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  1. This has been sold! Thanks NateDawg!
  2. Hey all, I haven’t been around in a few years after selling my 180. Good to see a lot of familiar names still around. I just found a box with a bunch of phosphate control stuff, including a Hanna Checker. I’m in Albany. $25.00 for the box. Someone come and please come and get this before it goes to Goodwill. The phosphate reagent expired a few years ago, but everything else is new and un-opened I even have a 5 year old bag of SeaVeggies, never been opened. 😀 Scott - 541-990-1559
  3. If anybody is on the fence about the price, please hit me up with a pm or text and make me an offer. I am eager to sell. Someone could piece this out and easily get 3X more for the equipment and rock than I am asking for it. For those that are asking for individual anemones or fish, I cannot remove any right now, the nems are fully embedded in the rock and I would rather not stir stuff up by removing rocks just to get one or two out.
  4. All of them for $1000.00. Plus I'll throw in a free tank.
  5. Thanks Kim. Even though it was a struggle at times, the tank has been pretty stable for about 3 years. I still love the hobby, I've just moved on to other hobbies and want to do more traveling. Hopefully someone can take the whole thing off my hands. -Scott
  6. Hi all, Sadly, It's time to get out of the hobby. So, I have a 180 gallon full set-up for sale. I realize that this will be difficult, but I would really like to sell the whole thing at once. I will make someone a heck of a deal if they will come and take it all away. This tank has been up since January 2010. A couple years ago something went thru my tank and several of my larger fish developed HLLE. They don't look so good, but they are healthy now and have been going strong for several years since it happened. I lost most of my corals a few years back as well, but what has survived is do
  7. Hey Mike, It's not quite what you're looking for, but I got a 6' 24" 180 gallon full set up. Stand, canopy, 40 gal breeder sump, AquaC EV 240 skimmer, calc reactor w/tank, LED's, 1/2 hp chiller and a controller. It's full of 200+ lbs of live rock, dozens of RBTA's and GBTA's and tons of other livestock. Just about every thing. It's been set up since January 2010. I hate to break it down, but I want to get out of the hobby. $1500.00. -Scott
  8. That's an easy one...The more expensive coral always loses in every scenario.
  9. Wow! There's a lot of mis information in this one thread. First, nems don't need clean water. Miine have thrived in water that has nitrates up to 80 and above. Second, DO NOT FEED THEM!!!! Think about these things in the wild. No one is coming by and cramming a fish down their gullets. They are not hunters. They are very simple creatures that, IME, are the easiest things to take care of in your tank. I NEVER directly feed the 14 or 15 that are in my tank right now. I broadcast feed once a week, if I remember. No one knows why they sometimes shrivel up, sometimes they are expelling waste,
  10. +1. Do not move the clam. Either move the FS or leave them alone. If the clam is unhappy, he will move on his own. Again, think about these creatures in the wild. Sessile creatures do not rely on us to move them if they get too close to something. Corals on the other hand, do need us to move them if they are in harms way.
  11. steelhead77

    RBTA help

    The bottom two pics do not look like a sick or otherwise unhealthy nem. RBTA'S do not attach themselves to the wall of a tank. They find a hole or a crevise in a rock and anchor the foot in there. When they do not attach to a rock and float around the tank, then you have something to worry about. Right now, I have about 12 in my tank, and have removed at least 12 more, all from one original split about three and a half years ago. They all look like yours for a while after they split. I know it's distressing the first time it happens but as long as it looks anything like what we see in the pic,
  12. steelhead77

    RBTA help

    What's the problem? They both look fantastic. Don't sweat it. In the wild, you are not there to fuss and worry about it and they manage to survive just fine. Mine have spit about 30 times and they all do just fine. In fact, your "mother" probably came from one of mine at some point in the past. It'll be just fine, don't worry.
  13. Just out of curiosity, why would you think that you could not have both in the same tank?
  14. It looks great! You should do nothing to help it along or ensure it lives. Within a few days both of them will be healed up and normal. I've had this happen about 12 times so far and they've all managed just fine without any interference from me.
  15. Jason, the old proprieter of The Coral Reef, once told me to smell the sand. Take a handful from several areas and smell it. If it smells like the beach, go ahead and reuse it without rinsing. If it smells like rotten eggs, either toss it or rinse it well and dry it out to kill all the bad stuff. I followed this advise during two upgrades and never lost a single piece of livestock.
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