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  1. Thank you all for coming out. It was a great meeting. Awesome to see new and old faces.
  2. Getting close! Will be great seeing you all
  3. This is creeping closer, ill provide snacks and soda to drink
  4. I did this also, but beware it will also kill some gorgonians
  5. Welcome to the group, if you want to get together and talk reefs im in the Longview/kelso area
  6. Thank you guys for the awesome prize!
  7. Nice one but a very difficult coral to make it hold its color, Good luck with it!
  8. Hey brian if you havent got this yet i got a ton of ethernet cables ill give you one or i can custom make you one any length you need
  9. I can't make the meeting sorry guys. I hope you all have an awesome time and score some really nice stuff from All Things Aquarium
  10. More of an SPS fan myself i enjoy the challenge of keeping them and watching them grow into large colonies in a relatively fast amount of time
  11. Looks like a great meeting glad you guys had fun!
  12. I remember shawn selling it for big bucks back in the day
  13. Looking forward to another great year. Its going to be tough to follow in Kims foot steps but ive done this once or twice so ill give it my best shot!
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