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  1. Well the time has come to end my foray into Saltwater Tanks. I was having an algae issue before I left to go to my daughters wedding and came back to a hair algae garden and a tank crash. Lost most of what I have collected and spent a small fortune on. Today was the last straw as I woke up a wet dining room floor. Top off coupling came loose on my Kalk Stirrer. I am going back to guns as they cost as much as some coral but easier to care for. I have made a lot of friends here and met some really great people. It is communities like this that make this hobby worth doing. Thanks for letting me be a mod and your Vice Prez for a while. You will all be missed and thought of often. I will check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. Thanks for the memories and bless you all. PS: I am keeping most of all my equipment as you never know. (nutty) Shane
  2. Thanks for all the PM's everyone. Item is sold. Shane Sent from my HTC Inspire using Tapatalk
  3. Willing to trade for a CO2 system. Don't need a calcium reactor just need CO2 bottle, regulator, bubble counter and such.
  4. I am home all weekend. $145.00. Works like a champ and just cleaned. Had it on my frag tank. Converted to a planted tank. So no use for it. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk


    Dave I game on both. Sorry Mitchell I have the PS3. On the PS3 I am USCG-CWO.


    I know some people have had bad luck with Comcast but over the last three years I have been really happy. So we called today to upgrade my internet connection as I game online a lot. They gave us a whole new package deal, as I have internet/phone/voice, for a year and I mean the whole package plus we upgraded from performance internet to extreme 50. HOLY CRAP, I went from 15 mbps down/2 mbps up to a BLAZING 63 mbps down/11 mbps up. I can not believe how fast my connection is. Now hopefully it allows me to kill all the 12 year olds who hand me my butt in Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, and Black ops. Stupid kids!!!!
  7. Bob try looking at OIAB. They had a quite few in the other day.
  8. Try here: http://flexpvc.com/cart/agora.cgi?product=BulkheadFittingsEconomy http://flexpvc.com/cart/agora.cgi?cart_id=9347666.13871&product=BulkheadFittingScreens Shane
  9. The Coast Guard base is located at the very end of Swan Island on North Basin Ave on the left hand side. You can't miss it, it has a big sign out front that says US COAST GUARD Marine Safety Unit. The gate will be open at noon and close at 1330 (1:30 pm) and the gate guard has been instructed to allow ya'll in. After 1330 call my cell @360-931-7611 and I'll see if I can get you in. Once at the gate tell the guard you are with the fish club. Please stop and talk to the guard. If you run him you will end up causing a big stink and end up talking to the police, feds and everyone else so please just pull up and say I am with the fish club and I am here for the meeting and wait for him to wave you through.. Parking is just past the flag pole to your right. Once you exit the vehicle walk back to the flag pole and walk between the two buildings. The entrance is all the way down and last door of the building on your right. Walk in and training room is the immediate left. Hopefully I can get signs or at least someone standing on the curb pointing the the general direction. Let me know if you have questions. Shane
  10. I have one on my 150 and I have to say it rocks and very is adjustable. Makes foam like no other skimmer I have owned. I would not hesitate to buy another one. Shane
  11. Yes you will be able to leave early if you need to. It's an auto gate for leaving just not coming on. I'll have it open so everyone can just pull out when the meeting is over.
  12. Alex I get my magnets from here. http://www.northwestmagnet.com/ They are coated neodymium and really cheap.
  13. Whole heartly agree. Robert and Coz are great guys. The best thing is they are 5 minutes from my house!
  14. I run it also. Have been for a month now and I have noticed my corals look happier. I know my coraline algae has taken off.
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