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  1. stylaster

    eye candy!

    Thanks for the great clam!
  2. stylaster

    WTB. 50-75 Ethernet cable

    Hey brian if you havent got this yet i got a ton of ethernet cables ill give you one or i can custom make you one any length you need
  3. stylaster

    Meeting on August 25th!

    I can't make the meeting sorry guys. I hope you all have an awesome time and score some really nice stuff from All Things Aquarium
  4. stylaster


    More of an SPS fan myself i enjoy the challenge of keeping them and watching them grow into large colonies in a relatively fast amount of time
  5. stylaster

    April 2018 Meeting Pictures at Golden Basket

    Looks like a great meeting glad you guys had fun!
  6. stylaster

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    I remember shawn selling it for big bucks back in the day
  7. Looking forward to another great year. Its going to be tough to follow in Kims foot steps but ive done this once or twice so ill give it my best shot!
  8. stylaster

    Is it a Skimmer or Filter? It's BOTH!

    reminds me of an old product called a skilter!
  9. stylaster

    Banana Rama

    ill have a few frags of it for sale at the fragswap this year
  10. stylaster

    Centropyge potteri

    I have a hawaiian one in my system for over a year now. He likes to take an occasional nip at sps and lps but doesnt do any harm to coral. Gets along great with the other pygmey angelfish (hybrid half black and lemon) and no issues with the other fish (tangs, wrasses, damsels, dottybacks)
  11. stylaster

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  12. stylaster

    Greetings from Kelso!

    Welcome to the club! Im in the kelso area also. Always happy to talk about the hobby
  13. stylaster

    Peter Pan

    Looking good!
  14. stylaster

    What SPS questions do you have?

    They dont give a [language filter] about you they are a fickle beast and do what they please
  15. stylaster

    What SPS questions do you have?

    If any of these are happening check your levels (alk, ca, mg, salinity, ph, temp) If any are out of range, bring them back into the appropriate values. For stn or rtn infections. If possible cut off branches about 1/2" above the dying tissue line. Remove the rest of the dying colony from the tank. Take the frags you are able to make and give them an iodine dip (lugols) for about 10 mins. Use a container with tank water and put the frags in. Add enough iodine till the water color is light tan. Put your frags in and let them sit for 10 mins. Take the frags out wash them in clean saltwater and superglue them on a frag plug. Put them back into the tank with lower light and strong water flow. Give them about a week to see if they recover. Coral bleaching is usually caused by either excessive light or temperature swings with the coral losing its zooxanthallae. Check your light schedule make sure it is working properly (ie lights arent running 24/7) and check your temperature range. Move the effected coral down away from any strong light sources. Give it about 2x less light then what it is currently receiving if the coral is under high light. If the issue is tank temperature bring the temp to around 77 degs. Reduce the lighting schedule to 6 hours a day for 2-3 weeks if you suspect lighting is the issue and watch how the coral responds. If it is going to recover you will notice dark spots in the coral tissue as the zooxanthallae try to recover in the coral tissue.