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  1. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    Bump. I really need this last stuff gone. I can deliver to Portland tomorrow.
  2. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    Bumping this up. I'll take offers on the remaining stock. Also have a Halloween urchin about the size of a golf ball and a tuxedo urchin the size of a jumbo gumball.
  3. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    Only a few items left!
  4. fishmanmike01

    Please Help identify

    at 9 o'clock?
  5. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    List updated. Pictured is still available. Thanks again, Sharklover
  6. fishmanmike01

    Please Help identify

    Looks like a stomatella to me. Completely harmless.
  7. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    List updated once again. Pictured is still available.
  8. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    Updated list. Pictured is still available.
  9. fishmanmike01

    Left over Corals.

    I have some leftover corals from my recent breakdown of my 210 that I need to get rid of. For the larger rocks please bring a bucket to transport in also If im asking too much please let me know There is a few trochus snails and a few hermit crabs free to whomever wants them P.S. photos will be removed as things are sold, if it's still up it's still available. First come first served . PayPal holds item First up is the $5 frag rack which has neon green toadstools and grape/hammer coral, green with blue tips. All $5 each Only #1 and #2 left Rock with several greenish fuzzy mushrooms and 3" greyish toadstool. $35 Lastly a basketball size rock with a few green pally's, and a colony of 30+ green harry mushrooms and a black brittle star (it's in the rock) $50 Oh, and a grey brittle star $5
  10. fishmanmike01

    Face to the Name 2018

    Thanks for bringing this back up Holly! To my sadness I'm actually without a tank as of this afternoon. Hoping to be back in good time if life slows down a bit. I've been a part of the forum for a decade now and will hang around to keep tabs an all the new craze. This is me (Mike) and my beautiful wife Joanna, and our mixed drinks!
  11. fishmanmike01

    Need to move Livestock fast.

    Clowns have sold as well as Melanurus wrasse. Still available are 2. Green cromis Red Corris wrasse 2 brittle stars, grey/ black
  12. fishmanmike01

    Gauging interest.

    Sump is a 75 long that was specifically built for this set up. Drilled in such a way it would not be feasible for anything else. It's garbage at this point.
  13. I would like to purchase your clowns

  14. fishmanmike01

    Need to move Livestock fast.

    Wrasses, stars, and ocolarris mated pair+ 1 still available.
  15. fishmanmike01

    Need to move Livestock fast.

    Thank you. I'm really hoping it goes well.