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  1. make sure you address the issue. I had one explode from getting splashed. The bad part is I was at work and came home to find it much later. the light was still on and the outer glass was at the bottom of the tank. It killed off a fair amount of coral in my tank and all because I adjusted the korillia a little before I left. It was making a splash with one or two drops of water every few minutes and that was enough to do it. Be greatful you were home and the lights were off. make sure it can't happen again...
  2. Just to help this post out I thought I would offer my thoughts... I also own an '01 TT and have for 6 years. I bought it with 34K on the odometer and it will roll over 140K tomorrow. This is a car that has been by far, the most reliable car I've ever owned. I've NEVER had a breakdown and only ever replaced general wear items and a headlight switch. It is also a car I now plan on keeping forever because I fell in love with everything about it, and quite frankly, I can't bare to let it go. I hope whoever gets this car ends up having the same feeling about it. These cars are monsters in the snow(much better than my land Rover even) and corner like a dream. It's a total '3rd gear therapy' car. Little German Tanks I tell ya!!!
  3. yep, this is the stuff he does while he sleeps... I'll second that motion!
  4. go to ace and ask to look in the order catalog. They do have them but you need to find it in there to get the order code for them. believe me, your better off searching in the book for it then having them do it. I have 3 here somewhere but I couldn't find them. I ordered 6 from ace when I found them. Three for a build I did and three spare for my build later so I know they are out there and ace can get them... good luck
  5. do yourself a favor and get the bulk heads first. most are the same but some are not. Then order based off your measurement. give about 2mm leeway over the threads and not much more. the motion used when drilling will naturally make it a little larger then the bit size. More glass left=less chance of a leak
  6. I'm truly very sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going though. I lost my Grandpapa, who was more or less my second dad a little over a month ago at 81. He was the single greatest man I knew and it was a horrible feeling to have when it happened. It won't get easier, only more painful in concentrated moments. A song, or a smell sets it off for me and I am almost in tears no matter what. Be thankful you had the relationship you did, and also the time at the end that you did as well...
  7. little bump Yea I still have these things, totally forgot about them. I'm just looking to get them out of my garage for a decent price, make me an offer!!!
  8. There were a few(very few) that actually got a cloth insert with rubber coils stitched in. It was an option almost nobody put in. I'm searching high and low for a set... They are beautiful and rare. I figured yours were just standard leather since 98% are but i still had to ask. Car looks good btw! Good luck with the sale....
  9. Thought I'd offer these up here and on my Audi forum before I went all crazy and offered them to the herds on CL. I have season tickets to the Timbers and I can't go on the weekdays at this point and time do to working late. I figure just $25 a ticket is fair but I want to keep them as pairs so don't be a weirdo and try to go to the game alone because I won't let ya!!!:p So here's what I have: Seats are in Section 112(goalbox/corner) Row L seat 11-12 End seats(naughty) 1 pair of tickets to day 1 of the tournament on Monday Feb. 27th $50 That gets you into game one(Chivas USA vs. AIK) @5:00pm AND game two (Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes) @7:30pm 1 pair of tickets for day 2 of the tournament on Thursday March 1st$50 That gets you into game one(AIK vs. San Jose Earthquakes) @5:00pm AND Game two(Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA)@7:30pm Sorry but I am not selling day three since it's on a weekend. I'm itching bad enough to get to a game. I thought about taking work off but I really can't right now.
  10. you may not even know what I'm talking about but it's worth a shot. Are they full leather seats or sport cloth leather seats? Shot in the dark:)
  11. looking to get a MP-10es for a MP-40w. It's not mine I'm just helping a friend out who has way too much flow. Would be interested in selling too if you don't want to trade...
  12. A forum Member here (Missdiffiance) has a husband that is in the detailing business and does acrylic tanks also. He's done the huge 500g for Makrvo and many fish stores around here too, not to mention numerous peoples personal tanks. I know he'll do the best work and he'll probably be cheaper then most too. His name is Jeff "Jeff's Custom Detailing" 5o3-32o-6I7I He is right in the Portland area and mobile for most jobs...
  13. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers... Please keep them going for this great man. It's amazing how many people are touched by him. Neighbors from 30+ years ago are visiting him, people he's only met once or twice ever, his physical therapists office came up to see him and brought flowers, and their has been so many people up seeing him at all hours that the hospital brought a cart to his door for everyone visiting him with all kinds of snacks and drinks. Even the nurses (Maybe just doing their job) hang out in the room and chat with us and him. They say they wish that they could just tend to him because he is so polite and nice. In my Grandpapas true form, he is still telling everyone sorry for putting us all through this. He always tries to take everything on himself. I don't know what the master plan is but I'm hoping it is for a miracle because I know of anyone, he has earned that right 10 times over. Regardless, I have spent as much time as I could with him since I can remember. I've been there for holidays, birthdays, gardening, house repairs, car repairs, auto swap meets, historic car races, blazer games, trips to the airport, and even anytime I can just to have lunch with him and my grandma, just because. I have no regrets about the time we have got to spend together over the years and I hope we get to continue those things as well. He has taught me most of what I know and shaped who I am as a person. He's shown up to soccer games, baseball games, wrestling matches, football games, basketball games, and any other event I was in for one reason or another. He has taught me all I know about cars and just doing things the right way in general. I am rambling at this point and that could go on for pages so I'll stop there... Please keep those thoughts and prayers strong, and we are gonna do the same and try to keep him strong and see if he just can't pull out of this yet... seriously, thanks you all of your thoughts and prayers, they are much appreciated...
  14. I don't know how to say what I really want to so here it goes. My Grandpapa, who helped raise me and has been there for me at every moment I ever needed him is very very ill. He is 81 and has liver cancer and his kidneys have all but failed him at this point. I've shaped my whole life around trying to be half the man he has been and it's killing me to stand by and see him like this and be helpless for him. I could write a novel on how great of a man he is but I'll just leave it there. Two weeks ago he was the healthiest person I knew so this has all been a huge shock for my whole family. I just ask if you pray, please say a little something for him. We are praying for a miracle, because that's all we can do at this point... Thank you all...
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