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  1. "Beavers" can only handle getting "beat up" for about 15 minutes, that puts them getting "hammered" for the last 3 quarters, it's going to be a "blow out"... Honestly, I don't think they are going to win, but I think they have major motivation. This would be huge bragging rights in the rivalry. The Ducks are just too good this year. Sorry Beaver fans.
  2. Douche...you know...that vacuum thingy for OSU fans? Beaver cleaner... Honestly to get back on topic I am a major advocate for a playoff system. I say use the polls and computers to get your top 20, or 30 or however many play, and then let it roll. Would make a great month of college football.
  3. Wow that video was horrible. That kid needs to learn a thing or two from 'supwitchagurl'...
  4. Arizona is merely a speed bump Oregon will roll over on their way to a National Championship. I don't see them amounting to much as far as being able to stop the Ducks. 600yds of offense is hard to stop. The Ducks can score on command. I have a friend here in Utah that went to Boise State on a track scholarship. He was at my house, quietly rooting for USC against the Ducks. He kept getting excited when the Trojans would score and I told him that I wasn't even worried when the Ducks would go down a few points. No defense can keep that pace for the entire game...low and behold the Trojans defense was "gassed", as the reporters said from the sidelines, and that was in the 3rd quarter. BTW...Miles, you're gonna have to hook me up with a good home brew when I get back for a visit some day. And I will do the same if you get this way.
  5. That game was so insane. I am so proud of those ducks. We don't need Mesoli and Blount, those thugs can hit the road. The team really showed how much heart they have last night. That was the first game that has been on TV here for the ducks, and I loved every minute of it.
  6. Thanks guys. I wish I could've invited more friends, but unfortunately we were 20 people over what we were supposed to have at the venue, just with family. I think between Cora and I we had about 10 friends there, high school and college...Hope I didn't hurt your feelings Miles, or Franklin. I will post more about the wedding later, once I get the professional pics back, and maybe even put up a video of our first dance...lol. Back to Football...I would love to see just that Mike, the BCS to go away and to have playoffs. I would LOVE it!
  7. Utah is great. Just got married and back from the honeymoon. I will have to post pics later of both...but here's one of me and my beautiful bride. Sorry to get off topic, but this is out of bounds anyways right...?
  8. Good weekend for my teams. Go ducks, they kicked butt. Went to the Utes game, that was an insane game to watch...interception by the Utes in overtime...woohoo...and over Pitt, that is pretty good. Finally, I know these are curse words, but I'm from Idaho, and Boise showed up to play in a super exciting game and ended up pulling out a win. It was a fun weekend, BTW I root for Boise unless they play Oregon...and I hope they stomp a mudhole in OSU.
  9. Thanks Isaac! It is going to be fun. We have a lot of local sales right now and really want to expand to the online market. Many of the local fish stores are frustrated and dont understand how we get better, healthier livestock at lower prices and offer it to the public, but we do, and people are very excited around here. It is going to grow for us, hopefully. Franklin, I will call you in the next couple days.
  10. Haha, yes I am shooting with my 'looooonnnnggg' arms in the tank with the olympus. Maybe it is just the best my camera can do. I need to get a DSLR. Yes, Exotic Reef Online is a new business that I am starting. We have a website that will launch very soon. So far we have been selling to locals and such...but soon we will be open to the whole world. The website is a REALLY nice site and we are very excited about it. My partner has been doing tank maintenance for a while and has about 25 accounts doing that. We are planning to grow in that department as well.
  11. Franklin: how do I adjust saturation levels? I don't have photoshop. Can I do this on my camera? Color looks accurate. I just want to pick up more detail.
  12. Thanks guys. I really like this one it is amazing in person. Do my pics looked blurred to you guys. To me they seem a little bright and the colors in the mouth area are washed together and you cant see any detail. I dont know how to set my camera to do better.
  13. BUMP. $100 shipped plus paypal fees...3%
  14. Here is the coral, my first Scolly. Bleeding Apple. It fades between orange and red, and has a red rim.
  15. I have a PFO ballast and 8 end caps and all wiring harnesses for a VHO setup. I was running 4x48" VHO bulbs with these. Everything is in great condition. I have bulbs for local pickup but wont ship them due to breakability. $120 shipped.
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