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  1. Selling a 300 gallon Marineland deep dimension setup. Measures 72x36x29 (LxWxH). Tank, stand, canopy and 120 gallon sump only. Near perfect condition. Has been used for freshwater cichlid. Asking 1800.00 only trades interested in are high end guns. Can't upload pictures so here's a CL ad with pictures. If serious PM me with number and I'll get you specific pictures. Thx http://bend.craigslist.org/for/5960512534.html Freshwater, tank, fish, aquarium, reef, saltwater.
  2. TRENT

    WTB 180 or larger tank

    Jorge, I'm going to pass. No acrylic for me. PM sent
  3. TRENT

    WTB 180 or larger tank

    It's a second tank for my cichlids. =-). After the kids are out of the house and done with college I'll be back. Your house is my first stop.
  4. Looking for 180 or larger tank (stand and canopy would be nice but not a deal breaker) preferably glass. Want something in good condition. Thanks
  5. From those measurements you only have a 50 gallon.
  6. TRENT

    RO/DI pressure booster pump 8800

    SOLD..... Thread is closed.
  7. I have a lightly used (maybe 100 gallons thru it). Aquatec 8800 pressure booster pump and transformer for sale. Perfect shape. Asking 75.00 shipping and PayPal included. Can't upload pictures. PM me your number if you would like pictures.
  8. TRENT

    Good RO/DI unit???

    You get what you pay for. Save yourself the headache and buy a filter guys RO/DI unit. http://www.thefilterguys.biz/ro_di_systems.htm
  9. TRENT


    SOLD..... Closed.
  10. TRENT


    Received a few PM's. Sorry if my post was a little confusing I was in a hurry. There are two wet-sides one is about 6 months old the other is the original. The original I'm calling a parts wet-side due to the ceramic shaft not allowing the blade to spin freely. Hope this clears things up. Link to part needed. Item MP302 http://store.ecotechmarine.com/store/vortech/mp60-parts
  11. TRENT


    I have a lightly used MP60 for sale. MFG date May 29, 2013 It was used on a freshwater tank never ran at more than 20%. Sold the tank now working in the equipment. I throw in a PARTS wet-side. The ceramic shaft neets replaced or "milled" with Muratic acid. Magnet doesn't turn freely. Pretty common problem. Asking 325.00 shipped. You pay PayPal fees.