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  1. darrellw

    opinions on filter socks

    I keep hearing that, and I do attempt to change mine, but don't as often as I should. But is a sock that isn't changed as often as it should worse in that respect than no sock at all? I seems like the "stuff" is going to break down somewhere else in the tank, if it isn't in the sock.
  2. Let's see some pictures!
  3. darrellw

    Too much reefing on the mind

    Was reading the school lunch menu, saw "SW Chicken Wrap", and wondered what a saltwater chicken wrap was....
  4. darrellw


    That should be no problem.
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  6. darrellw


    They are very light, they are as much air as solid material. The larger one was actually floating, due to trapped air. I believe they are "agrocrete", aragonite and portland cement.
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    Here is another picture
  8. darrellw


    I saw these on "Mr. Saltwater TV" last week, and decided to try them in my tank: http://aqua-mags.com/ I bought one Rock-Mag and one Rock-Mag Jr, knowing that they would be a little big for my tank, but figuring I could "sculpt" them. I got them yesterday, and went ahead and put them in as-is. I will be making the large one a bit smaller, but I'm very happy with them. Now I need more frags Sorry for the quick & crappy pictures. -Darrell
  9. darrellw

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    No warranty, it is as-is. But it has never crashed more that breaking a blade. R/C helis are not particularly easy to fly, they take a lot of hand-eye coordination.
  10. darrellw

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    Bump Still available
  11. A big +1 Picked up some clean up crew additions, I can tell I'll be back (and back, and back). Great job, guys!
  12. darrellw

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    Hi R-3, No, I would need cash. I wish I had the time to master it, hopefully it will find someone who does. -Darrell
  13. darrellw

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    Pictures added to first post
  14. darrellw

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    Hi Vin, Sure, I'll get something up tomorrow.
  15. No longer for sale --- my son is going to try to learn to fly it. I'm going to sell my Align Trex 450 electric helicopter- just don't have the time to play with it. It is an SE "v1.5" model (has most of the SE v2 updates, but before Align actually called it that). I have some extra parts, extra canopy. Includes all electronics, a couple of batteries, charger, etc - all you would need to get into the air. I'd like to get $300 for the setup. I could probably get a lot more parting it out, but I'd rather just move it all at once. If you are interested, I can post some pictures and more details on all what is included. Just wanted to see if there was any interest. More complete list of what is included: Trex 450 helicopter 4 LiPo batteries Charger and 12v power supply various extra parts Spektrum DX7 radio