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  1. If anything is left, Id be interested in a 1/2 inch sea swirl. Thanks
  2. Hi, Just moved back to the area. Sorry if Im posting in the wrong area. I don't have a PayPal account. Going to try to make this meeting. Can I pay for membership in person? Thanks
  3. I figure I might as well ask. What are you doing with your plant tank. I might need another one of those tricolor lotus.
  4. I have a standard 55 gallon all glass aquarium/ black trim that I would like to sell. I dont have a camera but it is in great shape. $55obo Would also be interested in trades, am looking for ricordias and sps coral
  5. Not sure if theres a difference, but Im looking for a frag of pom pom xenia and/or the red sea xenia.
  6. Juist getting back into my reef tank, not sure how this all works, but im in too.
  7. I was not in town for the last order and cant do it till early next month. But would be interested in at least two or three. I live on the Portland area.
  8. As the title states, I'm looking for a frag of a full purple tri-color.
  9. Justice

    A few pics tonight

    Nice pictures. I was wandering where is a good place to find similar corals and nice in the Portland area.
  10. Hello, This is my first post, so sorry if I posted it in the wrong thread. I'm interested in adding a closed loop system to my my 125 gallon tank (72"x?x?). I have two 1.5in drain lines and want to have five return lines (4x1''lines and 1 3/4sea swirl). I was thinking of getting the sequence dart or the Barracuda. Which pump do you think will be better? My live stock is limited but have mostly sps, ricordias and rbta. Its seems I have never had enough flow so this time I want to do it right. Any advise would be great
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