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  1. Jazmyne

    Just got back from Garrett's

    Checked out Garrett's for the first time last night. Great setup and more variety than I expected. Picked up a pistol shrimp, cleaner shrimp and a frag of an LPS but I don't remember the name... Shop looks great. Look forward to visiting again! Jaz
  2. Jazmyne

    The best bristle worm trap EVER!!!

    They gross me out. They haven't bothered anything yet that I know of, but I want to add a clam and a few more sand critters and I want to get rid of the larger ones before adding new things to the tank, just in case.
  3. Jazmyne

    The best bristle worm trap EVER!!!

    That's a great idea too. However, I have too many critters on too many rocks and I don't feel like re-arranging my tank. I'm VERY happy with the results here and the bit of extra time it's taking sure beats the trauma of pulling rock out of the tank. I guess I have more patience than some.
  4. I have two RBTAs and two green sinularia for trade. The sinularia are firmly attached to rocks and ready for new homes. Smaller one is +6" tall, larger one is bigger than the smaller one. The anemones are sitting in a tub and ready to new homes ASAP. Smaller one is about 3" fully extended. Large one is +4". Would love to trade for: ricordia mushrooms various LPS (candy cane, bubble, etc.) toadstool clam pistol shrimp false perc smaller fish such as gobies, smaller wrasses, etc. Or...what have you got? (can click on the images for large ones and to see other tank pics)
  5. Okay, I've tried everything I've ever read about to catch these little buggers, short of buying a commercial trap. I had this brilliant idea two days ago and I have caught a total of FOURTEEN meaty little worms in my trap!! WOOT!!! The first night I tried it, I caught five worms. The second night, I caught NINE for a total of 14 worms in the past two nights. Here's what I did: 1) I took a dark, opaque container. I used one of those little plastic black salsa bowls you see in restaurants. A small ceramic container would work too and you wouldn't have to weight it down with a rock. 2) I took some large-holed mesh. Like the type you'd see for larger aquarium fish or tulle in a dress. I had some extra floating around from last year's Halloween costume. The netting is about 1/4" spacing. Use the large-holed stuff so the worms can easily crawl in. 4) Put some food in the container. I used slices of frozen scallop. Be a little generous, you want the gluttons to come running, right? 5) Place the container face down in the middle of the netting and secure it. Rubber band, thread, string, whatever. 4) Place it face-down on top of the sand. It doesn't have to be buried, nor does it have to be flush on all sides. Mine was slightly propped on a rock so there was a small gap between the container and the sand. 5) Wait until your lights come on the next day. Check out pics on my photobucket site. I didn't want to modify the pictures to post here.
  6. Jazmyne

    How often do you do water changes?

    29 gal nano I change 3 gallons every 2-3 weeks. Water params have been steady for more than two years and two moves.
  7. Jazmyne

    Not-so-newbie coming out

    I couldn't get the pics to populate in the post, so I just put in links to my online page. Thanks for the welcome. I guess it's about time. Heh Algae: Yes, I just put the hive in this year. No kiddie pools in the neighboring houses so I'm not too worried about that. It's exciting - they are doing well despite the rain.
  8. Hey all! I've been a member of this site since Novemver 2008. I just finished writing this great little intro, but it seems I took so long that the site logged me out and I lost the whole thing. Dang! That just sucks. Okay...I've had the tank for nearly two years. It's been through a lot with me and I very nearly sold it in February. But for some reason, I decided to keep it. So...here is a picture of it from November 2008: November 2008 Here it is from tonight (everyone's mad because I did some fragging): Tonight's Picture My goal is to return it to its original glory by the end of the year. :eek:
  9. Jazmyne

    WTT - I have Xenia

    I have a ton of Xenia that I'd like to move to another home. I'd love to trade out for...whatever. SPS/LPS frags, mushrooms, ricordia, fish...let me know what you have we can talk about it. I'd really like to get rid of about 50-75% of it. Also, if you are a TFT member, I'd be more than happy to donate. For those of your further south, I make it to Keizer at least once a week and can meet you for trade. Thanks so much! Tank Pic Xenia pic
  10. Jazmyne

    Wanted xenia in Vancouver

    Hi there, Pink Xenia is currently staging a coup in my aquarium. I'd love for some of it to go. And if you have anything to trade out, that's even better. I'm close to downtown pdx and can come to you or meet you halfway, depending on where you're at.