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  1. February 2018 Stylaster Frag Demo Pics

    Thank you for the great writeup you guys! Meeting was a blast and glad to see so many of you that made the drive up. I look forward to next years meeting
  2. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Here are a few teasers
  3. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Don't forget this saturday is the club meeting at my house. I will also be giving away some cool ORA posters featuring clams, fish and coral! Also don't forget you get in a raffle to take home a frag of acorpora or chalice that we will be using for the frag demonstration! There will be snacks and drinks provided by the host so please come enjoy and have a great time!
  4. Golden Basket Reef Dream Frags

    wwc grafted cap or a different one?
  5. Golden basket overload

    Thanks again Jeremy we appreciate all you do behind the scenes!
  6. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    Ill have a couple of frags of this to swap, show me what you got to trade in acros or cool montis
  7. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    Ill be doing frag demo with bone clippers and bandsaw. Ill also show what dips i go through after cutting a coral and how i mount corals to frag plugs and then placement back into the system for healing
  8. Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

    Like others have said keeping alk steady is the key. It can be a bit tougher with a reactor because you need to adjust the flow rate and bubble rate. I have been testing daily to dial in my reactor once its dialed in, i get about a week of steady numbers then it will go up or down depending on coral consumption. I do recommend calcium reactor for anyone with a tank over 180g that is SPS heavy. Just the money alone that you will save in dosing is worth it. IMO dosing is great for smaller tanks but not cost effective once you get into big tanks with heavy coral load.