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  1. Awesome synopsis! You always do a great job with your pics. So happy this turned out to be a great event. I look forward to next year!
  2. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys did! Tacos where fabulous and the frag swap was awesome
  3. New to the boards

    Nice to see ya on here Zach! (Roy)

    Awesome job everyone!!!
  5. Exquisite acro

    Showing off this gem that ive been growing out. Exquisite Acropora!
  6. Brand New 75 gallon tanks - 75 bucks

    That the longview one?
  7. Dual 250w ballast

    I have a sunlight supply dual 250w metal halide ballast with end caps. Asking 75.00 obo
  8. calcium reactor controller

    The big issue for me is i want only the part that tests alk and controls my calcium reactor. Having one that does the dosing is nice, but not cost effect for my system due to the massive demands on calcium and alk. Ill keep at eye on the coralvue one that looks like the best fit for what i want
  9. calcium reactor controller

    Anyone yet bite the bullet on one of the calcium reactor alkalinity controllers that are coming out? Incase you dont know they work on the principle of constantly testing your alk and then it adjusts your effluent ph in your reactor so you stay at the same alk level. Im seriously considering getting one, but wanted to see if anyone else has tried it yet. An example is the KH guardian pro
  10. Frag tank- the grassi lowboy

    Nice! Love my lowboy tanks
  11. September 2017 ATA Meeting Pics

    Great recap! Was nice seeing everyone there
  12. Tanks Overfloweth... Thanks @ssappington

    if you need overflow space i got some i just setup 50g frag tanki
  13. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    and for the fun of it, some acros in the tank
  14. Jewell Anemone

    looks a lot like coldwater strawberry anemone Corynactis californica if thats what your looking for contact stu wobble of coldwater marine aquatics