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  1. Clowns getting big. I got one white one. No not sick. Just white. Also added a rio 50, instead of air. They are all happy.
  2. Last time I had 15 on day 5. Today I estimate due to photo I have 71 give or take. I still have them every two-three hours eating rotifeast. They eat alot. But I had 120-150 hatch and I lost most to rotifer starvation. So this is good. Some taking super small grounded flakes. Starting baby brine shrimp today. Wish me luck. Tank is running temperature of 79.5 degrees 8.0 ph And 0 ppm ammonia Every day I do a parents water change on them of 10 percent. Starting day 2. To day 8.
  3. So today's day four. I have 100 plus baby clown fish. I had a rotifer crash. Last time I defer from my water change rotifer bucket method. Even if they say it's the way if should be done. Both buckets crashed. Well they are going again. But it's going to take a few days to regrow. Thanks garret at premium aquarium for having the only roti feast available in a 60 mile radius of me. And open on a Sunday. Saved the day. The clowns readily are eating it. Not as good as my buckets are , were, but its food in the babys tummys. So yeah... Clowns are getting little tummys, tommorrow I'll introduce baby brine shrimp. If they hatch on schedule. I did introduce flakes today as well. A few munching on them already. Tank pars as much as needed for them. Ammonia today is 0ppm. Ph is 8.0. Temperature 79 degrees and staying steady. I'm hoping for a sooner metamorphis and stronger babys with this batch.. Last batch had alot of issues with heater, elecutions, food, late hatching. So this one is going strong.
  4. Sorry I had food poisoning . Missed a few days. Update today's day 25 Babys in grow out tank. Not liking their new lighting. Even on lowest setting. Eating only flakes now. As you can see they are still very small. About air line tubing size. They are settling on bottom of tank. In nature theyd be looking for anemone. They hide alot. Had to take out rock because one got stuck in it and died. . They don't seem to want pcv piping yet, just corners of tank. It's very scary at night cause they sleep on bottom of tank turn light coloring and look dead, but they are just sleeping. Just did a very small water change to clean the bottom of tank. Maybe a half gallon of water On other update I believe the eggs in parents tank might hatch tonight. I'll look at them this evening and make decisions, when parents light turns on. But fry tank all cleaned with vinegar water. Re taped black out closed. And ready to run.
  5. Baby fish update. Went out to baby night feed and Tony the fish was missing. Found him under the rock I had in there (stuck). Got rock out. Not sure if Tony will make it. He keeps laying down then swimming a little. I guess this is what you call natures way of survival. On positive note all others looking good, and I managed to get my tank slowly up to 78. Degrees now. Took all day but i did it.
  6. Update day 23. 10 babys in grow out tank and eating. And I got a new heater controller. Aquarium matched fry tank exact. Ph 8.0 specific gravity 1.023 , 0 ppm ammonia, temperature 77.4. One rock out of parents sump, sponge filter seasoned in parent tank, air stone, heater, Pcv elbow. Walla
  7. I dont know about that with FAFSA and Grant's. My neice is in college for free
  8. We managed to paint the wall behind the tank. Child labor gets back there.
  9. Day 21 update. Set up grow out tank to exact parameters as fry tank and parents tank. Tomorrow I stop feeding baby brine only flakes. So the babys don't get fright syndrome during move. Specially since you don't acclimate. In grow out tank. Sponge filter seasoned in parents tank. A live rock from parents tank, air bubbler and heater. Also pcv pipe to hide in. It's a 10 gallon tank partially filled. Fry tank is a 20 gallon ada tank filled with 4 gallons of water, a heater and two air stones one on each side. Walls blacked out with black poster board, with open close doors in front. On way a heater chiller controller for grow out tank, and one for parents tank too. Parents tank controller stopped turning on chiller and reading temperature wrong last night. Said it was 72 degrees so turned on my heaters. Was 82 degrees when I temperature checked. Then it stopped powering all together shortly after. But its 8 years old. Should have expected this. Fish all right still. No coral damage seen luckily. Below are babys parents, then fry tank, the grow out tank. Also green water set up. However I do have rotifers I didn't take a picture. And I have 10 clowns out of 50 that hatched. Lost most to electrocution accident. So 20 percent survival rate
  10. Thank you. Had it all my life. Almost..
  11. Have a 90 acrylic set up originally with under ground filter salt fish tank. 36 years now. Over the years its turned into a reef aquarium. Got rid of the underground filter. Added a overflow and trickle filter. But same aquarium. Didnt even move when we re carpeted. Just carpeted around it.
  12. Day 20. Clowns eating flakes now. Gets baby brine shrimp once a day. Some clowns showing second bars. They metamorphised like a percula being almost black when morphing, then getting first stripes. Then turning orange later. Except one clown which morphed like a occy who turned orange before changing.
  13. talkalot82

    Clown fry

    Day 19 picture
  14. talkalot82

    Clown fry

    Interesting thing. most the clowns metamorphised like a true percula. During metamorphis it Turned dark almost black then getting their first stripe. Later turning orange. However one baby metamorphised like a false percula. Turning orange during metamorphis. Followed by its stripes
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