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  1. Banana Rama

    New one that has been growing out.... the Banana Rama!
  2. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Sweet looks great man, when your ready for some sticks hit me up
  3. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Ill take it after Kim please
  4. Rapid Burn monti

    Thanks! Ya pic is not the best, but man this thing just glows!
  5. Rapid Burn monti

    Hi guys! I have four frags of this rapid burn monti. Each frag is roughtly 1/2" x 1/2". Im asking 120.00 per frag. Really neat looking monti, the pictures doesn't show the blue polyps very well. Neat piece!
  6. Coolest mailbox ever!

    hmm that place does look vaguely familiar....
  7. New Red Sea display!

    Going to be awesome in a year or two once those acros grow out!
  8. APEX Flow Meter Alarm Went Off and I Found Surprise

    haha that would do it!
  9. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    and a neat blue light pic of my monti cluster
  10. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Hi All Most of you know me and followed the build thread on the old site. Im here to restart it and keep a journal going of the progress of the tank. Here's the specs 312 gallon acrylic tank 5'x5'x20" 4 radion lights with tir lens. 1 ocean revive arctic T247 2 ecotech MP 40s hammerhead return pump Bubble blaster 5000 skimmer dual media reactor running carbon and phosphate remover korallin c4002 calcium reactor kalkwasser reactor ato system Neptune controller 2 1.5" seaswirls also attached is a 60 gallon frag tank and a 40 gallon refugium Now on to the pics!
  11. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Couple of new ones that i got over weekend The shocker
  12. November Picture of the Month - Pavona

    Here is one of my pavona maldivensis colonies.
  13. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    a little late to the game... but here you go!
  14. Zoa blowout

    Im having a zoa blow out this weekend. Come up and check it out. All zoas are 50% off!
  15. Zoa blowout

    All the zoas have been sold. Thanks all! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  16. Zoa blowout

    There are some darth maul morphs
  17. Zoa blowout

    Yes there are some sunny ds. I'll be open from 9 am to 7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Address is 244 sparks Dr kelso wa
  18. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    They have been bringing in some pretty good stuff lately
  19. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    A little video for you all to check out, be sure to watch it in HD! https://youtu.be/1UepZCesBCI
  20. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    A little video for you all to check out, be sure to watch it in HD! https://youtu.be/1UepZCesBCI
  21. Rare pocillipora

    Here is one you donit find often in tanks. Pocillipora Verrucosa, somewhat common on reefs of indo pacific, uncommon in reef tanks
  22. Rare pocillipora

    haha good one bill
  23. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Blue light shot of the tank from last night after a long day at work
  24. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Couple new acros from Seahorse Aquarium over the weekend. Also picked up some nice ones from Cuttlefish and i gotta get pics of. Thanks guys!