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  1. TheGooseWhisperer

    FREE 1/2" acrylic scraps

    Still available
  2. TheGooseWhisperer

    FREE 1/2" acrylic scraps

    I recently cut up a 90g tank and have a bunch of 1/2" acrylic scraps. Judging from the quality of the tank, this is cast acrylic and not extruded. Its got lots of surface scratches but no heavy gouging. There are about 9 sections that are roughly 12-15" by 20-22" and a piece of black that is 18" by 22" with thin strips of sides/top/bottom attached. A few other strips from the eurobraced top as well. I sliced it up with a skillsaw so there are no square corners other than the single black end piece. Please PM for address in SW Portland. It is just sitting at the top of the driveway for easy pickup. PM for address.
  3. TheGooseWhisperer

    WTS corals, fish, inverts (or whole system)

    Update: 50Lx22Wx16.5T 5/8" cell cast acrylic with center rear overflow (pictured above with 2 pendant lights over it) tank, 42" tall finished 4x4 construction stand, custom built sump, return pump and aquaripure nitrate reactor. Total package $490. Needs to be picked up in vancouver by Monday or its getting shipped to San Diego. Tank has 2 dime sized blemishes that are barely noticeable, but worth buffing out if the tank is dry. Needs to go as a package, not pieced out Also, 2x Orphek LED pendants: https://orphek.com/atlantik-pendant-v3-wifi-led-reef-aquarium-light/These were $650 new, asking $375 each
  4. TheGooseWhisperer

    WTS corals, fish, inverts (or whole system)

    Pretty much everything is gone. Just the tank with the 2 pendant lights remaining and a black sun coral.
  5. TheGooseWhisperer

    water changes

    When battling hair algae I think too many water changes don't really help. Unless you have high N and P. If water testing is good then stick with a little less food, little less light and bump up the herbivores
  6. TheGooseWhisperer

    WTS corals, fish, inverts (or whole system)

    Update... Green carpet and clownfish pair are gone. UC strawberry shortcake acro pending Blasto pending duncan pending LTA pending Tanks are shut down, but equipment is still there. Will try to get some more info on lights, skimmer, pumps, powerheads and post some prices, but if interested PM in the mean time. I have some better pictures of the acans and will try to post them soon. Seems to be little interest though...any opinions on if there would be more interest if I frag'd them into smaller pieces?
  7. TheGooseWhisperer

    WTS corals, fish, inverts (or whole system)

    I go down to Salem 2-3 times a month but would have to be M-F morning
  8. Friend of mine is moving from Vancouver to San Diego and cant setup his tanks in his new rental so I'm picking up the livestock and need to move a bunch of it. Following items are for sale: Acan colonies, big one $125, little ones $100 each Smaller acan colony, $30 Large LTA attached to rock, probably 18" across when fully open, $60 Green carpet anemone, $75 16-20" when fully open. Very well behaved carpet never moves around The blue striped clown pair can go with either anemone for $75. They have laid eggs many times in the past. Both anemones are in a tank that has had issues with aiptasia, hair algae and cyano. Aiptasia is getting much better after addition of peppermint shrimp, but I know there are still some around. cyano and hair algae are both doing much better since I have been helping out with regular maintenance (friend and carpel tunnel problems). Blastos, red with yellow rimmed center, $100 UC Strawberry shortcake acro frag, $25, rainbow monti, $15, tabling acro, $60 Green lobo $60, Scolly $200 Duncans, $40 Also have a pair of coral banded shrimp (no pic), they are buddies so really want them to go together, $30 Ooooooor if someone wants to just save me a ton of hassle and take the whole system: Pendant LEDs, custom built tank and stand, 2x BRS dosing pumps, gravity ATO, Reef octopus skimmer, Sicce return pump, powerheads you can see on a wavermaker and a gyre on the left side that isn't visible, 2 media reactors on a MJ1200, I think the blue thing in the bucket is a nitrate reactor, black sun coral and a gorgonian that i forgot to get pictures of and into this thread up above. $2k OBO Pretty much same setup, but less expensive LEDs, no gyre, biopellet reactor, there's a strawberry crab, big clump of xenia and a cleaner wrasse along with the anemones and clowns, $1200 OBO Pick up on tanks is in Vancouver ASAP, otherwise livestock is getting relocated to my place and equipment is getting broken down. Sorry if i've broken any forums rules or did something stupid. Haven't been on here in a couple years and have never sold anything on a forum:)
  9. TheGooseWhisperer

    Oregon Ducks now on Coral Pedia

    Been away from forums for a long time now, but I thought I would pop on to share this. I have some zoas that go from yellow center to dark green to light blue at the base of the skirt with lime green skirt. They are very similar to "Green Bay Packers", but I know mine came into the LFS from the wild and they pick up white speckling pretty easily. For kicks I submitted them to zoaid.com as "Oregon Ducks" and well now here they are: http://www.zoaid.com/index.php?module=Gallery2&g2_itemId=12250
  10. TheGooseWhisperer

    Par38 LED bulb group buy?

    Are these bulbs dimmable with a typical household dimmer switch?
  11. TheGooseWhisperer

    Window AC

    With window ACs its always better to overshoot it by a good margin (ime)
  12. TheGooseWhisperer

    Barrier Reef's New 100GPD Deluxe RO/DI

    Any chance of a 35ish GPD coming out later?
  13. TheGooseWhisperer


    The chemical reaction that polymerizes (hardens) the glue is catalyzed by water. So if you put the glue on something wet its much less likely to stick. I usually use a paper towel to touch the surface where the glue is going to be on the plug and the coral itself. That discoloration is strange. I've never seen anything like that. I have some of the TFT frag rocks, but have never put glue on them. I'm guessing a few of the frag plugs Ive gotten from Kim are TFT plugs and I have remounted some and never noticed that. I can also say that the frags were stuck pretty well when I removed them.
  14. TheGooseWhisperer

    Franklin's 120 and 60

    So "skinning" a stand pretty much refers to the process of covering a 2x4 box with 1/4" marine grade plywood? I've just started thinking about building a new stand for my 29g. Everything else in the living room is a cherry finish so a glossy black tank stand sitcks out like a sore thumb.
  15. TheGooseWhisperer

    Flat worms huh?

    I think most wrasses will snack on them. 6-line and yellow corris (cardinal) are smaller ones that I see suggested for flatworm control alot.