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  1. Banana Rama

    New one that has been growing out.... the Banana Rama!
  2. Group buy time!!

    haha i knew what i meant and i meant what i knew
  3. Group buy time!!

    I like the idea of high end group touchy will die if you look at it wrong group and a much hardier wont die right away group
  4. New project, plumbing question.

    i would go option 2 I do this from my sump to frag tank, to refugium and back to sump. You will get better water flow with less t's and 90s etc on your return line from sump to top tank.
  5. March meeting grand prize !!

    so are they selling raffle tickets then?
  6. Free Birdsnest

    I pulled out my Tubbs neon green with purple polyp birdsnest. Came in at 32" x 11" and a whopping 8 lbs. I have broken it down into several sized chunks. You can have any size you want just let me know if you want some. Can either meet me at my house or i can bring some to next club meeting. Thanks guys!
  7. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    Nice stuff, are you up for trades too?
  8. Got these guys at reefworx in Tukwila last weekend. My favorites out of my purchases are Jason Fox TNT anacropora Jason Fox burning banana stylocollenia and sexy corals orange passion
  9. Reef Worx

    nice ones brandon, i picked up a few goodies. The ones i was most excited about was jf TNT anacropora, sc orange passion, jf burning banana stylo
  10. Best SPS LPS scuba diving destination

    If you want the old south pacific feel (circa 1960's) with great coral reefs check out Tonga. I had a blast there and i can give you the name of the guide i went out with. Here are some pics from that trip https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/my-tonga-trip.272187/ I also recommend Bali, but you will need to go to some of the national parks or travel a ways by boat to see nice reefs Fiji is also great ive been a couple times. Coral coast, Yasawa Islands and Bequ Island. I recommend Beqa Island great reefs and the coral starts in about a foot of water pretty amazing
  11. Great SPS Guide

    For those of you interested in SPS or are into SPS this is a great guide to check out. https://reefhacks.com/the-ultimate-guide-how-to-successfully-grow-beautiful-sps-corals/
  12. Great SPS Guide

    I like to keep mine between 9 - 10 dkh
  13. did you ever fire up the mp 40 after you got it? or can you test it. If it works fine ill take it
  14. Free Birdsnest

    still got plenty left, thank you to the members who came up and got some!
  15. Feeling Fortunate

    Thank you for stopping by and chatting always great to see ya!
  16. Need an ID

    agree with jeremy its a small feather duster
  17. Massive hydnophora of death!

    looks pretty healthy and deadly!
  18. Free Birdsnest

    anytime after 4 is fine just message me and let me know
  19. Marine Science Center expansion

    oh that is awesome
  20. Nitrates!

    i have had mine in the tank for couple months now and it has not mushed on me. I believe that was an issue with earlier ones, now they seem to be pretty stable. I put mine in a container and put it in my sump just incase
  21. Nitrates!

    Also if you want to bring nitrates down you can use a denitrator brick. I use the brightwell xport no3 brick seeded with their microbactr7 product. This brought my 25ppm nitrates in roughly 500 gallon system down to 0 in a little over a week.
  22. Exquisite acro

    Showing off this gem that ive been growing out. Exquisite Acropora!
  23. Rare pocillipora

    Here is one you donit find often in tanks. Pocillipora Verrucosa, somewhat common on reefs of indo pacific, uncommon in reef tanks
  24. What do you do?

    Since we have such a great group of people here i thought it would be nice to know what you do and what you can help your fellow hobbyists with. Im a network admin and im happy to provide computer support for ya! Im also handy at doing plumbing and aquascaping.
  25. 50g low boy

    This is my 50 gallon low boy frag tank. Its connected to my main system and has a gyre xf230 providing water motion. For lights i have two or arctic T247 and a kessil a160 tuna blue