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  1. Is the a sponge coral or eggs or?

    Deffo not clowns as mine lay eggs every month. Looks like sponge to me as well.
  2. Family poisoned by "coral spores"

    I usually frag my leathers. Then I squeez this piss out of them and inject the juice produced. It's out of this world!!! Once I'm finally back to reality I drive to Portland parks and drop my syringes for others to find like an Easter egg hunt.
  3. Need EB8.

    Deal! Is it the newer ones or the older style?
  4. Need EB8.

    As the title says I'm in need on an EB8. Turns out heater issues were a precursor to a larger problem. Noticed this morning that half my pumps are not running. Unfortunately this EB8 also powers my heater bank and skimmer. Does anyone have one lying around they are willing to sell? I need one asap! What's weird is I checked the data log and found a spike in the amp consumption. Tank always runs a steady 4.1 amp, the spike was 11.8 amps! I have no idea what could have caused it
  5. Check Those Heaters!

    Go figure. I am in the roofing industry and when one of the guys says " looks like it might rain today" it inevitably does. Now I stumble upon your thread and a day later I am awaken by my phone chiming alarms from the apex that I'm below the tolerated temperature. At 3:00 am I wake up and investigate to find two of my three hearters are failing. I've had no issues for over 4 years thanks to you. Some things should be kept silent. Lol.
  6. GFCI - Outlet of Choice

    Wired my tank with its own circuit. All in one gfci. I would have occasional trips until I did this, now not one since. Great piece of mind.
  7. Aptasia eating file fish up for grabs

    Guess I should have read the whole thing first.lol. I saw the word effective and got excited. I can pick up tomorrow
  8. Aptasia eating file fish up for grabs

    I'll take it. Where are you located?
  9. Anyone selling an artic t247

    Sorry. Turns out I have a stock pile of the s026 models.
  10. April Picture of the Month - Invertebrates

    Thanks. It's one of my better photos.
  11. Anyone selling an artic t247

    I might still have one tucked away in the garage. I'll look when I get home.
  12. Collecting amphipods

    In tide pools. It's actually at Lincoln beach just north of fogarty creek. There is a high cliff with pools that are exposed all of the time. I could try to find it on a map if you'd like.
  13. Marine Depot's amusing shipment notice

    That is bad a$$! I wish I'd get a description like that some day.
  14. Collecting amphipods

    I've collected them down near Beverly beach before and boy do those ones get giant compared to those we grow in our refigum. Problem is I've always collect them in a cup or the like and they are all dead before I'm home several hours later. However like the Clark said I have always been hesitant on importing something undesirable.
  15. April Picture of the Month - Invertebrates

    How about this one.