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  1. Day 27 I have this baby clown that likes to swim through the bubbles. Till he Carries a bubble beard. Then swims around. Over and over again. Thought he had a growth on his face. Freaked and then it popped. He went back to bubbles and did it again
  2. Day 23 Today was the first day I checked for nitrates. And it was high when they're juveniles they don't really notice but as they get older they will notice nitrates. Did a huge water change. though I had zero parts per million of ammonia. my tank temperature is still reading 79.8 degrees. So that is good. I'm keeping these babies in this tank a little bit longer than normal so I don't give them shocked when I move them
  3. Day 22 Trying to convert all baby's off live food completely.
  4. Day 21 Baby's think instant baby brine shrimp is crack. I swear. They are getting big. Happy fish. Just a few more days in their tank and they can go to their filtered tank.
  5. Most my eggs always hatch. Can take 2 days to hatch all eggs.
  6. Mine hatch day 10. But it matters on the type of clowns, tank temperature as well. The closer to 80 degrees the sooner they hatch
  7. This could one was a super small clutch of eggs. I had about 50 baby's hatch. And I have 42 baby's now. My clutch before I had 150 some hatch, but I lost most when I had a rotifer crash. I made out with about 65. Looks like the eggs they have laid now have about 200 eggs. But I'm not hatching this batch, I don't have a empty tank yet. I use a 20 gallon Ada tank because it's seemless to hatch. Then about day 26, I move to grow out 10 gallons. I can do about 100 clowns in a 10 gallon. But I only have 1 Ada. I pull eggs out before they hatch. The day they are to hatch I pull them rock and all. If you don't mom and dad will eat the baby's before you can nicely pull them or see them. They have to be raised In a blacked out tank. Most people use 10 gallon with 5 gallons of water in it. Or I use 20 gallon with 7 gallons of water. Some people use a 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water
  8. Day 20 Almost ready for grow out tank. They are eating and growing like crazy.. Cool thing about my clowns is they are use to me all the time in their tanks that they are non aggressive clowns
  9. Day 18, 19 Going strong
  10. Day 17 There baby's are really starting to hang together. They think they are in a corner hiding, but it's just my taped walls are black. When they go into their grow out tank they will hose in one corner. I started the cycling of the grow out tank last week for them. Hope I won't have a issue like last time where cycling bacteria shocked baby's. It's called toxic tank syndrome. Happened On day 30 and I lost alot of them. Had to move remaining baby's to new tank instantly. No acclimating. Which you don't acclimate baby's in general. It actually does them more harm acclimating them at that stage. Grow out tank has a snail, and some live rock, Heater and sponge filter.
  11. From the beginning Batch 3
  12. Day 16 Most are eating flakes and instant baby brine shrimp. It's cold here right now so heater dropped temperature down to 79.2 degrees from 80. But still acceptable. Looking from above most clowns have first stripe. Though not all can you see from the side yet .
  13. Day 15 Not too much going on with the clown fish today I did another water change. I'm on day 15. I was in the emergency room again tonight so not much got done. I fed them flakes, instant baby brine shrimp and that's about it today. They would have liked to have had life Brine but I wasn't feeling good. because my babies are in the garage the temperature did drop down in the tank today to 79 degrees from 80. but not a big enough difference for a long enough period of time to make a difference. I'll just adjust the heater accordingly for winter. I did manage my pictures however.
  14. Day 14 Look at the pretty baby's. Going strong.
  15. Day 13 All is well. Still going through metamorphosis. Some eating baby brine shrimp, some instant baby brine shrimp, others flakes and a few still rottifers
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