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  1. Id please

    So I just picked up this Coral cuz its neat. But I want to know placement and which one it is. Can someone ID it please?
  2. Reset up new

    No pics yet but tomorrow we break it down. The old tank. We resealed the tank. And got it all plumbed. So we are set to move. Cut hole in stand. We put sump under stand. Good time too be ready to go. If I didn't have to buy a new car yesterday 2 hours away from home I think it would be going now.
  3. Reset up new

    All my life my dad has had this 90 gallon acrylic tank. So 35 plus years. It was always a close tank. But it started leaking and he needed a new one. So I convinced him to go with a built-in overflow. Sump with four sections. So now we'll be able to install his skimmer inside the sump instead of hanging on the back. Add live rocks in the sump, have his filtration in the sump and then have the return pump in the sump of course. So today we took apart his stand. Put the 3 ft sump in. We resealed his new glass tank.(We got it used). we cleaned it too. Looks new. His sump was used too. Had looked horrible. But clear again now. We put in two bulk heads. Added pcv. And we put the pump in the sump. Tomorrow when it's all 24-hour dry. We can take down his bad tank that he has up now. And get the other tank and it's spot... and hose connect intake and outs. Yeah. Pray for no leaks.....
  4. 60" aquarium

    Seeking 60" aquarium. My acrylic 90 gallon is getting old. 35 years is a long life. Just need a new tank for my stand. Glass or acyclic is fine. Non drilled please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hate to buy new. I'm in springfield. I do have tons of live rock buckets in fact. and rose bubble tip anemones to share if we could strike a deal. Need it really soon .
  5. Sand

    I just need it to be goby and tiger pistal shrimp friendly. Since I have had this set for 8 years. I don't place anything in sand due too them. But maybe a clam or two. Or my shrimp rearranged all sand. Most the water current in that tank is high up. My returns from my sump are top of the tank. And so are my wave makers. My bottom stays put minus critter rearranging. I do know I don't like anything larger. I hate when items get attached in my substrate.
  6. Sand

    So I'm thinking about revamping my aquarium I need some opinions from people who've tried each. I see that there is oolite sand any opinions. Just so everybody knows I normally do a fairly shallow sand bed. I stick with 1 to 2 in. Just enough to make my pistol shrimp happy. And then I know that there's standard agaronite sand. And of course they do the Fiji sand too. So what I'm doing is I'm normally have a lot of live rock and this one tank and of course the sums full of live rock as well. That's most filtration except for like my skimmer in that particular tank. But I know I have enough to do that with just sump. So when I'm doing is I want three piles in my tank of rocks and then the rest and I'm going to put clams down and just a little bit for different-looking in tank. And of course you know I have a sand sifting star my pistol shrimp goby so I have Critters that live in there you know snails what not. So what are people's opinions on each.
  7. Aquatop uv serilizer

    So I have multiple tanks ranging in multiple sizes. All reef at home. And I work for a aquarium bussiness. I know lucky huh... Anyway I get to try all sorts of new products. Non of these do I make mind you. And we aren't a store. I run the office. This is a new one for me. Aquatop uv sterilizer built into a hang on filter with surface drain. for up to 40 gallons. It's a 7w bulb. Anyway I ordered it for hubby recently set up cycling tank. Got to say day two now. It's working beautifully. Within minutes the surface had no debris on it. Great water flow. Quiet. Unlike the AquaClear I didn't have to hook up an adapter for surface drain already had one built in. Since it's cycling it's really hard to tell if it's killing algae but I have noticed that there has been a slow down, but that might just be because it's dying back as its cycling. it doesn't seem to heat up that 20 gallon which is something I worry about with that UV sterilizer it's heating up the small tank. But as of now I am liking it. Has anyone tried aquatop uv sterilizer? I myself like sumps with nothing in my tank or hanging on it. But my husband prefers them. So I normally run in lines. Never tried aquatop before. But for the price I thought why not. I always have been iffy on non main expesive brands. But anyone else try aquatop? Opinions?
  8. Share your I'm a true reefer family moment

    The ro machine needs moved out of the bath tub during winter months if you want to take a bath or shower. It connects under the sink and sits in the tub. Warmer times it runs in back yard.. funny thing is you have to walk between it all to use the toilet too. But I really like my ro water and don’t care if guest have to work around it...
  9. Share your I'm a true reefer family moment

    Our cars outside too
  10. So this is my true reefer family moment well one of many.. Yep so my husband who also has his own reef tank. We don't touch each other's tank by the way.. separate but equal. Secrets to a happy marriage 101. Well he tonight has decided to bring some of our test kits into our bed room to sleep by them. Don't know why. He just felt the need to be close to them I guess.by the way the tanks are in the garage way away from my bed room. ( this is a reefer family moment.) Picture added. Who else wants to share their moments...
  11. Two reefer one house issues

    So today I couldn’t get into the freezer. A filter and two light fixtures are on it.. not by me
  12. Two reefer one house issues

    And literally found the ammonia test kits yes all the chemicals in my wash machine. Don’t even want to know how it got there.
  13. Hawaii knowledge

    So I just want to give people information I didn’t know till today. I just talked to Quality Marine. For those who don’t know they are a supplier of fish for stores. stores possibly in your local area. And the rep I was talking to Has told me that Hawaii Is at this time not allowing The removal of fish For environmental reasons. those who don’t know there are quite a few fish that come from Hawaii that you would see in your local stores such as the yellow tang, A lot of species of wrasse, a lot of angelfish. Just to give people a heads up on that. At this point they do not even know if it’s legal to sell these fish. just remember that when you go to your local store and they’re not getting in your fish you want. Don’t get mad at them. It might not be available. Or if you see them but their prices have gone up will you will know why.
  14. Two reefer one house issues

    It's hard