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  1. They are doing great! We are soooooo happy to see him in a great home. Enjoying company, hanging out and sitting in the sun again. Nothing better than a happy life for those you love. Beckie
  2. I really like the Glock 9 gen 4. For you smaller gals it is really nice and easy. EVERY female that has used it now wants it! A few of the guys have switch from thier Springfield as well. If you are really unsure find the side arm that feels great in your hand, go to Clackamas safety range and rent it, shoot your heart out. Only experiance and YOUR comfort level matters. Any recommendations are just that. Beckie
  3. We found a great adopted mom, He is happy hanging out on his perch and of course her shoulder. We are recieving photos and updates. Both seem to be very happy and all is going really well. Visitation is very liberal. Beckie
  4. Hi, I have no unread pms. I was really hoping I could find him a great home through word of mouth. Let me know soon if you are really interested. I have put rehoming him off but the time has come and I really don't want to go the store or craigs list route. Beckie
  5. Thanks, I am sure he will. The right person with time and love to give is out there. Beckie
  6. Yellow front/blue front hybrid, I have had him from a baby. About 18 yrs old. Beckie
  7. I did not see this as a classifieds or I would have listed him in that area of the fourm. I did not want to say "free pet parrot", it draws the not really thoughtful people I am looking for. Sooooo I guess he is free apon approval of home and of him. If I and he likes you than he is free to go to a new home. Sorry for the confusion. Beckie
  8. It's not about the money. I want a home. Parrots live a very long time, very few people are willing to make a 20yr or more commitment. Beckie .
  9. Hi, I need to find a new home for my amazon parrot. Like others "hates" me. Sings, talks and was raised in a busy home. If you know anyone that could help drop me a note. Thamks Beckie
  10. Very pretty, I've never seen one
  11. If you have a basement sink it in the floor, no carrying, moving. Beckie
  12. I lost my mother to Parkinson's last summer. I am sorry for all you and your family went though. I think it's a wonderful way to not only remember but support others. I have some things I would like to donate to the cause. Beckie
  13. Well the nine days came and went. No more eggs and no babies in sight. I asume if they tried once they will try again. Kevin.... shame on you. It would have been good time for me to see and learn how you take care of baby's. With the pipes to you think I will need to be there at the hatching or put the male in his own tank around hatch time and wait? Thanks all I will have to reach more.
  14. Wow no one locally has pipe fish!
  15. I have not seem many folks locally BUT....I have them with my sea horses. Today I noticed egg sac's on them. I can guess that they will need to be separated at birth, OH yea like I will be watching at just the right moment. But you never know. Any advise would be welcomed Beckie
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