and happy. But lately I've been sanding out scratched so I've been doing 10 gallon water change every few day to help get the sanding debris out of my tank. My display is 120 Gallons, and my Sump filled part way aprox. 30 gallon. Im on sanding day 5.. slow but comming nicely. Anyway all of a sudden I'm getting brown algae out of no where. I always had a little on my tank walls when I magged scrapped, but non anywhere else. Now it's on my sand and rocks. Am i changing out too much water?
  11. Save the date! April 15

    I hear there might be another reef store in eugene soon.. maybe we can get them to join the forum and have some meetings there.. then I could go... or maybe sometime the fish store in springfield might house a meeting. Sean is a good place to go for fish.. great prices.. I cant wait till he gets his reef section up and running...
  12. Save the date! April 15

    Wish there were meeting down in My area more.. I can't travel anymore.. I'm in springfield.
  13. Not reef but koi.. big big koi

    They are quite large... bigger ones I'd say at least a foot long. At least... that's my husband standing behind the tank... Monday thru Friday I can show the tank at discretion. It's a office, so quietly. You can text me 541 514 9476.
  14. Not reef but koi.. big big koi

    So we have to have the koi out by the end of this month I believe its the 27th or the 30th that we are taking them out so you would have to pick them up by then. I'm going to get some pictures for you today I'm on my way there now. To see if you need to contact me personally so I can take you in because it is a business that they are in right now. But I have no problem doing that. go ahead and message me if you want to do that. They are first come first serve. Sharing the love... also to go into a pond that you need to be acclimated to the temperature can change in this cold weather the pond store nearby and you said. that takes 30 to an hour with them floating in a bag so they could be the same temperature that way they don't die when they go into hibernation.
  15. Not reef but koi.. big big koi

    But if I have time I'll get a picture tomorrow