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  1. theJenchild

    Tanks before the move

    Roy I have a 100w heater that you can borrow. I'll be in Tigard on Friday, or I'll be in Oregon City on Wednesday and can either meet you somewhere or can send it along with anyone that might be heading your way. Let me know!
  2. theJenchild

    the worst possible smell in saltwater

    dead baby maxima clam. It was both sad and gross. :-(
  3. theJenchild

    Thanks to Jen (theJenchild)

    Anytime guys! Glad to be able to help!
  4. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    Yep, the rock is available and I'm willing to make someone a fantastic deal on it. The rock has some good extras like a bunch of mushrooms, some kenya tree, and a couple polyps of nuke green palys. :-)
  5. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    Hey Guys, So the tear down has begun and the clock is ticking as the lights went home today! I've updated the list on the first page. If you're interested in anything, let me know!
  6. theJenchild

    Crazy freshwater tank

    Woah!! That's awesome!
  7. theJenchild

    Canine musical freestyle demo

    Today I was up in Beaverton participating in a fundraiser for Hazeldale dog park. It was so much fun, and the girls and I had a great time. Icing on the cake, my puppy earned her canine good citizenship certification from the AKC! WOOHOO! Way to go kiddo! Here are some photos and a video from the event.... Clue and I after she finished her CGC test... Clue performing her leg weaves during her freestyle routine... Tag and I during her heelwork to music routine. She looks so happy! Finally a video of the event. Tag and I are the 3rd team up on the video. Don't mind my mean muggin face while I announce, I was having to shout really loud....
  8. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    Hey Cherryl, I will get back to you on a package deal. There may be a couple things on that list that were already spoken for. But I'll double check.
  9. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    Haha! You guys are hilarious! As of now, Kim has first dibs for the listed price on the vortech. :-) If for some reason she decides against getting it though, Brad is next up. :-)
  10. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    The time has come guys! I gotta break down the tank. Offers are being entertained on all remaining livestock. Please PM to let me know. If you PMed about snails or rock, I don't know what snails are in there until I move the rock, and I can't move the rock until the corals sell. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Here's the hardware list. I can't get rid of any of this until there is nothing else alive in the tank.... 40g all in one (approximate footprint of a 30g with a couple inches extra on the back for the AIO chambers. Acrylic with some scratches. Comes with a stand): $45 150w marineland stealth heater: $15 return pump (I'll know more about it when I break down the tank): Free! Stopped working a few days ago, if you think you can fix it, you can have it. Rio 1700....
  11. theJenchild

    Another way to use super glue

    I keep super glue in my first aide kits, both for people and dogs. Its great for wound care. I also have used it to coat the pads on dog feet when I'm running them on particularly hot days over outdoor agility courses. The equipment gets hot and the super glue helps to protect the pad.....
  12. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    That is an option, or I am in the Portland area once a week for appointments. I can also meet in Salem if the days I am in Portland don't work for you.
  13. theJenchild

    Harliquin FINALLY came outta hiding...

    Nice eye Dennis!
  14. theJenchild


    I have also used D.E. sprinkled in my carpets for flea control with limited results. I keep my dogs very clean and treat religiously with flea control (I'm still using advantage and haven't yet had a problem). Thus far we haven't had any flea concerns here.
  15. theJenchild

    Life changes on the horizon: tank sale

    No worries Kim! I'm sure there will still be stuff available next month! hehe I should also clarify that I still intend to remain involved with the club as an officer, but I just won't have a tank. :-)