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  1. Hi there everyone, After a long break due to some family reasons, I’m finally getting back into the saltwater hobby. I was wondering if you guys know of any affordable shops, online stores or private sellers that sell all the things I would need to get my nano tank up and running? I wanted to get some live rock, soft coral, shrimp, clown and yellow goby. Please Let me know of places that come to your mind or even if you just have great tips. Thanks
  2. I'm in need of some more snails and hermits but wanted to check with you guys to see where the best deal is. I want to get atleast 50 snails and 20 hermits. Let me know where you guys go. Thanks
  3. AmySC

    Looking for a new skimmer

    I have a 75 gallon tank, hoping to spend 100$ or less. My sump is about 25 gallons I think
  4. AmySC

    Need advice on skimmers

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading to a 75 gallon tank and need a new skimmer. Actually I'll probably try looking for a used if possible, but I need to know which brands and models are the best. I have a 25 gallon sump and want a skimmer that attaches to my sump or goes inside. (scratch)I'm not too knowledgeable about skimmers so please help me. Thanks Amy
  5. Hey ya'll I'm looking for a skimmer for my tank. Please let me know what you have. I can't spend too much so please let me know the price also. Thanks
  6. AmySC

    top down pics

    I can't believe how many things you've got now. You definitely put my tank to shame, but I'm so glad you went with my idea of a Zoa tank. I love it. Now I need to figure out where you live so I can move the tank to my place.
  7. AmySC

    low alkalinity

    My tank looks fine, but when I test my water it reads a lower alkalinity then it should. I'm wondering what I need to do to raise the alkalinity in my water. I have been adding super buffer dkh to the water, but it doesn't seem to help much. Please give me some advice. Thanks.
  8. Mohawk's $10/polyp do you still have any Mohawk polyps left?
  9. AmySC

    My 55 gallon setup

    and finally these are my favorite corals in my tank Thanks Miles for helping me expand my zoo farm and giving me a great deal on the duncans...they're growing super fast. My pictures aren't clear because my camera sucks I'll post better ones when I get a new camera.
  10. AmySC

    My 55 gallon setup

    Here are pictures from yesterday
  11. AmySC

    My 55 gallon setup

    updated pictures of my tank I've been messing around with the rock work in my tank and here are the pictures of the progress. I know I still have a long way to go with my rock work skills. These pictures are about a month old:
  12. AmySC

    My Hawaii pics!! Picture heavy!!!

    Wow...Definitely gorgeous pictures. I'm glad you had a wonderful time there. I love the picture with all of those fish swimming beneath you.
  13. AmySC

    Breaking down my system

    Go Frank you da Man I like the way you put things. You're such a nice and hilarious guy.
  14. AmySC

    Want to try some easy care SPS.

    Thanks Everyone!!!! Now I just need to find a way to get to the corals. Thanks for all the help and advise can't wait to see everyones setup in person!!!
  15. AmySC

    Getting out of the hobby for a bit.....

    PM sent about corals