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  1. i got two 4's in my 55 gallon and i wish i had more!
  2. thanks for the input thanks for the input guys, its just for the skimmer, but what about not having baffles? any baffle-less sumps out there....
  3. any one? i want some feed back from any one with a small sump on a 55 gallon.....
  4. hello, i just got a vertex in-100 skimmer and a cpr 300 gph overflow for my 55 gallon, the largest thing i can get under the stand for a sump is a 6 gallon sterelite plastic tub. i tryed the a 10 gallon tank and it wont work even if i take the center brace out of the stand. the skimmer and return pump will fit, but i cant do baffles...the other option is doing 2- 6 gallon sterilite tubes some how linked together and using one for the skimmer and one for the return? i just need space for the skimmer and return pump, i am not trying to do a fuge or any thing fancy. so my ? is as long as the skimmer fits will this very small sump work?
  5. FROGSPAWN "FROGSPAWN" conv_3216.bmp
  6. nice 55, you dont need metal halide for sps! go with some t5's-less heat. my lfs has some in a 55 gal. w/ 4-54w t5s, there on the bottom of the tank with some good growth. i am buying a 6 bulb t5 fixture soon and going to add some sps myself.
  7. anyone? thanks for all the help....ha ha
  8. hi, iam looking for med. grade equip.for fraging in eugene, (scissors/scalples) any of you locals know where i could buy? also looking for frag plugs, any one make em?
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